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From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs

How to Grow Your Business By Growing Yourself

Download the exact process I’ve used with hundreds of clients to help them overcome their bottlenecks and break through to the next level of success. You’ll learn the ONLY 5 things you need to master in order to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets that paralyze or frustrate you so you can start making REAL MOVES in your business and life
  • Identify the REAL causes of your stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, or fear so you can stop wasting time on the wrong stuff and start focusing on the right stuff
  • Handle conflict, challenges, procrastination, money blocks, and more so that you feel confident and unshakable on your path
  • Upgrade the way you think, feel, and act in order to uplevel your life and business and be the Boss Lady you’re ready to be

As humans, we like to make things really complicated and we just assume that our problems are complicated beasts with no end in sight. Tara busts all of that BS up. She makes it so simple to understand and shows you exactly “where to look” when you are faced with a challenge or obstacle.


Christie Inge, Alchemy Coach
Wow, this was really good! It helped me see things that were holding me back without realizing, and I loved that it was actionable. It even helped me through a recent situation that really shook my confidence. If you’re lacking confidence, struggling with your mindset, or want to grow but don’t know what’s holding you back, I highly recommend Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs


Kye Anderson, Marketing Strategist

About the Author

Tara Wagner

I’m the breakthrough coach for self-employed women who are barely surviving their business. I help you to identify and overcome your old habits – both practical, as well as emotional and mental – learn a better way of approaching the work/life/family juggling act, and gain confidence in your new role in your growing businesses. Learn more about me here.

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