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How To Use Essential Oils for Energy and Focus to Get Sh*zz Done // dōTERRA Motivate

Motivate Essential oil on wood table with green plants in the background

Procrastination? I never deal with that in my business. Okay, really though, we can all struggle to be motivated from time to time so let me introduce you to my little friend.

This is Motivate, one of the best essential oils for energy and focus to get shizzy done. This is my happy oil. I’m so excited to introduce it to you because I use this oil almost every single day, and so do many of my clients!

So I’m going to go over what you need to know about this oil, including any precautions. As always make sure you read or watch till the very end because I’m going to be sharing some really unique recipes along with affirmations to use with this oil that will give you the energy, the focus, the mental clarity, the mental stamina to help you knock out your to do list.


Watch here or read below.

How To Use Essential Oils for the Energy and Focus to Get Sh*zz Done // doTERRA Motivate Share on X

P.S. If you are brand new to essential oils and emotions, be sure to watch my post describing how essential oils actually do all of this. I’m talking neuroscience and techniques and some rules for you to follow to get the best results.


Motivate essential oil is a blend includes some of the best oils, including:

So basically it’s mint and citrus and a few little herbs in there and it is divine. I love it so much, I can’t get enough. If you’ve noticed that I’m really hyped up right now it’s because of this oil.

So what does it smell like? It smells like citrus and mint with sweetness in it. That little vanilla, like … I’m literally going to be so high at the end of this video if I keep sniffing this oil.

You’ve got two ways that you can get Motivated.

The first is with this 10mL Motivate Touch.

This is actually pre-diluted and ready to go. You can throw it in your pocket, throw it in your purse. You don’t even have to think about it.

Super convenient.

The other option is to get the 5mL.

With the 5 mL, this is not pre-diluted, so you can put this in the diffuser. You can also dilute it yourself in a roller bottle. That way you still have the options of both topical and aromatic use in the diffuser.

Aromatic and topical are the only ways that you can use these oils. You would not want to do this internally.

When you’re doing it aromatically you can start off with about 4-5 drops in the diffuser. This is a very strong blend so you don’t need the typical like 6-8 drops. And the ideal dilution rate again is usually between 1% and 5%, so this is going to be about 2-8 drops when you’re mixing up your own 10 mL roller bottles.

Now I have two main precautions when it comes to Motivate.

This is a photosensitive oil. That means if you go out in the sun or out in a tanning bed when you’ve applied this oil, you are going to burn. You’re going to burn like a mother-lover, so if you’re using this oil during the summertime, stick it where the sun don’t shine, ladies.

The second precaution comes from some of my clients who have found that this oil is very powerful, almost too powerful for a few people.

Now, this isn’t common but because you don’t know how you’re going to respond to an oil, the rule of thumb here is to start low and slow. You want to start with fewer drops. You want to use it a little less often. Have it in a diffuser so you can turn it off if it’s too much.

This will allow you to just make sure you’re not going to overpower yourself, and then until you know how your body is going to respond to these oils or how your emotions are going to respond to these oils, don’t do this.

Don’t do that.

Motivate Essential oil bottle on wood table with physical uses listed as: energy, upset stomach and menstral cramps,


Number one, energy.

Oh my goodness. This is such a great oil to just wake you up and perk you up and get you going.

The Peppermint in it is amazing. The Basil in it is amazing. Basil is fantastic for adrenals. You can actually put this over your adrenals. If you don’t know where that is, it’s right over your kidneys, bottom of your ribcage.

This is going to help you to just give you that boost that you need to either start your day or get through your day, whatever it might be.

I actually use Motivate every single morning in my diffuser in my bathroom.

I turn it on, I jump in the shower, I do my hair, I do my makeup, I get dressed.

That Motivate is like my cup of coffee.

The Peppermint and the citrus oils in this blend are also really good for an upset stomach so I would recommend the roller for that.

Roll it on, rub it on, feeling good to go, and the basil in here that mentioned is amazing for menstrual cramps.

Oh my goodness, so good.

When you are using Basil for menstrual cramps, you can use just Basil but in a pinch use a blend that has Basil in it. Put it right over wherever you feel the cramps, whether that’s your lower back or your lower abdomen.


Motivate essential oil on table with emotional uses listed as: memory and focus, motivation, resistance, overwhelm, weariness/burnout


Let’s start off talking about the peppermint and the rosemary in this oil.

