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Words By Tara Wagner

How to Stay Focused & Make Progress in Your Biz (The 3-2-1 Strategy)

The word"focus" out of focus

How do you stay focused in your business when the distractions are overwhelming, and you’re juggling all the hats you’re supposed to be wearing?

With this 3-2-1 Strategy!

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One of the biggest challenges I hear from entrepreneurs is how scattered they are, how overwhelmed they are, they’re going in 17 directions, there are so many ideas, there are so many strategies to implement, there’s so much FOMO, right?

There’s this strategy over here and this person swears it’s necessary and then this person swears this one’s necessary and what do you do and how do you figure it all out? It’s a lot! So, I sent an email out probably a month or two ago now on my 3-2-1 Strategy. This is something that I talk about with my clients, it’s something that I practice myself, it’s something that’s absolutely necessary for us to be able to focus and to get more done. So if we want to talk about how to stay focused this is my 3-2-1 Strategy to do that.

Full disclosure

All right we’re talking about the 3-2-1 Strategy but before we get into that I gotta kind of give you a word of warning because you’re not gonna like this strategy.

You’re not gonna like it at first, you’re gonna like it after you’ve done it for a few months and you realize how well it works, you realize how much more progress you’ve made, how less stressed you are, how much more clearly you can think, how much better you can sleep at night, and you realize that your business is actually finally moving forward instead of around in circles.

So I just want to warn you you’re going to hear it and you’re going to be like that’s not possible, that’s crazy, that scares me a little bit, what if… And I just want to encourage you to try this anyway or even just to try some semblance of it to get yourself as close to it as possible.

It may not be easy, but oh my goodness is it worth it!

It is worth every second of it and it’s gonna feel so good on the other side of it, but in the beginning, you’re probably gonna be like “you’re crazy” and that’s okay. You can tell me I’m crazy then test it out and then come back and tell me I’m crazy. Because I know this works.

I know it works because it works for me, it works for my clients, it works for every single person who does it.

Every single person says, wow I’ve made so much more progress with this 3-2-1 Strategy, I feel so much better, I’m not stressed out, I’m able to think clearly and have a life outside of my business, and still make progress. So if that’s what you’re after, let’s do that.

Okay so here is the 3-2-1 Strategy to stay focused and make more progress in your business than you ever have before. Let’s go…

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You get three mentors in your business. Three coaches, three people whose newsletters you read, three people that you look towards as sources of inspiration or information.

This means that you’re unsubscribing, you’re deleting, or you’re ignoring anything else outside of those three, at least for a season of time. This means that you need to pick three mentors who are gonna help you focus on your greatest needle movers – those needle movers that you’re gonna identify in #2 and #1 in just a second.

Now a mentor can be somebody that you’re actively working with. If you’re working with a business coach, you need to be putting your blinders on to everything and everyone else, every other strategy, every other Facebook ad that you see that says you must implement this or you must try that. Blinders onto all of that, focusing on the person that you’re working with.

You can also have sources of inspiration, but you need to know who those 3 are.

Those three can be specific to business, mindset, or a combination of the two.

I tend to separate out business and personal goals though, so mindset for me is very much tied into business so I have a mindset mentor and I have business mentors whereas if I also was focusing on a health goal that’s a separate thing and I only have up to three people in that area as well. Three main voices that I’m listening to with that goal.

So whatever the goal is personal or professional, you get three mentors. You get to unsubscribe from everything else, put your blinders on, stop watching all their videos, stop reading all their newsletters, stop doing things that are taking you outside of your focus.

Even if that means that I’m one of the people that you get to cut I would rather you put blinders on to me and get progress in your business. I’ll be here when you need me so when you’re ready to come on back, you can come on back.

And the same applies to anybody you’re unsubscribing from, when it’s time for you to bring them back into your sphere of influence, they’re going to be there for you to do so. So you can always come back around as you need them but for now blinders on, three mentors max.

illuminated phone sitting on desk

Two platforms. You get two platforms max in your business.

Ideally, honestly, many times you only want one but I give people two because we have a really hard time not having two. So what are the two platforms that you’re gonna double down on? This might be video, this might be podcast, this might be social media, it might be a Facebook group, it might be email marketing. What are the two things that you’re gonna really double down on in terms of platforms? Now, when you’re making this decision I highly recommend that one of them is a search engine, right? It’s a search platform, so this could be YouTube, this could be Pinterest, this might be podcasts. You really want to make sure that what you’re doing you’re able to show up where your people are when they need you. So when they’re searching for you you’re popping up.

Okay so comment below and let me know who are your three mentors and which are your two platforms that you’re going to be focusing on, putting blinders on to everything else, and then you have one.

Group analyzing post-it notes

One project, one strategy, one focus. One thing that you are building right now, that you’re focusing on right now in your business.

I would rather you do one thing really well than 10 things just okay because you don’t want just an okay business, right? You want to be able to create an amazing business but that means focusing on one thing at a time. This is probably the one that most people hate the most. Especially for a solopreneur or a very small business, this is probably the most important one.

It’s so easy to try to build five different offers, and to have 13 different platforms, and now I’ve got to be on Clubhouse, and I got to be on TikTok, and I’ve got to be on this, and I’ve got to be on that, and I’ve got to be doing this strategy, and I’ve got to be implementing that strategy, and I got to be working on this product, and this offer, and it’s too much.

That’s why you’re not going anywhere, not because any of those ideas are bad, but because they’re all good and you don’t have the time and the energy and the bandwidth to be able to commit to them.

So pick the one that’s going to make the biggest difference or that naturally needs to come first.

Focus on that one, master that one, and then as you master that one, you’re bringing in revenue and you can start outsourcing it and bringing in other people and building more things as your team grows and as your business grows.

I know this one isn’t sexy, I know it’s not fun, and I know it’s gonna hurt a little bit because all these little projects and strategies you’ve got going on are your babies and it’s like Sophie’s choice. How do I let one of them go or 17 of them go and focus just on one that’s actually going to take us forward? It’s difficult! It’s straight-up challenging it’s going to really, really make you uncomfortable you’re going to have people that think you’re crazy, crazy, you’re gonna have people that disagree with your strategy, and you need to just know for yourself, what is the one thing that I can be focusing on that’s gonna move me forward?

Do you know how many books have been written about this? There’s the book of The One Thing, there’s the book Essentialism, there are 17 different books called Do Less, there are so many different people who are preaching the same thing because it’s true.

When you focus on fewer things you make more progress than if you focus on lots of things and go absolutely nowhere.

I promise you in 90 days you will not want to go back. You’re going to be actually seeing progress, you’re going to be feeling better, you’re going to be doing better, that in and of itself is going to make it all worth it.

But here’s the thing I want you to remember: you can always go back.

You can always bring in more people, you can always try more strategies, you can always bring in more platforms, you’re not married to this, so think of it as an experiment. Allow yourself to test this 3-2-1 Strategy, allow yourself to see just how well it helps you to stay focused and just how far that focus takes you.

I want to challenge you, just for the next 90 days focus on this 3-2-1, nothing else, allow nothing else in your sphere of influence, nothing else lands on your radar you get hyper-focused on your 3-2-1.


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What about you, boss lady?

What is your 3-2-1? Comment below and let me know:

  • Who are your 3 mentors? I’m honored if I’m one of them and I’m not offended if I’m not.
  • What are your 2 platforms?
  • What is the 1 focus?

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