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30 Self-Care Ideas To Do in 30 Seconds or Less

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During times of stress and anxiety and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that we’re taking good care of ourselves, but it’s also harder than ever. How do you fill your tank when you’re running so low on gas you can’t even pull into the station? You start simpler.

I have 30 self-care ideas that can be done in under a minute each to help you fill your tank even when you don’t have a whole lot of anything to give.

Watch here or read below.

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There’s a thing about emotional well-being that people don’t talk enough about… The more drained, burnt out, anxious, tired, or depressed you are the less energy you have to do the things that will make you feel better.

Feeling bad has momentum. It’s like a ball rolling downhill. 

So big, grandiose “self-care plans” don’t happen. Even drawing a hot bath can feel like too much work sometimes, am I right?)

In this video, I want to tackle that and give you a new perspective on your self-care so you can focus on doing the things that’ll help you move the needle, even just a little bit and feel better.

When looking for self-care ideas it’s important to remember:

  1. Self-care doesn’t have to be long and involved, it just has to be healthy.
  2. It doesn’t have to look like we’re told in self-care books. It just has to leave us feeling a bit better than when we started.
  3. There are plenty of options.

Hop on over to YouTube to check out 30 Self-Care Ideas You Can Do in 60 Seconds or Less. Yes, 60 seconds!

Want these and close to 70 more self-care ideas?

Be sure to grab my free training Self-Care In Seconds. You’ll not only get more ideas, you’ll also get some unique self-care coaching, strategies and a few mindset smackdowns to help you shift your thinking and your ability to take better care of yourself.

You can learn more about that here or grab it by clicking the button below.

What about you, boss lady?

What are your favorite SIMPLE self-care tips?

Scroll down to share your ideas below!


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How to Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out (3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

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