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Words By Tara Wagner

10 Habits for Perfectionists to Practice (How to STOP Being a Perfectionist)


I have 10 strategies on how to stop being a perfectionist or how to overcome perfectionism. Ready to give yourself (and others) a break?

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Sometimes perfectionism can be a good thing.

If you’re like my husband, you might even get paid for being a perfectionist. But how do you ensure you’re not letting your perfectionism become the thing that causes you to do the things you most want to avoid – fail…or look bad? Let’s talk about how to overcome perfectionism with 10 habits you practice until you perfect.

“Perfectionism is not about striving for excellence or healthy striving, It’s a way of thinking and feeling that says this: ‘If I look perfect, do it perfect, work perfect and live perfect, I can avoid or minimize shame, blame and judgment.”

Brene Brown

Obviously, no one loves feeling shame, blame, or judgment – but when the desire to avoid them becomes so strong that it’s actually stopping us from doing anything well, let alone perfect, we need to adjust our HABITS. 

Because your mindset – even a fixed mindset of perfectionism – is just that – a HABIT you learned over time. And with time, you can learn a different habit.

So let’s look at 10 habits you can start to practice now to help you stop being a perfectionist:

0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Reframe your gifts
1:55 – Normalize failure
2:56 – Set a timer on your tasks
3:40 – Break tasks into smaller steps
4:48 – Ask for negative feedback
6:30 – Use a mantra
10:00 – Force yourself to ask for help
11:13 – Remember you are not giving up
12:47 – Celebrate your mistakes
14:38 – Make fun of your perfectionism

There are actually 3 types of perfectionism: self-oriented, other-oriented, and socially prescribed. Socially prescribed perfectionism (having pressure from others to be perfect) describes what causes perfectionism for some. But the theories on what causes perfectionism for self- and social-oriented perfectionist traits vary.

Scroll up to watch 10 Habits for Perfectionists to Practice (How to STOP Being a Perfectionist) here or head on over to YouTube to catch it there and check out my other videos for more support.

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What about you, boss lady?

Your turn! Any tips you can share for others on how to stop being a perfectionist?

Can you catch the imperfection we made and didn’t notice until uploading time? 😂

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