A Year In a Day

The No-Stress Content Planner To Map Out 365 Days of Content...in 5 Hours or Less!

A Year In a Day:

Plan & Organize 365 Days of Content...in 5 Hours or Less!

What if Content Marketing was actually easy?

 What if you never had to scratch your head wondering what content to write, record, or post…

And you had a smart system to get it created that didn’t take hours every week…

AND it was so well organized you cold pass it off to a VA and kick back and relax?

With A Year In a Day there’s no need to burn yourself anymore….

You’ll learn how to create a well-organized, automated, year-long content marketing plan in less than a day.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You have so many platforms to create for and aren’t quite sure what to say on any of them
  • You spend hours every week scrambling for content but not seeing an ROI for all that time spent
  • You used to feel creative…but now you just feel TIRED
  • The whole process feels like a disorganized, scattered, and overwhelming mess
  • But you keep throwing noodles at the wall (and watching most of them land on the floor)…because that’s just what we’re supposed to do, right? Create more content?
If you’re an influencer, sure. But you’re a business owner. You need a better strategy.

What if there was a way to…

  • Map out exactly what to say over the next 365 days – and it only took a few HOURS to do it?
  • Make sure your blogs, podcasts, videos, or social posts attracted your DREAM clients (while repelling the “nightmares”) so your time turned into actual dollars?
  • Keep it all streamlined and organized so the chaos no longer overwhelmed, distracted, or drained you?
  • Turn the biggest part of this process on autopilot so that it works behind-the-scenes for you all year and takes you even LESS time next year?

I get where you’re at.

I was becoming exhausted with the planning and creating process of Content Marketing too.

I’d spend HOURS just trying to decide what to create, and even more time getting it put together and organized.

Finally I’d had enough…

I put my “Systems and Processes Brain” to work to develop a better approach.

And created an approach that allows anyone to map out and completely organize 365 days of Content Marketing in 5 hours or less…

So we can get back to doing the parts of our work we love most!

Allow me to present…

A Year In A Day

The No-Stress System To Plan & Organize 365 Days of Content - in 5 Hours or Less

  • Learn the 1-time step that ensures your Content Marketing plans also hits the bullseye (nope you don’t need to do this step every year, meaning next year, it’ll take even less than 5 hours to plan your content!)
  • Discover how I come up with 100s of high-converting ideas on autopilot, without burning a single brain cell of my own, and how you can do the same thing in just minutes
  • Grab my unique Content Map Spreadsheet to plan and keep organized a year (or more) at a time
  • Steal the exact ClickUp task templates and SOPs (or duplicate them into your own project management system) to keep you and your team on track
  • And get trained up on the 3 Power Piece Planners that help you systemize your long-form, social media, and newsletter content month-by-month
shannon foster

Before taking the AYID course I struggled with knowing my ideal customer and what content to post and how often I should post. This course made it so easy to create my content.

I especially liked the content map and bonus organizational toolbox sections. I am sure I will refer to this course often while planning out my content. I feel anyone could benefit from this course as it has valuable information for beginners as well as seasoned content creators.

Shannon F., Etsy Seller

I KNOW what it’s like to struggle with limited time and energy, constantly wiping yourself out on the endless hamster wheel of Content Marketing…

But imagine if you had a better system…

Imagine if you spent one day a YEAR, instead of one day (or more) every week mapping out your content…

Imagine if you had energy to spare after writing, recording, or editing…

Imagine using those weekly reclaimed hours to go for a walk or sneak off to a matinee with a friend…

Imagine if your Content Marketing machine could be set up and left to run in the background while you did the parts of your work that you really LOVE.

That’s what A Year In a Day is here to help you do.

The AYID course is absolutely brilliant!

It helped me to adopt a strategic approach and mindset when it comes to my content creation on social media. I loved that the course is focused on having a deep understanding of an ideal client which is a key part of an effective social media content strategy. 

The course also helped me a lot with planning, creation and implementation of my content. There are a lot of very useful templates which keep me organised and efficient. 

This course could be taught in university as it is that good (I hold Masters in Linguistics and PR. I felt the AYID course had more substance and actionable takeaways).

