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3 Essential Oils for Self Worth (DIY Blend + Affirmations)

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In this video I’m teaching you about three essential oils I recommend to my clients to help them increase their sense of self-worth. I’m going to show you how, when, and where to use them to help you drop any emotional baggage you might be lugging around, as well as help you to start realizing that you are worthy and deserving of more than what you’ve been taught to accept.

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3 Essential Oils for Self Worth (DIY Blend + Affirmations) Share on X

Instead of delving into one oil and all of its many emotional uses, I want to delve into one topic and talk to you about 3 essential oils for self-worth.

Be sure to watch to the very end because I threw in a little bonus just for you.

And, if you are brand new to how essential oils can help you to change the way you think, feel, and act, be sure to check out this blog post and video on emotions and essential oils.

Right now, let’s dive into these three oils starting with my number one most favorite essential oil, Buh, Buh, Bergamot.


(I just did a deep dive on this oil in last week’s post on Bergamot essential oil uses, so be sure to check that out too.)

As a brief recap, let me tell you that Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-approval, all of which, obviously, are going to be related to our sense of self-worth.

The experience that I have with Bergamot is that it kind of just softens the edges of things, which is going to allow you to perceive your imperfections differently and really bring in a sense of self-forgiveness around the fact that hey, newsflash, you’re not perfect. You’re never going to be perfect. And that’s actually okay. (It might even be a good thing.)

So not only are we better able to embrace and allow those imperfections, at the same time when we start to let go of our perception of perfection, we allow ourselves to see the beauty or the gifts or the strengths that are already there.

If you’re chasing a sense of worthiness through what you’re doing, through how you look, through your success, through any sort of external measure, you are never going to feel good enough because there’s always going to be someone or something that you’re comparing yourself to.

When Bergamot is helping you understand or embrace that sense of self-acceptance, it’s NOT about “I’m enough just as I am, and therefore, I’m going to stay this way forever and never grow and never change“.

It’s about “I am enough just as I am, and therefore, I can grow. I’m able to expand. I’m able to learn. I’m able to improve my life. I’m able to do better things. I’m able to love more.”

As Carl Young said, “When I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Comment below with, “Acceptance,” if you are picking up what I’m putting down right now.


The second of these essential oils for self-worth is Cassia.

Cassia is about courage, authenticity, releasing shame, speaking up, and no longer hiding or holding back.

Often times when we are addressing things around self-worth, this is coming from a lot of deep conditioning telling us that we’re not enough, we need to sit down, we need to shut up, we need to keep our opinions to ourself, we’re not worthy and deserving.

This leads us to hide away. We start to kind of curl up inside of ourselves, pulling away in a very self-protective manner.

Cassia stimulates the brain and the body to help you to open back up, to bring those shoulders back, to bring your chest up, to bring your chin up, and to have the courage to speak.

There is often a lot of shame associated with speaking up. There is a tendency to want to shirk or to hide away, but Cassia’s going to bring in that bravery, that sense of “I can do that“, to allow you to really step into who you are, that sense of self-worth, even if it’s scary.

Because remember, courage is not the absence of fear. It’s just action through fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It's just action through fear. – Tara Wagner Share on X

When you’ve been conditioned to not feel worthy and deserving, to feel shameful, to feel small or insignificant, that courage is going to be so necessary because everything inside of you is going to tell you, “No. Hide. This is not safe.

You need to combat that with opposite messages of, “Yes, even though I’m afraid, I am capable of showing up. Even though I do not feel safe, I know that I actually am safe in this moment. Even though I may not feel safe, I know I can make myself safe in this moment.

All of this also makes Cassia really great for that sense of authenticity.

When we’re showing up, when we’re not holding back, all of those fears come up with that.

This is going to allow you to stand with a little bit more courage in the truth of who you are with a strength to be authentic no matter what might be happening around you.

Comment below with, “I am authentic,” if you believe in being yourself even when it’s scary.


The last of these essential oils for self-worth is Helichrysum.

Helichrysum is the oil of the wounded. That can be in the physical body as well as in the emotional body.

I recommend this one because a lot of times when we are struggling with self-worth, there has been pain that has been inflicted upon us.

Whether that’s through stories you’ve been given, experiences you’ve had, there is a deep emotional wounding that must happen for us to not feel inherently worthy and deserving of love, of respect, of success, of happiness, of peace.

Helichrysum is an oil that you use to add a balm to those wounds and to allow you to do the emotional healing necessary that’s going to allow you to have that courage, to have that authenticity, to self-approve.

Helichrysum is a very calming and comforting oil, and so I really recommend to use more of that when you are maybe digging into some of these past traumas, any experiences.


Now, let’s talk how and where you’re going to use these oils.

You can use a single one of these oils or any combination of these oils and pop them in the diffuser.

Play around with the ratios based on what you feel like you need. You might find a new blend that works really well for you.

I also have a blend that I recommend that you try.

This is going to be a 15 ml roller blend, and it’s called I Am Enough.

You’re going to want:

You’ll top that with fractionated coconut oil in a 15 ml roller. Then you apply that topically over your heart, your solar plexus, or your pulse points.

*Be cautious of the Bergamot. It is photosensitive, so don’t apply this if you’re going to be out in the sun over the next couple days after applying.


As you’re using this blend, I want you to use it with affirmations.

Your olfactory system is going to take the messages associated with the aroma, so the affirmations that you’re saying, associate it with the aromas that you’re using straight into the limbic system, which is where all of these emotions and thoughts are being held.

All of your thoughts and emotions around self-worth, all of those memories that are contributing to that sense of self-worth are all within the limbic system.

Your olfactory system is going to communicate directly to that limbic system these new messages, these new affirmations that you’re taking in.

Here are some really powerful messages that you can use with this specific blend:

  • Even though I sometimes doubt it, I choose to remember I am in fact enough.
  • I teach others how to honor and respect me, by how I honor and respect myself.
  • Even though I’ve been taught otherwise, I am worthy of more than what I’ve been accepting. And I’m done with that crap now.

Can I get an amen?


If you would love to have more affirmations to use with specific emotions and specific aromas, I want to encourage you to grab my free Sniff, Sniff Affirm Guide.

It includes:

  • my top 10 list of essential oils, especially for female entrepreneurs
  • A complete list of every block, emotion, or mindset that each oil addresses
  • And dozens of affirmations to go along with them as well.
  • A deeper explanation of how essential oils work to change your mindset and how to use them in the most effective way possible

You can grab it totally free with the button below or learn more here.


Scroll down to comment below with, “I am worthy,” if you know or are ready to know that you are worthy and deserving of all of the good life has to give you.

Then be sure to share this video with other women who you believe need to know they are also worthy and deserving of all the goodness in life.


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