Stop Burning Out ON Content Marketing For Your Biz

It's time to crush your goals...

not your soul.


Why hello there, boss!

I’m Tara Wagner, creator of the Breakthrough Boss®. I help small biz owners upgrade or transform their businesses (and themselves) for more time freedom and zero burnout.

Think of it as mindset + skillset + habits. All with the goal of a healthier business and a healthier you. I will teach you how to:

  • Upgrade your mindset and overcome your doubts and fears that you’re not cut out for this
  • Set goals that feel like “flow”, not “force”
  • Know exactly what strategies to apply to reach those goals
  • Overcome the overwhelm and actually like your work again 
  • Get more of the right things done…but in less time
  • Establish (and keep) rock solid Success Habits
  • Establish (and protect) rock solid boundaries too
  • Handle client conflicts without the pounding heart
  • Master your own work/life balance harmony
  • Stop sacrificing your health for success #pleaseandthanks
  • Finally step up as the CEO of your biz (not the frazzled DIYer)
  • And still have thriving relationships (even when you just might be married to your work)

Ready to become that person? Let’s get started…

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How To Upgrade You Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out

You need a healthier way to build your biz.

Let me show you how I do it...

The Healthy Hustle Roadmap

How to upgrade your business so it doesn't burn you out (3 mistakes to correct right now!)

Signup for this free class to learn the 3 mistakes small business owners are encouraged to make (but that always lead to burnout) and my tools and approach to reach your next level of profits working only part-time in your biz.


Everyone thinks of essential oils for sleep or a hot bath…

But there’s some pretty sweet neuroscience behind the way they help change your mindset and impact your emotions, too.

I teach bosses how to use them to radically rewrite their beliefs, so you can think, feel, and act like the healthy, confident CEO you are capable of.

We all need a posse

A healthy posse...

If you’ve been looking for a community of passionate, motivated biz besties to navigate the work/life juggling act with a bit more grace, you’ve come to the right place.

Grab a glass of wine, kick back, and get to know your people.

P.S. I pay it forward before I even pay my taxes. Here’s why.

Map Out 365 Days Worth of Content In 5 Hours or Less

Learn how to stop spending hours every week creating blogs, podcasts, videos, and posts with a year long content plan you can create in one day!


How To Upgrade Your Business
So It Doesn't Burn You Out

(3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

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