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Are You Losing Motivation? This Is The Real Trick To Staying Motivated Through Hard Goals

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Revenue vs Profit…vs Gross Profit vs Net Profit vs Operating Profit?!?!

Revenue vs Profit – what does it mean? What about gross profit vs operating profit vs net profit? If you keep getting these mixed up, watch this for a simple trick to keep it straight.

23 Signs and Symptoms of Impostor Syndrome You’ve Been Ignoring

Let’s talk about Impostor Syndrome, bosses. Specifically 23 Impostor Syndrome symptoms or signs you’ve been missing, ignoring, or putting up with.
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9+ Tips for Balancing Work and Life as Entrepreneurs #thejuggleisreal

The juggle is real when balancing work and life as a female entrepreneur. Especially if you’re also working from home with the family around. Here are some important mindset shifts and 9+ tips for work-life balance without going crazy (or calling it quits).

The SIMPLEST Business Budget Template – No More Excuses!

If you’ve been avoiding getting a business budget setup because it’s all too complicated and overwhelming, this business budget template will get you started in the simplest way possible and covering the 2 most important things first: your own profit and your ability to pay your taxes!
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A CEO DAY OF STRATEGY PLANNING: Day in the Life of a 6 Figure Online Entrepreneur

I recently talked about the importance of a CEO day in your small business. Follow along during my own CEO + strategy planning day! This is the real day in the life of an online female entrepreneur as I regroup, reset, and plan out Q4 of 2020.
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Productivity Tips to Make More Progress If You’re Unproductive or Underperforming

There are some sneaky reasons why you’re feeling so unproductive, But there are ways to increase productivity that have NOTHING to do with time management hacks.

How to Stop Hitting Your Upper Limit with The Big Leap (Book Summary)

If you’re ready to surpass your current upper limit of happiness, success, health, or love, The Big Leap book by Gay Hendricks will show you how. (Kinda.)

For My Married Entrepreneurs: How To Stop Fighting About Money and Financial Stress

Financial stress is already one of the biggest stressors in a marriage, AND is the biggest stressor in a business. So how do you stop fighting about money when you or they (or both of you) are entrepreneurs and have so many more money responsibilities on your plate?

MINDSET 101: What is a Comfort Zone VS An ACCUSTOMED Zone?

What is a comfort zone…versus an accustomed zone? If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t take action or get out of your comfort zone, this should help.

How to Get Out of the Grind and Become the CEO of Your Small Business (Operator vs CEO vs Owner)

Operator vs CEO vs Owner…what’s the difference and how does moving into the CEO role help you be a better small business owner, have more time, and make more money? I’m describing the differences, and why you need to have a regular CEO day, or CEO Strategy Day, if you want to be successful working ON your business, not IN your business (or FOR it).
How to Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out (3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

You need a better approach.

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The Breakthrough Roadmap

How to upgrade your business so it doesn't burn you out

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