Rukshana A., Former Compliance Specialist

Photo of Tara looking fly on a leather coach

My name is Tara Wagner!

I’m Tara Wagner, creator of the Breakthrough Boss® and A Year In A Day. I help small biz owners overcome burnout and create part-time schedules with full-time profits. Not with some new marketing strategy, but with a holistic approach to how you operate.

As an entrepreneur since 2000, a mindset coach since 2010, a person with 30+ health conditions who can’t work more than 20 hours a week, AND a multi 6 figure earner anyway…

You could say I’ve learned what it takes to crush your goals (not your soul)…

There are a lot of things that go into building a business that doesn’t burn you out, and strategies and systems that save you time on things like Content Marketing are at the top of that list.

That’s why I’m excited to offer you the chance to makeover your content creation process with A Year In a Day.

Because I know firsthand the relief that comes when you can look at your schedule, realize you finished all your tasks and still have the whole day ahead of you.

And I want you to finally know that sense of freedom too. After all, that’s really why you got into business – not to spend all day creating content – but to have the freedom to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Larissa Farr

Thank you for making "A Year In A Day" so affordable

You are very relatable and realistic about running an online business and having a life. Your advice is friendly and practical in a way that I find really resonates with me…

I would also like to thank you for making “A Year In A Day” so affordable. I’m currently at the beginning stages of a new business, I have no budget and I just need a quick and affordable win to get the ball rolling before I can invest in bigger programs. That said, I’m saving up for Breakthrough Boss and would love to join your program by the end of the year!

Larissa F., Designer

I LOVE your course, like everything about it

I’ve been so overwhelmed with my content planning/mapping. I’m the girl that has been figuring it out daily on the fly for 2 Instagram accounts that I have. I am halfway through and I LOVE your course, like everything about it. I even love how I can see a thumbnail of you talking during the training. 

Jen, Owner/Entrepreneur


A Year In a Day is a DIY course that will help you plan, organize and start creating 365 days of Content Marketing in 5 hours or less - minus the burnout.

Here’s what it entails:



In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Have the 4 things you MUST have in place BEFORE creating your 365 Content Map
  • Complete the super easy Opposites Exercise to help you determine your content niche and topics if you’re unsure
  • Create the exact number of Content Pillars you need to stand out without watering down your work
  • Know which kinds of content keep working for you long after you create them (so you can save even more time in the future)


Content Farming

In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Avoid attracting the wrong clients or customers with your content
  • Discover the top reasons your content isn’t resonating with your audience, so you know what to fix
  • Save mental energy and stop coming up with content ideas yourself
  • Steal the simple automations I use to find PERFECT content ideas your DREAM audience is chomping at the bit for you to create


Content Brainstorming

This is where it starts picking up steam. In this lesson, you’ll:
  • Discover my one-of-a-kind “Search, Church, and Merch” approach to content planning that brings in new traffic quickly
  • Use the AYID Workbook to discover YEARS of content ideas in just minutes
  • Use my AYID Content Map spreadsheet to organize your endless content ideas for later use (in just minutes)


Your Content Map

And here’s where it all comes together. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Know which type of content to focus on based on YOUR stage of business
  • Find the right content pattern and calendar that works for you and your bandwidth and ensures your content flows perfectly throughout the year 
  • Plan the best content for your biz around promotions, events, and even vacations, so that you convert more and can relax more
  • And you’ll walk away with 365 days of Content Marketing mapped out and a whole lot of free time in your calendar!

Estimated Value: $197

"I planned a year of blog posts in a day! The instructions are so clear and actionable and it helped me really focus on the flow of my year..."

“But what if I get stuck coming up with ideas at all?”

I’ve got you covered with this:

Bonus #1

How To Never Run Out Of Ideas

If you find yourself staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor too often, and you’re worried that will happen again here, I’ve got you covered. Not only will Lessons 2-3 solve that, so will this bonus.
  • My “Ideas Everywhere” will actually train your brain to find ideas on autopilot
  • You’ll also get my exact email automation to gather ideas from your audience while you’re off doing something else
  • I’ll walk you through how to use 2 websites that will give you HUNDREDS of ideas in minutes flat
  • And I’ll show you 1 plugin and 1 service that will do the work for you

Estimated Value: $47 FREE!

