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Words By Tara Wagner

How To Be Successful: 17 Signs You’ll Be a Success in the New Decade


I have been coaching for 10 years, and with that amount of experience, you start to get really good at finding the signs that somebody is going to have success in reaching their goals.

So, what I thought I would do for this blog is compile those signs that I look for in my clients – to help me kind of see where they’re at, or where they might get tripped up – And I tried really hard to come up with 20 of them because I figured 20 Signs of Success for 2020 would be really clever, but I got 17 of them instead.

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Before I start reading off these signs of success, I just have to say, you don’t have to be successful in every single one of these things. However, the more of these things that you are nailing, the faster you’re going to see progress in your goals, the faster you’re going to pick up momentum, and the quicker you’re going to get to where you want to get to.

So, as I’m going through these, really notice which ones are going to trip you up because those are the ones that you might want to spend a little extra time on this year, to really shore up or resolve or whatever you need to do, to make sure that they’re not going to hold you back.

Sign #1 – You have a specific plan

So, the very first sign that you’re going to be successful is that you have a very specific plan.

Not only do you have a very specific plan, but you’ve also planned for potential obstacles, and you have everything on your calendar. Most people come up with an idea, they set some intentions, but they never get nitty gritty enough into exactly what they need to do. The steps, the individual tasks within each step, everything laid out and actually scheduled, so that they know they’re going to make it happen.

Sign #2 – You’re Spending Time on Your I.P.A’s

Signs of success number two is that you’re spending most of your time on your I.P.A’s. Not your drinking, I’m talking about your Income Producing Activities.

You got to know what those are in your business. Then you’re spending the largest percentage of time on the things that are actually bringing in the money, not getting distracted by the things that support your ability to make money, like spending time on social, but actually the things that are going to lead to sales.

Now, if your goal is not one around financial success or business success, you could still look at your I.P.A’s as the specific things that are going to get you towards your goal, and not the things that are going to just support your goal.

So, let’s say it’s a fitness goal. I’m not talking about going out and picking out the perfect running shoes, I’m talking about actually making time on your calendar and going out and doing the running.

Sign #3 – You’re solution oriented

Signs of success number three, are you problem-oriented or solution-oriented?

All of us have problems, all of us have setbacks or things that are going to get in our way, but when they come up, do you spend more time talking about the problem or more time talking about potential solutions?

Sign #4 – You’ve got your sh*t together

Signs of success number four, you’ve got your shiz together.

And by sh*t, I’m talking about your relationships are in a healthy place, your family is in a healthy place, you are taking good care of yourself, your finances are not a hot mess. If there’s anything that is a hot mess in your life, it is the most likely thing to get in the way of your goals.

Sign #5 – You’ve got your head on straight

The fifth sign of success is that you’ve got your head on straight.

And what I mean by this is really that you are focusing on the right mindset, and not only that you’re focusing on it, but what I really mean by that is that you’re cultivating it with specific practices, every day, that are going to support you in what you’re trying to be successful in.

We all struggle with mindset in one area or another. Even myself, as a belief breakthrough coach, I am still a human being. The difference is, do you have the tools necessary to help you move through that? And if you don’t, make sure you check out my Breakthrough Boss course. I will put a link to the teaser down below.

Sign #6 – Resilient AF

Signs of success number six is you are resilient AF.

And what I mean by this is that when you are working on any goal, any intention, anything you’re trying to create, you’re going to get knocked down, life happens.

This isn’t a sign that you’ve attracted something bad, this is a sign that you’re a human being and you live in a world with – what is it, like 7 billion other human beings at this point? All bumping into each other, and shizzy happens. But being resilient means that you are able to bounce back quickly.

Sign #7 – Know when to say “no”

Signs of success number seven, you know when to say “no”

You also know how to say it in healthy ways that actually gain more support, instead of actually creating conflict.

Sign #8 – You’ve eliminated distractions

Sign number eight is that you have eliminated distractions.

And this can be in the form of people, this could be in the form of things like social media or your phone. It can also be in the form of other opportunities. Basically, you are hyper-focused, even obsessed, on the things that are going to move you forward.

So really, this is about being so obsessed, that you’re willing to let go of the good opportunities that might distract you from the really great ones.

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Sign #9 – Prioritizing IRL Relationships

Number nine is that you prioritize in real life relationships.

And what I mean by this one, in particular, is that you’re not just trying to network online or show up in Facebook groups, but you’re actually trying to get out into the real world and connect face to face with people. This is one of the oldest ways of marketing, and it is still one of the best ones, especially in a day when we’re so hyper connected, but we’re really kind of disconnected and we’re all craving real relationships with people.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Stepping away from your computer.
  • Getting out into the real world, whether that’s getting to a gym, getting to a networking group, getting together with friends.

