Building a Business with Chronic Illness + Disabilities | What It’s Like, What Works For Me - XO, Tara Wagner

Words By Tara Wagner

Building a Business with Chronic Illness + Disabilities | What It’s Like, What Works For Me

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Building a business WILL be different if you’re living with chronic illness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, disabilities, etc. But I hope this inspires you to see it IS still possible for you.

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I have 30+ health diagnoses, including disabilities, autoimmune disorders, and more. And I’m also a successful business owner/lifelong entrepreneur who does NOT hurt her body for results in her business. (Anymore. lol)

As someone who lives with the pain, fatigue and other symptoms of autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s, scoliosis, mold toxicity, heavy metal poisoning, and many many more health issues, I get it. 

It’s NOT easy.

It took a lot of hard decisions and careful strategies. If you’re in this spot too, I’m pulling back the curtain to share my story, what has worked for me, and some encouragement (and real talk) for you too.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to START a business or how to BUILD a business, our biggest obstacle can be our health issues. It’s hard to do what you need, or even WANT to, when you feel like crap. 

But most of the business advice out there to small business owners with autoimmune disorders or other physical limitations, DOES NOT. 

So from one business owner to another, I hope this inspires and encourages you to see that you can do this too. It might just get to look unique to you.


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What about you, boss lady?

Are you building a business through chronic illness, disability, etc?

Scroll down to comment below with tips or encouragement for others!


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