“Sweet! But what do I do once I have my 365 Content Map?”

I’ve got your next steps here:

Bonus #2

The Power Piece Planner

Your “Power Piece” is the one piece of content that does your heavy lifting each week. For you that might be a blog post, podcast episode, YouTube video, or something else. This bonus include 3 Power Piece Templates that will:
  • Give you my special hacks to plan alllll your other content needs around this one Power Piece to save you massive time and creative energy
  • Give you the template to ensure your Power Piece is actually powerful (so it clicks with your audience and leads to more business, not just vanity metrics)
  • Walk you through my clever tips and tricks of using these templates to save you even more time
  • Help you keep everything organized for you or your team, so that promoting your content is a breeze (not a chaotic mess of trying to find everything) – in fact, your team can do 95% of it without you!

Estimated Value: $97 FREE!

“Nice! But what about systems to help me keep the whole process from falling apart?”

Oh, that’s totally my jam. I’ve got just the toolbox for you…

Bonus #3

The Organizational Toolbox

Systems and organization is my jam. I’m going to walk you behind the scenes of my best (SUPER SIMPLE) tools and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure the entire process – from planning to creation to distribution – stays clean, organized, and chaos-free. In this bonus, you’ll get:
  • The #1 strategy you MUST use to stay organized and save you time with content planning
  • An entire Google Folder structure to steal with all your downloads, templates, and spreadsheet from the program in one place, so you (or your team) can keep it all clean and tidy
  • My very own ClickUp Power Piece task template, that includes all the subtasks necessary to planning and creating your Content Map, plus a full walkthrough of how to use it (or duplicate it in your own project management system)
  • My SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) template and how to use it to help your team master your Content Marketing strategies from start to finish
  • Plus even more tips and tricks we use on our team to save a minimum of 5+ hours EVERY week, keep our schedules organized around priorities, and not fry our brain cells by 3pm every day

Estimated Value: $97 FREE!

All together, A Year In a Day includes:

Total Estimated Value = $430+

It feels amazing to have both the clarity and the step-by-step process laid out in front of me that is tailored to my exact needs and situation! (I could not wait to start with the first step the next morning!)

Zsuzsanna S., Educational Consultant

If you have a lot on your plate and need help focusing your energy on doing the productive things, not just all the things, Tara’s your gal.

Nicole L., Artist and Creative Guide

Before AYID I felt so overwhelmed. There is still much ahead of me but your AYID coursework really helped to save me some time and get me organized. I mean really! I probably wouldn’t even have gotten this far two weeks into January if it weren’t for me finding your program. I would have still had “content planning for 2024” on my to-do list with no real target completion date in sight. I’d hate to go into February still in the same place. Thanks so much for this jumpstart.

Brandy D, Piano Teacher

But will this work for *me*?

Here are just a few examples of who this systems works for:

Got Questions?

A Year In a Day was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who use Content Marketing to bring in business and sales. If you’re overwhelmed with the process of constantly coming up with new ideas and getting them created – and running out of time to do anything else in your business – this will help you streamline and simplify the process, recapturing HOURS each week that you can use for other things (like taking a break, maybe?).

If you use short or long-form content marketing to promote, market, or nurture your audience, yes!

A Year In a Day is best for small businesses or entrepreneurs who are using “long-form” content at least once weekly (i.e. blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook Lives, LinkedIn blogs, etc.), as well as Instagram, Facebook, and other short-form content platforms. It will teach you how to strategize your content wek-by-week to hit more platforms in less time by repurposing/recycling the right content in the right ways. (The strategies and tools you’ll learn can also be used for TikToks and any other hot platforms that come along.)

Totally! This will help you start from scratch with systems and processes that ensure you are hitting the target, not getting lost in busywork (the death of most new businesses), and staying organized from day one.

