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Are You Losing Motivation? This Is The Real Trick To Staying Motivated Through Hard Goals

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STOP Trying to “Master Your Mindset” – Do This Instead!

I have a bone to pick with most “master your mindset” advice out there. It’s just…incomplete. And it focuses your energy on the wrong thing. If you really want to change your mindset, there is one most important thing to focus on: Success Habits.
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What is a Growth Mindset: 50+ Growth Mindset Examples (Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset)

What is a growth mindset, and how do you know if you have one? I’ve got 50+ examples of a growth mindset to help catch yourself.
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What is a Fixed Mindset: 50+ Fixed Mindset Examples (Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset)

We need to talk about your mindset, your Fixed Mindset. It’s not going to be a pretty conversation but it needs to happen ‘cause it’s kind of hurting you and it’s hurting everybody around you too.
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Stretch Goals vs The MTO Method & Why You Should NOT Reach Your Goals

I want to talk about Stretch Goals, how they differ from SMART goals, and why you should use the MTO method of setting stretch goals if you’re not quite ready to set big goals.

How To Be Confident on Camera: 8+ Tips to Feel & Look Great (and Lose the Nerves for Good)

Let’s chat about how to be confident on camera and overcome the nerves (and nausea) for good. Whether it’s pre-recorded or live video, the mindset work, tactical approaches and strategies are actually the same.

ClickUp Review: Is it still the best project management software? (YES!)

What’s the best project management software in 2021? ClickUp, hands down. It beats Trello, Asana, and any others you could throw its way. Let me tell you why…
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Why I STOPPED Doing Morning Pages | When A Good Thing Stops Being Good

I used to love doing Morning Pages. Until I realized they were no longer helping me. Here’s who I think Morning Pages are best for, and when I think you should stop doing them too.
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How to Set Goals: Why You Shouldn’t Set Outcome Goals and What to Focus on Instead

Let’s talk about how to set goals…the most HELPFUL way. There are tons of theories on setting goals, but this is the approach that overcomes overwhelm, eliminates self-doubt, builds motivation instead of using it all up, and actually gets you the results.
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Building a Business with Chronic Illness + Disabilities | What It’s Like, What Works For Me

Building a business WILL be different if you’re living with chronic illness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, disabilities, etc. But I hope this inspires you to see it IS still possible for you.

How to Manage Your Small Business Finances (& Mindset) – 5 Simplified Steps

Join me and Joyce Rojas to learn how to manage your small business finances AND your money mindset in 5 simplified steps
How to Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out (3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

You need a better approach.

Let me show you mine...

The Breakthrough Roadmap

How to upgrade your business so it doesn't burn you out

Attend this free training to learn the 3 mistakes small business owners are encouraged to make, and my Roadmap to create full-time profits without burning out.

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