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My Top 5 Essential Oils for Relaxation (Body & Mind)

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There are a ton of essential oils for relaxation, but what I want to do in this blog is narrow it down to my top 5 – the ones that I either find myself using the most, or recommending the most to others.

If you’re feeling just a little bit stressed out – I mean, I have no idea why, it’s only 2019, there’s nothing at all for you to be stressed about- but if you are, let’s talk about essential oils for relaxation.

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Normally, I’m talking about how to use essential oils to hack your limbic system and your psychology to change your underlying beliefs and up-level your mindset, but today we’re just going to talk straight up relaxation because ya’ll are stressed, and I just keep hearing about it.

I did a blog not too long ago about how to choose the best essential oil for your type of stress relief, and I recommend checking that out because it really describes how different essential oils work with different types of stress, and it’ll help you make the best decision for yourself.

But like I said, I’m going to talk about just my top five to help you narrow it down just a little bit further.

Let’s first talk about essential oils for relaxing the mind.

Sandal wood on pink and white striped cloth


I talked about Sandalwood essential oil in a blog, Essential Oils for Sleep. When you use this oil over the forehead, which is an energy center and located right over your prefrontal cortex (the part of your brain that is responsible for planning, and thinking, and worrying); what you’ll find is that it just helps you to settle your thoughts and your emotions- kind of clear your mind so that you can feel calm and relaxed.

  • You can use this one for sleep, and it helps you to shut your brain off so that you can go to sleep.
  • You can also use it during meditation.
  • You can use it just when your stress levels are high.

You don’t have to use it over the forehead, although I like to do that. It’s great for the skin too; so it helps your wrinkles, but I also will use it over the back of the neck, which is the brain stem. I might use it on the bottoms of my feet, or I might pop it in the diffuser either by itself or with some other oils, whatever I want to play around with.

Now I want to go over two essential oils for relaxing the body.

I’ve actually done a whole blog post on Peace

, and when you would use this or what you would use it for.

I find my clients are really drawn to Peace essential oil during times of upheaval, a lot of change or transition, or if they’re processing through a lot of emotional things as well, because it’s just very true to its name. It’s going to bring in a sense of peace, but I recommend it for relaxing the body because of the ingredients that are in it.

It includes:

When you have oils like Vetiver, and Lavender, and Ylang Ylang, these are all very calming oils. Frankincense is a very grounding oil. It’s also great for the inflammatory response in the body.

So, if you are getting to the end of a long day, and you can feel just the overstimulation in your body, and you’re also probably feeling that in your mind, that is when you’ll reallywant to use Peace.

Serenity essential oil is a blend made up more of florals, rather than florals and trees like Peace, but the properties and the benefits are really similar.

Some people just respond more to one versus the other. I tend to recommend Peace more when you’re wanting to calm your body, but especially your nervous system. If you’re feeling that overstimulation, or maybe you lay down at night and you feel really restless, that’s when I really love to use Serenity.

It Includes:

To me, this is a really good combination of the Sandalwood and the Peace.

We’ll use this in a diffuser, especially at night. We’ll also use this in a massage when we’re feeling that overstimulation, especially if it’s the nervous system feeling wired. And one thing that I really love with Serenity is when you’re feeling restless, especially like restless legs at night, this makes a great massage to help calm your body down so that you can relax. But if nothing else, you could just use this topically. Generally, we’ll put this over the feet, the back of the neck, or any energy centers that we’re working with.

There is also a Serenity Restful Complex. This is actually a softgel from doTERRA. This is not the same as the oil. The restful complex is an herbal complex, and is also really good for anxiousness, stress, and relaxation.

I actually have clients that take the complex throughout the day, maybe morning, noon, and night, if they deal with a lot of anxiousness and stress and that sort of thing. It just helps them to stay calm and centered, and then they’ll use the Serenity essential oil more at night to help them calm down and go to sleep.

This next one is also for relaxing the body, but it’s really targeting muscle relaxation.

Diffuser recipe called Divine Peace depicting the recipe: 7 drops peace and 1 drop geranium essential oils
Diffuser recipe called Nighty Night depicting the recipe: 3 drops each of serenity and wild orange essential oils

If you deal with a lot of tightness, tension, your whole body just constricts when you’re under stress, your shoulders start to go up to earrings, and your lower back is hurting, then I would actually recommend using AromaTouch essential oil


It includes:

If you’re seeing some patterns here with the Marjoram and the Lavender, these are really great relaxation oils.

AromaTouch was actually designed to be used during a massage, so this is one that you’ll dilute and massage into those areas of stress or tension.

You could also use it for head and neck tension. This is going to help to just relieve the pressure. It also helps to increase circulation to those areas, which again helps that muscle tension.

Although most people will use this topically, you can also diffuse this because there are some emotional properties to these oils to help you relax as well, so if you’re really drawn to the aroma (or any aroma), trust that. Your body knows what it needs, so use that oil aromatically not just topically.

Diffuser recipe called Spa Day depicting the recipe: 3 drops aromatouch and 2 drops frankincense essential oils
Diffuser recipe called Campfire Blend depicting the recipe: 3 drops copaiba, 2 drops Douglas fir, 1 drop cinnamon essential oils
This next one is probably my favorite of all of the essential oils for relaxation and that is Copaiba essential oil.

Copaiba essential oil is a really unique oil because it actually interacts with your CB2 receptors on your cells, which is the same thing that CBD oil does. CBD oil is really well known for the way that it’s going to impact stress, and relaxation, and the nervous system, and even things like pain or inflammation. Copaiba is really unique in the fact that it does the same thing but it costs a lot less.

This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and of so many of my clients, and people in our Oily Community, because of how fast and effective and affordable it is without any of the issues that CBD oil might present to someone.

I recommend using this when you are dealing with a lot of anxiousness, when you are overstimulated, or when you are dealing with all of the tension. Basically, this is turning into my catch-all when it comes to relaxation and stress.

You can dilute this and use it topically over any particular areas of concern. You can diffuse it as well, but the thing that I am finding is the most beneficial is actually internal use, specifically 1-2 drops under the -tongue. You can also get it in a softgel so that if you are a little less confident using oils under the tongue, you still have the internal benefits of them.

Or if you just don’t feel confident with internal usage yet, you don’t know enough about it, you don’t feel experienced enough to go towards one of those more advanced application methods, you can still use this topically. I would do the same thing that I do with Sandalwood: over the forehead, back of the neck, bottoms of the feet.


I have a free guide called Sniff, Sniff, Affirm that walks you through a little bit more detail on how essential oils work to interrupt your limbic system, and change your thoughts and emotions, as well as the top 10 essential oils and affirmations you can use with them to help you to do just that.

Again, it’s called Sniff, Sniff, Affirm, it’s totally free and you can grab with the button below or click here for more details.


What are your favorite essential oils for relaxation, or blends that you love to diffuse?

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