Totes okay. You don’t need a team to implement this work, but the systems and tools you’ll gain instant access to WILL help you out when you’re ready to hire. You won’t be onboarding an employee into chaotic systems that slow down their training. You’ll have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures – basically mini-trainings in each task they’ll be doing) ready to go so that you spend less time training them. And your content will be converting better, so that you’re making sales and can afford to outsource sooner! #win

Nice! AYID is going to be a gamechanger for you all. First of all, I’d make sure they go through the trainings with you to get familiar with the process should you ever want to outsource it to them (and that’s 100% doable!). They’ll be able to use the Power Piece Planners, Organizational Toolbox, and Content Map Spreadsheet to streamline their own steps, stay organized, and save them time (and save you man-hours that can be used elsewhere). And the Power Piece Task Template is going to be a GAMECHANGER for how you all work as a team to get each piece of content created and out into the world.

Note from Tara’s Team: It is amazing how much can get completed with minimal stress and strife when you have tools like the Power Piece Planners, Organizational Toolbox and an efficient Content Map Spreadsheet in place. As a team we can see how far we have progressed in a project and appropriately place team members on the right tasks. Honestly, I’m so grateful for Tara sharing these tools with us. It has created a successful and positive working environment that I enjoy instead of dread (and I’ve been there in previous work environments before). These tools make a a world of a difference!”  – Stephany H., Client Success Coordinator

Basically just an internet connection, a free Google account, and whatever you prefer to export to. You’ll receive a login to the course where you can download the workbook (PDF) and all the templates are created in a way that makes them easy to export to other platforms you might want to use. 

  • The Content Map spreadsheet is a Google spreadsheet but can be downloaded to use with any of your preferred softwares. 
  • The Power Piece Planners are Google docs that can be downloaded as Word docs, PDFs, etc. 
  • The Power Piece Task Template (with all the subtasks to help you get your content out into the world) is a ClickUp template, but if you don’t have ClickUp you can always get a free account just to access the template and export it to your preferred platform. 
  • The SOP template is within that ClickUp template as well.

No! While AI can be a great tool to help us get our content created, it’s a sub-par tool for actual planning. This is because YOUR content plan isn’t generic. It’s based on you, your unique brand, and what your audience needs. AYID will show you how to tap into exactly what you need to create a content marketing plan that is ideal for YOU.

  • The Content Map spreadsheet is a Google spreadsheet but can be downloaded to use with any of your preferred softwares. 
  • The Power Piece Planners are Google docs that can be downloaded as Word docs, PDFs, etc. 
  • The Power Piece Task Template (with all the subtasks to help you get your content out into the world) is a ClickUp template, but if you don’t have ClickUp you can always get a free account just to access the template and export it to your preferred platform. 
  • The SOP template is within that ClickUp template as well.

I get you! Life is distracting, and something like 3% of programs are actually completed. But we’ve baked motivation right into our program! We host AYID on Xperiencify which gamifies the whole process – including points, celebrations, and little surprises that make the whole thing ADDICTIVE. Which is why our completion rate is 80%+ for programs like these! So basically, I got you, boo!

Yes! I have many people in the course plan for 3-6 months instead of 12, especially if they are in a fast paced industry. The system will work for whatever works for you! (You’ll soon learn that everything I teach is taught in a way that helps you do what’s best for YOU.)

Absolutely! You’ll have a complete plan in place, and likely will find you don’t need to rely on jumping on trends, but you’ll also have the flexibility to do so when it’s right for you!

AYID is not going to give you a whole bunch of new stuff to do; it’s going to take what you’re already doing and show you how to apply a strategy that is going to make it more cohesive, streamline it, and give you more tools and organization techniques that can be adapted to what you’re currently using. This is going to help you do it all better. It will work with what platforms and services you’re currently using, without giving you more subscriptions. All you need to be able to do is open a spreadsheet.

Foreverrrrrrrr! You’ll even get updates to any changes or additions I make to the program. 🙂 

All forms of credit card are accepted through a secure shopping cart. There’s no payment plans, other than the payments you could choose to make through your card.

Because this program is digital and too easy to implement and then return, I do not offer refunds. But I am a stickler for your success and satisfaction, so if you find something’s missing for you, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make sure you get results.

The program doesn’t come with any 1:1 training or specific group support. However, you will have access to my Facebook group for any questions on the content and how to apply it to your business. If you need more support, I suggest joining my Breakthrough Boss® or Inner Circle programs. 