Both of those oils have been studied for their impact on memory and focus. This makes it a really great oil to help you to concentrate, to study, to research.

You could use it for you or your kids. You would want to apply this to the pulse points or get it diffusing, and then if your kids are going off to do a test, have them apply it again before the test because not only is it going to help them to focus, but that association they’ve created with the aroma is going to help them recall the information that they were studying as well.

So super cool.

But the big use of this oil is in its name.

This oil is all about motivation so if you are procrastinating on something, because we never do that, if you are dreading something, you’re dragging your feet, you’re dragging booty, you don’t have the energy, you don’t have the focus, you cannot get it together to get the stuff done, this will be the oil that you absolutely love.

Along the same lines of dragging your feet, if you ever feel stuck, maybe you just can’t get past a certain hurdle in your work, maybe you are trying to solve a problem that you just can’t solve and it’s creating a lot of discouragement, again, use that Motivate.

The citrus oils help us to think in creative ways, it boosts our energy, it boosts our stamina.

It just gives us that happy little perk of something. A perk of something. Not a Percocet, a perk of something.

It’s going to allow us to jump into our work with the go get it attitude that we need to have.

It’s also really good for things like analysis paralysis, so if you’re struggling with that, get a little bit of this going.

You can also use this when you are feeling really weary and burnt out, however, I would recommend that you spend some time of self-care first, that you allow yourself and your body to rest because weariness and burnout come a lot from overwhelm of stress, right?

You don’t want to create more stress in the body by trying to push through that, so I would look at maybe Console or Peace. I’ve done some posts on those that you can check out, just to allow your body to rest, relax, release that stress and then start using Motivate when you feel rested and renewed and you’re ready to move forward.

So really it’s about boosting your energy, it’s about boosting that mental energy as well as physical energy.

Motivation, stamina, focus, just really feeling on top of it, right?

Hopeful, encouraged, encouraged meaning gaining courage.

Motivate oil is really about confidence. It's about feeling like 'I've got this'. Share on X

Yes, things are stressful, yes, stuff is going on, yes, I’m kind of resisting some stuff, but you know what?

I’ve got this.

In terms of where to apply dōTERRA’s Motivate, I recommend the wrists and behind the ears. These are your pulse points unless you’re going to be out in the sun, then maybe do your solar plexus or the bottoms of the feet or skip it topically altogether and stick it in the diffuser.

You can do that in the morning as I do or you can do it all throughout your day as well.

I do recommend shutting it off in the afternoon so that you’re not too wired when you’re trying to go to bed at night.

Diffuser recipe called Git-R-Done depicting the recipe: 2 drops each of lime, motivate, and elevation essential oils
Diffuser recipe called Happy Hiker depicting the recipe: 2 drops each of Douglas fir, Siberian fir, motivate, and cheer essential oils

Remember to customize these affirmations to really make them your own. The more personalized they are, the more powerful they are.

  • I am worthy and deserving of more in life and I’m ready to create it now.
  • I always find the motivation to meet my deeper needs even when the process isn’t exciting.
  • I’m excited to tackle my goals with focus and energy every morning.
  • Others encourage and celebrate my wins and support me through my challenges.
  • I now dissolve the habit of putting off my goals and dreams.
  • I know exactly how to prioritize my time and I trust my decisions on what to do next.
  • Why have all my distractions disappeared leaving me so focused and motivated?
  • What will I do now with all this energy, focus, and motivation?
  • It is safe for me to dream bigger and achieve more.
  • Even though I feel resistance, overwhelm, or analysis paralysis, I am capable of doing hard things.

Now remember, as you’re using dōTERRA Motivate or any essential oils and affirmations for motivation it’s important that you’re doing so in a way that is going to be the most effective and really impact your limbic system in the way that you need.


I created a free guide to walk you through how to use oils and affirmations in the most effective way possible, as well as the top 10 oils and affirmations to use with each one.

It actually includes Motivate with some additional affirmations for you, and then covers nine other essential oils specific to the emotions or the struggles that boss ladies are really going to experience in their life and business.

Of course I had to call it Sniff, Sniff, Affirm. You can grab it for free down below or learn more here!


Now I would love to hear from you. How do you use Motivate for energy or focus or how do you see yourself using it?

Where in your life and business do you need it the most? Leave your tips and any answers down in the comments section below

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