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Words By Tara Wagner

Do Your Biz Goals Overwhelm You? READ THIS


Are you overwhelmed by your business goals? There are 4 things you need to change in your approach to your goal if you want to be able to accomplish them without being crippled by overwhelm.

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If you are overwhelmed by your business goals, it happens, right? Some people even say, it’s a good thing. I disagree.

If you’re overwhelmed, you’re not going to be taking action. If you’re not taking action, you’re not going to be reaching the goal. And therefore, what’s the point? However, just because your goal overwhelms you doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with a goal. It doesn’t mean that the goal is too big. It might just mean that how you’re approaching that goal needs to change. Let me explain. 

There are 3 different things that I want you to examine about your approach to your goal. To understand if that’s what’s causing your overwhelm.

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#1 – Whether or not your are doing too much

The first thing to examine if you’re overwhelmed in your business goals is whether or not your doing too much

Yes, doing too much can apply to the fact that you have set a goal that is just too big for where you’re at right now, or what you’re capable of doing in this season of your life or your business. These are what we call stretch goals.

If you haven’t seen this video (check it out here), where you can really learn what a stretch goal is and when it’s appropriate and help you to figure out if my goal is too big, when might be a better time for this goal. However, that’s not the only time that doing too much comes into play.

One of the things we talk about a lot in the Breakthrough Boss Inner Circle is this idea of pacing ourselves of doing one thing at a time and figuring out what that one thing should be when you have a big goal. That might be okay as long as you’re not trying to do all of it at once. You need to sit down, break down that bigger goal into a smaller bite-sized chunk. Something that you can focus on for now, before you reach into the stuff you’re going to be doing later.

If you’re sitting down looking at the entire scope of your goal, all the things that need to be done, of course, you’re going to feel overwhelmed because you can’t do all the things.

So what can you be doing? What’s just the first thing you need to focus on in your goal?

When you get into that focus, you’re going to be able to take more action on it. You’ll see the progress, get the momentum, get excited. And that’s going to build on itself.

#2 – Your head might just not be on straight

The second thing to examine if you’re overwhelmed in your business goals is – is your head on straight?

And look, there’s no judgment. All of us can get our head not on straight at certain times. What I’m really talking about here is your mindset. What you’re believing about yourself, about money, about goals, about success, about failure, about capabilities, your confidence level. All of those things are going to determine what you’re focusing on.

  • Are you focusing on all the what-ifs?
  • Are you focusing on all of the fears?
  • Are you focusing on what other people might think of you?
  • Are you focusing on the fact that you’ve never done this before?
  • Where is your head going? Where are your thoughts going?
  • And where are they taking your emotions?
  • And where is that directing your actions?

Because what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you’re believing underneath the surface of it all – your thoughts and emotions on the exterior could look good, but on the interior could be a hot mess, right?

We’ve all played that game where we kind of shine ourselves on and we put on our positivity hats, and we’ve just got this. We’re going to be amazing. But underneath it all, we still have that driving force, that old belief that’s telling us, “no, it’s not. You’re a hot mess. This is going to be a hot mess. It’s never going to work”, right?

If you get little, teeny, tiny nudges of a thought, and it’s like 99%, you’re hyped up and positive, but you keep getting this little tiny nudge, that’s a sign that something needs to be adjusted in your mindset because that underlying thought, even though it is not your main thing that you’re feeling or thinking, it’s still your driving force. And it’s still going to determine what you’re capable of doing or how you’re feeling about what you’re trying to work on. 

So what do you believe about your goal?

  • Do you believe it’s too big for someone like you?
  • Do you believe you don’t have the skill or the capability?
  • Do you believe that this is just not in the cards for you or that the timing is not right? 

All of those things, that focus is going to create the overwhelm when you look at what needs to be done, if you believe that your goal is not just big but bigger than you, again, this is normal. We all go through it. Congratulations and welcome to the club. None of us get away with this, unless we’re just not doing anything in our life.

But if you’re doing something, guess what? You’re going to have to outgrow some old beliefs, some old mindsets, some old way of thinking and doing even things that are not logical, make no sense and you know are BS, but are still beneath the surface, creating that driving force.

This is why a big part of the Inner Circle focuses on how do we actually change those driving forces. Because if you don’t, it will eventually lead to things like overwhelm when you’re looking at your goals. 

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#3 – Focusing on the wrong parts of your goal

The third thing to examine if you’re overwhelmed in your business goals is whether or not you’re focusing on the wrong parts of your goal.

We’ve talked about focus in the other two, right? Your focus in terms of your mindset, your beliefs, your thoughts, and emotions. We talked about focusing in terms of too much, are you focusing on the big pie or a slice of the pie? But what I want you to think about now is focusing on outcome versus process.

I talked about this in another video (check it out here), not setting outcome goals, really setting process goals.

Now the both of them are helpful, right?

And the goal that you set, it’s probably an outcome goal like “I want to create this”, “I want to have this”, “I want to do this”, “I want to get to this place”. Perfect. Great. But don’t focus on that. Don’t focus on this place that feels so far from where you are right now.

What I want you to focus on and break down is what’s the process to get there.

  • What are the daily, weekly, and monthly habits that I need to be implementing that are going to get me to that outcome goal? – If you don’t know, that’s okay. Get support to find those answers. Once you have them, you need to be focusing just on the process.
  • Did I do the things I needed to do today?
  • How can I improve the things I need to do every single day?

As you focus on just the process, just a little, the thing in front of you, you’re not so overwhelmed by the big scope of something or how far off something feels.

Ready to create that focus, while figuring out the right business approach?

Check out my free training. The holistic approach that I teach helps you to develop the headspace and the mental focus while figuring out the right business approach, the right strategy to help you focus on fewer things at once so that you can make progress, create profits you can depend on, and again, not burn yourself out. If you want to learn more about that approach, along with the three mistakes I find lead to the least success click the button below to join my free training.

What about you, boss lady?

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