If you’re prioritizing relationships above your goals, that’s going to actually bring you closer to your goals because relationships, let’s face it, those are the things that actually allow us to be successful, right? None of us can be successful without healthy relationships, whether that’s personal relationships or just relationships with clients and customers.

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Sign #10 – Showing up to Serve

Signs of success number ten is you show up to serve.

So, you’re not showing up in these situations to gain things from people or to try to sell people on things, but you’re really showing up to connect, to serve other people, to really be able to make an impact, or just be a real human being and not just be looking for your next opportunity.

Tara talking to a group of women around a table in a coffee shop
Sign #11 – Not worrying about what others think

Number eleven, you don’t spend much time, if any, worrying about what other people think of you because let’s face it, there are so many opinions out there, most of them are complete junk.

And if you’re trying to make everybody happy, you’re going to end up not being able to make anybody happy because ultimately, not every person is going to agree with one particular thing. We have a difference of opinion.

Think about it this way, even Mother Teresa had haters, right? So, if those people are the people that Mother Teresa is focusing on, she’s not going to be able to serve the people that she’s here to serve. And it’s the same with you, if you’re worrying about what the wrong people think of you, you’re not going to be able to show up to serve the right ones.

Sign #12 – You can figure things out

Signs of success number twelve, you are confident in your ability to figure things out.

You’re going to run across things that you do not know anything about, you don’t know how to handle. More than once, you’re going to feel like, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” But if you’re confident in your ability to figure it out, to learn, to grow, to develop, this is the thing that’s going to see you through to success.

This is one of the things that I look for, first, in my clients because if they don’t believe that there is a way to figure things out, if they’re more problem oriented than solution oriented, they’re going to struggle. They’re going to get stuck because things will come up that they don’t know how to handle. They’ve got to, we all get to, learn how to be confident in our ability to learn and grow.

Sign #13 – You Invest in Yourself

Number thirteen is one of my favorites, and that is, you are investing in your strengths and your weaknesses.

I know that strength-based training or coaching, or whatever it might be, is really popular right now, we all want to focus on our strengths, but we can’t do that at the neglect of our weaknesses because your biggest weaknesses will turn into your biggest bottlenecks, your biggest obstacles, the things that trip you up the most.

So, figure out what your top strengths are, but look at your bottom strengths as well, your biggest weaknesses, and solve for those things so that they don’t mess you up.

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Sign #14 – you take fast action

Number fourteen, you take fast action.

Meaning: when you get inspired, you start taking action right away. You don’t overthink it, you don’t over-research it. Of course you do your research, thinking, and planning, but you’re really about getting in there and making actionable steps forward, right away, so that you don’t get stalled. You avoid losing momentum and getting distracted, so you don’t start to have self-doubt.

If you get into the habit of taking fast action, you will also get into the habit of getting things done; even if it’s imperfect, even if it doesn’t end up the way you want it to end up, or maybe it even isn’t helpful at all

Sign #15 – Impeccable self-care

Signs of success number fifteen, you take impeccable care of yourself.

You are the most important tool in your business, you are the most important piece of any goal that you’re setting, and if you are not prioritizing impeccable self-care, you’re going to struggle.

Look at your habits. Are they reflective of impeccable self-care, of prioritizing the things that your mind and your body need, in order for you to show up and be successful in your goals?

Sign #16 -You’ve curbed your impatience

Signs of success number sixteen is you’ve curbed your impatience.

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, right? If you are impatient, you’re never actually going to see things through. You got to be willing to plant the seeds, nurture the seeds, and watch the seeds grow before you can expect the harvest.

Sign #17 – You don’t DIY Everything

The seventeenth sign of success is leveraging other people, basically not doing it all yourself.

We only have so much skill, so much knowledge, and so much time to figure everything out ourselves. The more we can leverage the skill, and the knowledge, and the time of other people, the faster we’re going to be able to go.

Think about it this way, someone else has already figured out the fastest path. Why would you not capitalize on that? Why would you not take advantage of what’s already being offered to you? And Why would you make it harder and reinvent the wheel, when you don’t have to?

I would love to support you in upleveling yourself to achieve even greater success

We are all doing our best, but sometimes we can get in our own way of reaching our greatest success. For those of you wanting to uplevel your mindset to grow yourself in order to grow your business, I encourage you to grab my FREE guide Bottleneck to Breakthroughs for helpful techniques to get you into mental space you need to be.

You can read more about that here, or grab it by clicking the button below.

What about you, boss lady?

What signs of success are you rocking right now and which would you like to put more focus into?

Scroll down to comment below.


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