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I believe in socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship… Making more money to make more of a difference.

Because isn’t that the real joy of wealth: what we do with it, and what it allows us to do?


Every month, a minimum of 5% of my gross monthly income – before taxes, business expenses, self-care, or even Thai food date nights – is given to 1 or all of these 4 organizations (and maybe a few others):

This means any purchases you make from me, are also made for them. So thank you for that. (Want to know why we support these orgs? Click here.)

Want to play along in your own biz?

There’s a lot you can do right where you are, within your own business.

Here are a few tips:

  • Pick the Right One: Find an organization that is near and dear to you, that has helped you or someone you love, that does important work that you know you can’t do, or that aligns with your business’s or audience’s values. Click to learn why I support the organizations above!
  • Automate It: Setup an automated monthly donation of an amount you will hardly notice, even if it’s just $20 to start; then make it non-negotiable and don’t touch it.
  • Stay in Touch With Them: Follow them on social media, read their articles, or get their newsletter to keep in touch with how your money is put to work.
  • Involve Your Clients and Customers: Run promotions or flash sales on your business anniversary or special occasions where a portion of the income goes to charity, ask your clients to sponsor someone in need to receive your goods/services, invite them to round up their final bill and donate the difference, or facilitate a fundraiser event within your community.
  • Increase Your Rates: But don’t keep the extra for yourself. Simply add on 5-10% to the price and commit to pay that extra forward.
  • Evaluate It Regularly: Once or twice a year, analyze your income and decide if you can increase your donation or add a new organization. I recommend tax time.

P.S. We all want to make a difference, but I also know it’s hard to donate time or money if you’re hurting for both. So, do what you can with what you have now, even if it seems like “hardly enough”, and commit to do more as you continue to breakthrough.