In 5 hours or less, yes. However, it’s actually optimal if you can split that into two days – 2 hours the first day and 3 hours a few days after that. This is because Lesson 2 is going to teach you a trick that you’ll want to run for a couple days. That said, you don’t have to use that trick and there are alternatives should you choose to move faster or do it all at once.

Not to worry! We’ll help you out. Start here:

  1. Make sure the order processed. If you didn’t get a receipt, this could mean a) the order didn’t go through or b) there was a typo in your email. Check your online banking to verify a pending charge. If there isn’t one, try to process again. If there is a receipt…
  2. This means your email address likely didn’t have a typo, but your Welcome email could’ve been caught in a filter or folder. Check spam, Promotion tabs, and any other filters or folders. If it’s in one of those, be sure to drag it to your inbox so you won’t miss the emails that come with the course!
  3. If you still don’t see it, reach out to me via email (hi at xotara.us) and we can find the tech gremlins who chewed on the cords and get it resent to you. Please be patient as we try to have healthy work-life boundaries too, so it may take a full business day to get it sorted for you. 

Great question! Every business plan and marketing plan is different AND should change based on your needs, your audience, and most importantly, your season of business. While I used this system when I was on social, because I follow the approaches I teach, I’ve been able to move into new seasons of my marketing plan that don’t require social media content (outside of ads). If you want to learn more about how to get AWAY from social, you’ll have opportunities to do so soon!

Remember, not every business should be doing the same thing. And although we’re accustomed to coaches who only teach what they personally DO, I happen to use my 20+ years biz experience to teach what I KNOW works for more than just me!

A Year In A Day has worked for nearly 2,000 business owners from ALL industries, walks of life, seasons of business, and social platforms!

So if you’re overwhelmed and ready for a better approach that saves time and bandwidth, I got you!

Hit us up! You can email my team at [email protected] and they or I will be 100% truthful. We’re not here to just make a sale. We’re here to make sure the right people get the right tools for their needs.
XO Tara Wagner, I bought and used this program. It was truly so helpful! Mainly in helping me sort out what the heck I'm even doin when it comes to content, not the mention the organization of it. Thanks for an affordable and easy to use program. I appreciate you!
Hi Tara, I just got done going through your A Year in a Day Planner, and I wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful it was for me. As a brand new coach, I have already been feeling so overwhelmed with the content that I have to continue to come up with. My lack of organization has been making me crazy, and I've been feeling so far behind. I knew there was a better way, but I didn't even know the steps to take to get out of the scattered downward spiral I was on. When I came across an ad for AYID on Facebook, I didn't have big expectations, but I figured I didn't have much to lose. I'm so glad that I dove into it! After spending only two afternoons working through the planner, my content is lined up for the next year. Thank you so much for creating a resource that provides way more value than is reflected in the price tag!

A Year In a Day is NOT for you if…

A Year In a Day is for you if…

Ready to dive in?
Here’s how to get started…

  1. Click the link below to add “A Year In a Day” to your cart
  2. Fill out the details and complete your order
  3. You’ll receive a welcome email (usually within 3-5 minutes; check your spam filters) with your program login details
  4. Once you login, you’ll find all your lessons and bonuses* and can create your 365 Day Content Map in 5 hours or less!
P.S. You’ll keep LIFETIME access to the program, including any updates I make!

A Year In a Day was so helpful...

It gave me the clarity and confidence I needed for creating my content, which is something I have struggled with for so long. I’m so grateful to Tara for this course. You will not regret purchasing this course.

Brittany W., Life Coach

sara binde

Tara helps me so much...

When I think about how I used to think 9 months ago (when I first started working with her) and now, I’m amazed by the differences in how I solve problems and prioritize things in business and personal life.

Sara B., Plant-Based Nutritionist

It helped me create a year of content that aligns with my mission, vision, and values.

An ad for A Year in a Day popped up on my feed when I was extremely overwhelmed with my business. My focus had been on so much stuff, the content had not been prioritized and my posting rate had been completely neglected.

