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5 Essential Oils for Confidence

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In this blog, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite essential oils for confidence and showing you how to mix them up into a DIY roller blend, that makes a really beautiful, self-confidence perfume. So if that sounds like your jam, let’s get oily.

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I just dropped two blogs on self-confidence (you can find them here and here)  and in one of them I mentioned using aromatherapy to help hack your limbic system and change the way you think and feel with what’s called a pattern interrupt.

The other way that aromatherapy can also help to build confidence is through the power of association.

If you have a mindset practice around confidence, maybe some affirmations, like I was mentioning in that last blog on how to build confidence, or any other practice that you might be using, when you use the oils with that practice you’re creating an association between the aroma and the way you’re feeling in that moment.

So then, when you go into a different situation where maybe you wouldn’t feel as confident, you can use the aroma again and it’s going to boost up your confidence because it’s going to bring back the way that you felt and what you were thinking in this frame of mind when you were doing this practice and feeling really good.

It’s going to bring that into the situation where you might otherwise feel really nervous.

So let’s get into the five oils that I love the most and a blend that I made.

Grab a pen and some paper. We’re going to go through each one of these oils, you can take notes on what exactly it’s doing in this blend and then I’m gonna share the recipe for the blend towards the end.

The #1 Essential Oil For Confidence: Bergamot

The first essential oil in this blend is Bergamot. I’ve done an entire post on Bergamot because it is one of my most favorite oils that I think everyone should be using with their mindset practice. That’s because Bergamot is the oil of self-approval, self-love and self-acceptance, and no matter what you’re doing with your mindset practice you gotta start there, right?

It’s also very uplifting and a very encouraging aroma (most citruses are but Bergamot especially) I just absolutely love the way that it smells.

So in this blend, this is going to help you to let go of self-criticism, maybe some negativity that you might have around what you’re doing or who you are, and it’s going to help to increase your energy level and help you feel really good about who you are and what you’re doing.

Essential Oil #2: Grapefruit

The next oil in this blend is Grapefruit. Now Bergamot is all about self-love and self-approval and Grapefruit is too, but it’s really about loving and approving of your physical body.

A lot of times when we’re dealing with confidence, we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin so Grapefruit is going to be the oil that’s going to come in and encourage and support that.

So if your confidence is really around your physical form, what you look like, the shape, the body that you get to live in, then Grapefruit is going to be the oil that’s going to help you to fall in love with this body and how you get to show up.

Essential Oil #3: Spearmint

The next oil in our essential oils for confidence blend is Spearmint. Now Spearmint is often called the oil of confident speech. Obviously, when we’re dealing with confidence, part of what’s going to come into that is our ability to speak up, to share our truth, to be authentic in what we’re stating to other people, to just feel like we have a voice.

Spearmint is in this blend for that reason, so that as you are going throughout your day, throughout your business, throughout your life, whatever it is, whatever area that you are looking to build confidence in, you’re going to be able to really express yourself at the same time.

Spearmint gives you a little bit more emotional energy, it kind of increases your emotional charge, it’s going to bring in a little bit of clarity and it’s just gonna encourage you to not hide; Not hide your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, your opinions, your needs.

Whatever it is that you’re needing to express, you’re gonna feel that confidence to do so with the Spearmint in this blend.

Essential Oil #4: Pink Pepper

The next oil in this blend is Pink Pepper. Now, this is a little bit newer to me and I’m really enjoying it. This oil is in this blend to help you to stop comparing yourself to other people. (I did an entire blog on comparison-itis, so if this is something you struggle with be sure to check that out.)

When we are building our own confidence muscles, it’s really important that we’re protecting ourselves from comparisons. When You’re just starting out, think of yourself kinda like a fragile little sprout, right? If you’re going around and you’re comparing yourself to other people while you’re still kinda in this new budding stage, it’s gonna just destroy you. It’s like stepping on that sprout.

So we want to throw in the Pink Pepper into this blend to help you break that pattern of comparing yourself to other people or leveraging it in a healthy way which is what I talk about in that blog.

Essential Oil #5: Cassia

And then the last of my favorite essential oils for confidence is Cassia. Cassia is in this blend to help increase your courage, to put yourself out there, to not hide, to not feel as though you need to pull back. It’s really going to kind of light a fire and give you that spark and that desire to start putting yourself out there.

Obviously fear is a big part of why we struggle with confidence. Fear about what other people will think. Fear about whether or not we’re good enough.

Cassia is really just about calming down those fears and giving you the courage to move through them. Because you’re not gonna get rid of the fear first before you start doing the thing, but you are gonna be able to help kind of mitigate the fear or calm it down a little bit while you start putting yourself out there and you need the courage to be able to do that. Because the best way that we break a habit of fear is through a habit of courage.

Affirmations to use with these essential oils for confidence:

Now before I show you the ratios and how to mix this up into a blend, I want to share some affirmations that I want you to start using with this blend. Obviously, you can customize these, you can bring in your own, but here are four affirmations for confidence that will help you to start writing this pattern into your limbic system a little bit faster.


  • I actually really like myself, so much so, that it’s okay if others don’t.
  • It’s okay to stand out and to stand back. I do what feels right in the moment knowing I can change course at any time.
  • Even though I’ve been taught otherwise, I choose to deeply and completely love, honor and respect myself.
  • I’m already enough. I’ve always been enough. History has proven to me that I can handle this too.
DIY Essential Oil Blend For Confidence:

In this blend, you’re going to want about a 10 percent dilution rate, which means the essential oils fill up about 10 percent of the bottle and the rest you’re actually gonna fill it with fractionated coconut oil.

You’re gonna want to include:

  • 7 drops of Bergamot
  • 5 drops of Grapefruit
  • 3 drops of the Spearmint
  • 3 drops of the Pink Pepper
  • 2 drops of the Cassia

Now, you’re going to want to top that off with your fractionated coconut oil, mix it up really well, and then you can apply this over the pulse points on your wrist, behind your ears, your solar plexus which is that sense of self, or over the bottoms of the feet.

Just remember that the Bergamot and the Grapefruit are sun sensitive, so if you go out into the sun after you’re applying this you’re gonna get a pretty bad sunburn.

So stick it where the sun don’t shine.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and you want to understand more about how essential oils can help to uplevel your mindset and change the way you’re feeling in your business, be sure to grab my Sniff, Sniff, Affirm download.

It goes through how these work, it goes through my top 10 oil recommendations, and it lists dozens of affirmations to help you get started.

It’s called Sniff, Sniff, Affirm. Be sure to grab it for free by clicking the button below or by clicking here to learn more.

What about you, boss lady?

I’d love for you to comment below letting me know what are your favorite essential oils for confidence or your favorite affirmations for confidence.

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