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Words By Tara Wagner

Mindset Myth: “Fear Never Goes Away” (Here’s why that’s bullsh*t…)

Can you overcome fear? Too many thought leaders say “fear never goes away”. I say “bullshit”. 

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Mindset Myth: “Fear Never Goes Away” (Here’s why that’s bullsh*t…) Click To Tweet

The idea that fear doesn’t go away is probably the most unhelpful mindset myth in entrepreneurial circles right now.

Yeah, it might be helpful at times to remind you to start taking action despite the fear you feel, but ultimately it’s demotivating the hell out of most women to think they’ll always feel such a crippling emotion.

Overcoming fear only comes down to knowing what to tackle, when, in what order, and how. The free training above will show you where to start.

P.S. I’m specifically talking about how to overcome fear and anxiety in circumstances women normally face in business that holds them back. This is not a replacement for mental health support if your fear or anxiety is debilitating or requires medical attention.

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Is this a bottleneck that you’ve been struggling with?

If so, I’d encourage you to grab my FREE training Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs. It will guide you through how to get rid of those bottlenecks and will help you to finally #crushyourgoalsnotyoursoul!

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What about you, boss lady?

What have you been afraid of in the past that you’re no longer bothered by? (ALL examples count!)

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