DIY Essential Oil Blend for Anxious, Worried, Overwhelmed Empaths

This is my favorite DIY Blend of essential oils for anxious, worried, overwhelmed empaths who are soaking up the stress of the world and feeling bogged down by it all.

This essential oil blend helps you handle the emotions and feel more like your best self…not your stressed self.

Watch here:

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I know 2020 has been intense. And if you have even one iota of an empathic bone in your body you’re not just stressed yourself… you’re probably feeling EVERYONE ELSE’s stress, worry, fear, too. And that SUCKS.

I really should’ve shared my secret weapon against this sooner. 🙁 But better late than never?

In today’s vid I’m sharing the DIY emotional aromatherapy blend I use for:

  • Emotional sponginess – when you’re absorbing other people’s stuff
  • Anxious, worried, afraid, overwhelmed times like these
  • Emotional boundaries against energetic vampires

If this sounds like something that could support you scroll up to watch this vid for the DIY blend that’s saving my butt right now: Essential Oils for Anxious, Worried, Overwhelmed EMPATHS.

Or head on over to YouTube to check it out there and browse for more mindset magic.

What about yo, boss lady?

Would you try this blend.

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