This process was not as hard as expected thanks to the method that was taught in this course. I worked through it with ease. 

This was also not just a random list of prompts that gives you vague suggestions of what any business can use. It helped me create a year of content that aligns with my mission, vision, and values. Now I have a year of content all mapped out and I am looking forward to posting everything on time from now on.

Coralie P., Home Organizer

Just imagine where you could be one week from now…

Sipping iced tea or coffee on the patio, watching the birds in the trees…

BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND because you have nothing left to do when it comes to your Content Marketing.

It’s all done, mapped out, created, ready to launch (or better yet, be launched by your team)…

And now your biggest problem is deciding what to do with your free time.

How about that fun challenge for a change? 🥰

I was skeptical about AYID but decided to give it a try...

Before AYID I was struggling to get my content created for my podcast and email newsletters. I usually created content the week that I needed it. As a result, I felt behind and I could never get ahead without burning myself out. 

I was skeptical about AYID but decided to give it a try since I was taking some time off from creating content. I literally have my entire year of content for my podcast and email newsletters planned in just a few hours. Now I never have to worry about what I am going to do on the podcast, social media and email because I have everything planned out.

Toni-Ann M, Podcast Host

I was beginning to despise social media!

I was overwhelmed with my marketing and beginning to despise social media! My partner and I went through the A Year in a Day course and, for real, actually mapped out our content for the YEAR!

I was overjoyed to know we just have to work the plan and no longer rush to make it up as we go. Geesh. I’ve now gone through all of the bonus material and we’ve locked down our posting formatting too. Grateful to not need to re-invent the wheel.

Ro Rose, Trans-Ascendant Coach

The first thing that you recognize in Tara is that she is authentic.

Because of this, there is immediate trust because she walks the talk. She takes care of herself first so she can help others. She is the Boss Lady for living your best life with balance and integrity, mixed with a sense of calm and sprinkled with laughter. Let Tara guide you in your entrepreneurial journey because it’s not all about the work, it’s about the self-love too.

Jennifer O., Coach & Consultant

A Year In a Day:

The No-Stress Content Planner To Map Out 365 Days of Content in 5 Hours or Less

  • Map out exactly what to create for your blog, podcast, YouTube, and/or fave social media outlets over the next 365 days…in just HOURS
  • Attract your DREAM audience (while repelling the “nightmares”!)
  • Keep it all streamlined and organized so the chaos no longer overwhelms or distracts you
  • Steal all my best templates, SOPs, planners, and organizational tools to keep you sane (and your team on track without you)
  • And turn the biggest part of this process on autopilot so that it works behind the scenes for you all year and takes you HALF the time next year! 🕺
Wow! Thank you for personally reaching out - that is a first for me with a group like this. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to mention - although | only just finished step 2 last night - your course is amazing and has been incredibly helpful already - Thank you for not only making it but making it accessible. I am really glad I chose to purchase this after thinking about it for 3 days. - Aaron, A Year in A Day Content Planner System Testimonial
Just want to share that I am enjoying this AYID Content Planning Process Tara Wagner. Your process really has helped me to simplify things and not overthink. Over the past few years of running my business I have created so much content and I am realizing how I haven't maximized what I currently have that leans into my SWEET SPOT. I'm really glad to be moving towards the healthier hustle side of things. I'm only on step 3 today but this step has gotten me a long way. I look forward to reaching the finish line and successfully mapping out 365 days of valuable content. - Brandy's Testimonial
es great system, very glad I purchased this
It was awesome; we actually got 6months worth done in one day. And it encouraged me to reach out and find a social media manager to help us create the visuals in Canva and pre-schedule them in Later. So now it'll be EVEN easier. Thank you!
Super helpful for getting my ducks in a row and getting content made and schedule :)
Hi Tara, Just diving into the course / mapping a year.... OMG this is exactly what I needed! Like exactly what I needed. I'm thrilled to have a Frame work to create & focus my social media efforts. Thank you!!! - Becky's A Year In A Day Testimonial
I'm working in the climate space on big, complex problems. The Year in a Day helped me build a framework that organizes this complex stuff in ways that are clear and connected. - Jessi's Testimonial

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