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Are You Losing Motivation? This Is The Real Trick To Staying Motivated Through Hard Goals

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How to Prioritize Your Life and Biz Using the Eisenhower Matrix (with 46 Examples)

Learn how to prioritize tasks, life, and business using the Eisenhower Matrix (also known as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, the Stephen Covey Time Management Matrix, the 4 Quadrants of Time Management lol). This prioritization framework is one of the best prioritization techniques to help you learn how to view tasks – i.e. they’re not all created equal, even if they are all on your to do list.
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8 Entrepreneurial Skills You’re Forgetting to Develop

There are both hard skills and soft skills for entrepreneurs, but here are 9 entrepreneurial skills no one is talking about, but that you do NOT want to forget.

STOP Trying to “Find Your Niche” – Do This Instead!

If you hate the advice of “find your niche”, or it makes you feel like you’re leaving money on the table, or not being inclusive, or you’re just not even sure how it applies to YOUR business…you need to read this.

How to Change Your Mindset, Pt 2: Your First Steps

How to change your mindset (part 2) – let’s go into the first steps you need to take to begin to develop a growth mindset that will help you feel more confident, stay motivated, and make progress as an entrepreneur.

7 Personal Growth Quotes that LITERALLY Changed My Life & Made Me Successful

There are 7 personal growth quotes that I owe EVERYTHING to. They helped me find real success, fulfillment, and happiness. They were my mantras and my guiding words through big changes in my life.
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How to Change Your Mindset, Pt 1: The 4 Things You MUST HAVE

How to change your mindset (part 1) – let’s start with the 4 things you MUST HAVE if you want to learn how to develop a growth mindset quickly (and with fewer frustrations or flops along the way), so you can feel more confident, stay motivated, and make progress.
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How to Stay Focused – 7 Tips That Actually Work for Entrepreneurs

Trying to figure out how to stay focused as an entrepreneur when EVERYTHING demands your attention? Use these 7 strategies to eliminate distractions, improve focus and concentration, and train your brain to stay on task. (Yes, TRAIN.)

Do Your Biz Goals Overwhelm You? READ THIS

Are you overwhelmed by your business goals? There are 4 things you need to change in your approach to your goal if you want to be able to accomplish them without being crippled by overwhelm.

10 Habits for Perfectionists to Practice (How to STOP Being a Perfectionist)

I have 10 strategies on how to stop being a perfectionist or how to overcome perfectionism. Ready to give yourself (and others) a break?
How to Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out (3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

You need a better approach.

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The Breakthrough Roadmap

How to upgrade your business so it doesn't burn you out

Attend this free training to learn the 3 mistakes small business owners are encouraged to make, and my Roadmap to create full-time profits without burning out.

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