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Essential Oils for Happiness, Money Mindset, and Creativity // doTERRA Cheer (Blend)

If you are feeling stressed, discouraged or just a little blah, I’m going to show you how to use doTERRA’s Cheer essential oil blend to get your happy on, as well as some recipes and affirmations to kick it up a notch.

Cheer is called the uplifting blend, and it’s basically a blend of essential oils for happiness.

I’m going to go through a little bit of an intro on the oil in case you’re brand new to it, as well as precautions and some of the physical uses of this oil. Then we’re going to go into the emotional uses as well as some additional recipes and affirmations that you can use with Cheer to get the most out of it.

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If you are new to emotional aromatherapy and how oils work with the limbic system and your thoughts and emotions, be sure to check out this video.

Now with the way essential oils work in the brain you can actually use a lot of essential oils for happiness, but I like to go with blends because you cover more emotional bases with a blend versus trying to get 20 different oils to cover 20 different aspects of the emotions that we’re going through.

Our emotions are complex. They’re not just one simple cut and dry thing, so when you can get a blend, I really recommend it.

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This is a blend of citrus and spice oils. It has Wild OrangeCloveStar AniseLemon Myrtle, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean Extract, GingerCinnamon and Zdravetz. Everybody smells something different when they smell an essential oil based on your emotional state, based on your past experiences, and how they’re going to interact with different aromas.

When I smell this oil, it reminds me of childhood. Like, it’s just happy, it’s sweet, it’s carefree.

It kind of actually reminds me a little bit of Smarties candies, which were always my favorite. So it really does make me happy, and I think you’ll find the same thing.

It just has this sweet kind of happiness to it. Like all is well in the world. Life is good. You just feel cheerful.


They actually have a 10 mL roll-on. This is pre-diluted, so you could put this on your pulse points or wherever you might need it. DoTERRA also has the 5 mL, which is un-diluted.

With the 5 mL you can either make your own roller blends or you can pop it in the diffuser. I tend to prefer the 5 mL but I like to get the 10 ml bottle that comes with the label and refill it or dilute to my preference.


Every oil has both emotional and physical uses. Although this was blend is specifically for emotional uses that we’re going to get into, you might be able to get some double duty with some of the physical uses as well.

The oils in this blend are great for digestive health, upset stomach, nausea, morning sickness, or motion sickness. You’ve got Clove in here, which is really powerful. It’s the most powerful antioxidant. This is going to be great for anything that you might need antioxidants for which know is pretty much life.

You’ve also got that immune support with the cinnamon. Because of that Cinnamon you have the ability to support healthy blood sugar regulation.

Now I do want to say a little word of warning for this, if you are on insulin or if you need to watch your blood sugar, Cinnamon may adjust your blood sugar levels. It can do this in a very supportive way but, if you’re not paying attention, you may then end up using your insulin in the wrong way.

The last thing Cheer is great for is sugar cravings.

When you’re using essential oils for physical uses you want to use it primarily topically. You would use this over the area of concern, so that might be your stomach or pancreas. For general support you might use it on the bottom of the feet or down the spine.

Rollerball of Cheer Essential oil rollerball on table with Physical uses


It’s not overly energizing, such as Motivate is to really get you up, going, and moving.

Cheer is just going to make you feel good. It’s really about increasing that mental and emotional energy. It’s going to increase determination, hope, joy, or this feeling that all is well in your world. This blend has a lot of stimulating oils in it, including Wild Orange, which is called the oil of abundance.

Use this one when you are feeling stressed or when that stress is turning you into a cranky pants. When you are feeling just kind of blah, discouraged, or heavy-hearted. When you’re feeling pessimism, sadness, or something along the lines of winter blues.

If your mood, your emotions, your situation, your environment, or the weather is just kind of putting you into those dark places than this is an oil that I would recommend diffusing all day, every day. In fact, if you know that you can get into those dark places, start diffusing this ahead of time so that you can kind of head it off at the pass.


One of them is creativity and the other one is money mindset or money blocks.

The reason that those two go together is because oftentimes money mindset or money blocks have to do with our ability to perceive possibilities, to think creatively or divergently.

Cheer is an oil that is going to trigger those areas of the brain, so whether you’re working in a creative component such as art or music, or you are working on your money, your budget, your creative ways to make new money, this is an oil that I would recommend diffusing and using topically throughout that process just to get your juices flowing.

Cheer will get you into that playful, fun, lighthearted, all is well in the world vibe as you go into something that might otherwise feel a little bit heavy, frustrating, overwhelming or out of reach.

My favorite application for Cheer would be to diffuse it, especially while you’re at work or in the morning to get you going in the day or to use it topically.

I would recommend the solar plexus or your pulse points specifically for this oil. But also, any area of concern. If you feel like you hold your emotions in a certain part of your body, your lower abdomen, your shoulders, your neck and back, whatever it might be, apply the oil over that area of concern.

This is going to help you to tap into the emotional cerebellum.It’s going to help you to release those emotions from the body as well as from the mind.

Diffuser recipe called Happy Days depicting the recipe: 3 drops each of motivate and cheer essential oils


The first recipe is called Happy Days and this is a diffuser blend.

  • 3 Drops Cheer
  • 3 Drops Motivate

I just did a video on Motivate a couple weeks ago, you can find that here. You’ll remember that it is an oil for movement, for taking action, for motivation, for getting rid of procrastination. A lot of times when we’re in that place of procrastination, we’re also feeling very low or very discouraged. So, using these two oils together are a perfect, perfect pair.

This next recipe is called Happy Heart.

You can use this in the diffuser or you can double it, maybe even triple it and put it in a 10 mL roller bottle as well. Ylang Ylang is one of the most powerful, heart-opening or heart center oils. It’s all about opening the heart to an experience of unconditional love and joy. It puts you into this place of just touchy feely, everything is sweet, people are wonderful.

You know, empathy, compassion, complete and utter love, so I like to use these together for obvious reasons. You’ve got essential oils for happiness and then you’ve got essential oils for unconditional love.

This is going to allow you to move into your day or into your relationships with a lot of fun, connection, and playfulness. This is great if you’ve been under a lot of stress or if your family is under a lot of stress. If you know you’re going into a stressful situation this can be something that you use in advance to kind of set the mood.

  • I choose to deeply and completely love, honor and celebrate myself.
  • Why is it so easy for me to look for and find the beauty in the world around me?
  • Despite any challenges, I allow myself to lean into joy.
  • Life is fun and I allow myself to have fun with it.
  • I am surrounded by gifts, blessings and love.
  • Money and creativity are constantly flowing my way.

Who doesn’t love that last one?

I choose to deeply and completely love, honor and celebrate myself. Click To Tweet

So now you know all about how to use doTERRA’s Cheer blend of essential oils for happiness, but what other essential oils are top of the list, especially for female entrepreneurs?

I have 10 that I recommend most (Cheer is one of them), and I’ve put them together along with affirmations to go with each one.


I have a free download called Sniff, Sniff, Affirm. It covers:

  • My top 10 essential oils for female entrepreneurs ready to grow
  • Dozens of affirmations to help you change your own patterns
  • And tips on how to use these oils to get the swiftest mindset changes possible

It’s 100% free. Click below to download.


Now I want to get your tips and recommendations to share with the community.

What has been your experience with doTERRA Cheer? What do you use it for? What have you found that it does for you?

Scroll down to leave your answers in the comment section below.


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