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P.S. If you’re hoping to collaborate in some way, please know I’m verrrrrry selective. It’s unlikely I’ll blog about your product. I don’t run ads. And we must be a very good fit for anything else. But if you have a podcast or video show, or otherwise feel like we’re a lock and key kind of fit, hit me up. I’m all ears, and I have a soft spot for passionate visionaries.


Please reach out above with details on what you do, who you serve, any relevant links, and any thoughts or ideas you already have on topics or needs. I’ll be sure to get back to you within 3-5 business days after I’d had the chance to review it.

I don’t accept blog submissions, runs ads, or do other promos along those lines. But I am open to consider collaboration with the right changemakers. Send me as many juicy deets and all your thoughts, including absolute deadlines or guidelines, via the form above and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d be honored! You’re welcome to share videos or quotes with attribution and a link back to the source. Please don’t use my content in any way that is meant to offend, divide, harm, shame, criticize, or ridicule any person or group of people. Please don’t repost entire blog posts without my approval. And anything else that falls outside of a social share or quote, please reach out to verify first. Thanks. xo

Of course! If you’re in our private Oily Community, ask in there so that I and others can chime in to support you. If you’re not yet a doTERRA member or don’t have an “upline”, reach out via the form above and I (or my email ninjas) will do my best to reply within 1 business day.

I’d be honored! The process is pretty simple, requiring just an email to doTERRA with a few pertinent deets. Shoot me an email through the form above with the name on your account, your Member ID#, where you live, and your goals and needs (for instance, do you need support as a customer, or have a goal with the business), and I’ll get back to you right away with your next steps. Once we get you adopted into the team, you’ll be connected with other Fairy Oil Parents for even more support, added to our private community, and have access to all the learning, resources, downloads, and fun stuff we offer. xo

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