How To Be Confident on Camera: 8+ Tips to Feel & Look Great (and Lose the Nerves for Good) - XO, Tara Wagner

Words By Tara Wagner

How To Be Confident on Camera: 8+ Tips to Feel & Look Great (and Lose the Nerves for Good)


Let’s chat about how to be confident on camera and overcome the nerves (and nausea) for good.

Whether it’s pre-recorded or live video, the mindset work and tactical approaches and strategies are actually the same. 

Watch here:

How To Be Confident on Camera: 8+ Tips to Feel & Look Great (and Lose the Nerves for Good) Click To Tweet

How do you get genuinely confident in front of a camera – whether it’s for YouTube, a Livestream, a Zoom call, or an interview?

Camera confidence is about two things – super practical tactics and super specific “mindset work”. If you’re an online entrepreneur or small business owner, learn and practice these 8 steps.

Scroll up to dive in or head on over to YouTube to check it out there where I will expand on the following steps:

  • Have a Clear WHO
  • Have a Clear Picture
  • Have a Clear Outline
  • Look the Part
  • Practice the Part
  • Aromatherapy for Confident Speaking
  • Gain Momentum
  • Gain Real Experience

Until you take the action I want you to remember this: if you want to change the way you feel you need to change your actions, your habits, your environment, your circumstances. You need to actually change the external and not just focus on the internal.

I talk all the time about the fact that it’s not “mindset first” it’s “mindset while”.

As you focus on your mindset while taking the right actions practicing the way that you want to show up, that’s when the change is going to start to come. Mindset work starts the process, but real-life experience in front of a camera is what’s gonna really lock it in now

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I go through “mindset while” – meaning we look at some really practical strategies and we look at some really practical mindset work that you get to do to be able to get unstuck and make more progress on your goals.

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In a 15ml roller, combine 14 drops Lime*, 12 drops Lavender, 3 drops Spearmint, and 3 drops Clary Sage. Top with a carrier oil and apply topically over the throat, chest, and pulse points of the neck and wrists.


Learn more about each oil here.

What about you, boss lady?

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