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Words By Tara Wagner

Best Essential Oils for Stress Relief? (How to Choose the Right Oil for You)

Tara out of focus holding Wild Orange essential oil bottle focused

How does your stress look and feel for you? Because, in order to find the best essential oils for stress relief, you have to understand which categories of oils impact which types of stress.

In this post we’re going to talk specifically about stress relief, the different categories of oils and how they impact different types of stress, so you can figure out which oils might support you best right now.

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But before I get into those categories I have to do a quick public service announcement to let you know that quality matters, especially when we’re talking about HOW we’re gonna to use essential oils for stress relief.

You’re going to be inhaling these aromas straight into your limbic system, straight into your brain. You want to make sure that you are getting the purest, highest quality, most effective oils possible.

There is no regulation of labeling in the essential oil industry, and even if your bottle says “100% pure”, “therapeutic grade”, “pure essential oil”, even “organic”, it doesn’t matter.

There are a lot of third party watchdogs doing tests of all of these essential oils and finding that we have a serious quality control issue in the industry.

This is why I personally love and choose only doTERRA because they test out the yin-yang.

11 different types of tests on every single oil, and at least three different times in the process they’ll repeat these tests to make sure that in no time during that process did these oils become adulterated, contaminated, or that they just don’t have the potency and the effectiveness that they need to have.

If you want to learn more about why I now only use doTERRA, click here.

Please make sure that you are using the best quality oils possible. You don’t want to be inhaling synthetics; you don’t want to be wasting your time and money on low potency.


Think of essential oils on a spectrum along with your emotions.

If you’ve got really low vibration emotions, or emotions that leave you feeling very low, that’s going to be on one side. If you have emotions that leave you feeling very high, that’s going to be on the other side.

The oils that are going to balance that are going to be opposite.

So, if your emotions leave you feeling down, discouraged, despondent, sad, grumpy, whatever it might be, you’re going to want to look at more Citrus Oils.

What I like to do with citrus oils is use blends. Because citrus oils are amazing, and they all do something a little bit different in terms of lifting our mood and our energy up. But when you go with a blend, you’re kind of covering more bases.

Some of my favorite blends are:

Elevation is very true to its name. If you’re in a very low vibrational state, you’re feeling very low, dark-night-of-the-soul type stuff, you would want to use Elevation to elevate you, and bring you up out of that.

Citrus Bliss essential oil bottle laid flat on light gray table
Cheer essential oil dua in bottle and rollerball laid flat on light gray table

Now, if those low emotions are also kind of draining your energy, and you’re just feeling very tired, or you’re dragging, then I would actually look at Mint Oils.

Spearmint or Peppermint would be really great to kind of pick you up, and get your energy moving.

They’re more stimulating, as well as uplifting like the Citrus oils.

If you feel like you maybe want the best of both worlds, then grab a blend that has Citrus and Mints in it (make your own).

One of my favorite blends is called Motivate. This is when I’m feeling really low, no energy, and I need the motivation. It’s gonna pick me up and get me going.

I made a video on Motivate where you can see me inhaling it throughout the whole video, and you can actually see how it gets your mood up and elevated, and feeling good.

Now, on to that emotional spectrum, if your emotions leave you feeling “high” – you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, over-stimulated, overwhelmed – then you’re gonna want to go for your Calming, or Grounding oils.

Calming Oils are generally going to be your Florals.

  • Neroli is one of my favorites for this.
  • Everybody knows Lavender as being a great calming oil.
  • Or, go with a blend so that you’re getting multiple oils with different constituents in it and you’re covering more bases. One of my favorites for that is Serenity.

Serenity is called the Restful Blend. It helps to calm not only your mind and emotions but also your nervous system and your body so that you can relax, and restore or rejuvenate.

If stress is leaving you feeling really scattered, kind of like a dizzying effect – you’re feeling very ungrounded, you’re not feeling very present or in this moment – then I would actually (instead of florals) go with Tree or Roots Oils.

This could be:

  • Vetiver, which is a root and it’s very deeply grounding.
  • This could also be Patchouli

Everybody knows Patchouli. Not everybody loves it and it’s okay if it’s not your jam. But, you could just put it on your feet so that you’re not smelling it that much. Don’t use too much, ’cause it’s strong, but these ARE gonna be great ones to use to help you calm.

Another favorite one is Sandalwood.

I love to use Sandalwood over the forehead. Not only are the compounds in this great for your skin, it’s really great for those worrying wrinkles that we all get on our forehead too. But, over the forehead is also near your Prefrontal Cortex. This is gonna allow your brain to slow down so that you can stop overthinking, worrying, and just feel more present and centered.

Diffuser recipe called Drift Away depicting the recipe: 4 drops sandalwood and 1 drop of rose essential oils
Diffuser recipe called Fall Blend depicting the recipe: 5 drops patchouli, 2 drops wild orange, and 1 drop lavender essential oils

If you want something that combines the best of both worlds with the calming and the grounding, then you would look for blends that have both trees, and florals in them.

My favorites for those are going to be Peace, which is great for just overwhelming amounts of stress.

And, Console, which is really great if your stress is leaving you feeling a little bit weepy, discouraged, disappointed, maybe even if you’re going through a grieving process. That’s usually what Console is used for.


Maybe you’re really cranky, angry, you’ve got a lot of irritability, maybe you’re dealing with a lot of self doubt, a lot of negative thoughts?

Then I would tell you to go with (what tends to be) your Herbal Oils and your Spice Oils. These are going to handle more complex emotions

This is where we get really nitty gritty and you gotta kind of get into the detail of every oil.

To give you an example, you could look at Rosemary. This is a great oil to help you when you are going through a transition, or change, and the stress or fear that might bring up.

You’ve also got Clove, which is great if you are under stress and struggling with boundaries at the same time.

Then, you’ve got Forgive. Forgive is just about letting go, releasing the anger, releasing the tension, releasing the bitterness. Forgiving yourself, what is, and other people.

Just being able to release what is no longer serving you.

Tara pouring water into a diffuser


Where do you apply them, and how do you apply them?

My first recommendation is going to be to diffuse all day, every day: constantly diffusing something that’s going to support your stress levels. And even having different diffusers in different places in the house based on what you’re going to need in that area. for example, I have something different going in the diffuser in my office than I do by my nightstand or in my bathroom.

Don’t have a diffuser? Here are some ways to diffuse without one.

Then, I want you to dilute these oils and use them topicallyover your areas of stress.

Where do you feel stress in your body? Use the oil in that area specifically. But make sure that you understand your oil and any precautions that may go along with it as well.


This free guide goes through the top 10 essential oils that I recommend all female entrepreneurs start with.

It tells you how to use them to manage things like overwhelm, Imposter Syndrome, frustration, motivation, focus, etc. It also includes really juicy affirmations that go along with each one.

You can grab it for free with the button below or click here to learn more.


How do you use essential oils for stress relief, or what are your favorites?

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