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Sacrificing for Success: Business, Love, Family, Health – Can You Have It All?

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What should you be sacrificing for success? Can you have success in business AND love? Do you need to be sacrificing career for family all the time or vice versa?

I don’t know about you but I want it all, and because I believed it was possible, I found a way. So, can you have it all? 

Yes – at least all the stuff that matters.

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Sacrificing for Success: Business, Love, Family, Health – Can You Have It All? Click To Tweet

I’m answering a question I received from one of you on today’s video… “Can you be successful in love and business, or do you have to make sacrifices?”

This isn’t about work-life BALANCE…it’s about work-life harmony. It’s about knowing what matters and what doesn’t, and prioritizing your time accordingly. That doesn’t mean business and family or love or health all need the same amount of time.

You just need to know how much time they actually need, and then make time for them first. The rest of it will fall in place AROUND your priorities.  

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What about you, Boss Lady?

What have you sacrificed (gladly or mistakenly) for the success you have now?

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