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3 Reasons Your Vision Board Isn’t Working (And What To Do About It)

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Oh, I’ll tell you the reasons your vision board isn’t working, and I’ll tell you how to fix it.

In this video I want to talk to you about three reasons your vision board isn’t working and what you can do about it.

Watch here or read below.

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I work with and know a lot of very successful entrepreneurs, and can I be honest with you?

Very few of them waste their time on traditional vision boards.

In fact, the people that I know that love vision boards the most tend to be the least successful, and I don’t think this is because vision boards don’t work.

I don’t think vision boards are supposed to work.

They’re supposed to help us work, but they’re not always taught this way.

I’m going to introduce you to three reasons why your vision board isn’t working, starting with number three, and show you how successful entrepreneurs use them.


Most people grab some magazines and they fill up their vision board with pictures of things that grab their attention or words that they resonate with, but it’s too generic. It’s not specific to their goals.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t focused on filling their vision boards with “things” at all because they know that things change and they don’t stay motivating for very long.

Instead, they fill their vision board with images that help them focus on

  • values
  • purpose
  • impact
  • and the way they want to feel

There are fewer “things”, fewer details, because they know the details change, but their intentions and what they really want to experience and do in their life is the most important thing.

But this means that you need to have a clear vision before you can turn it into a vision board.

If you don’t have that then my recommendation would be to slow down and allow yourself to develop it. Build that vision board to portray your vision slowly over time as you gain more clarity around what you’re really wanting to create or experience in your life.

Another thing that successful entrepreneurs focus on is “Actions”: the actions required to create the thing they want to create.

And this is because the research on visualizing or vision boards actually shows that if you visualize the outcome, it gives you a false sense of confidence.

Whereas if you’re visualizing the actions needed to create that outcome, it gives you the confidence to do those things which enables you to hone your craft, or increase your skill, or create actual momentum in your goals or in your business.

sketchbook with business related doodles

Think about this.

Michael Phelps didn’t imagine himself standing on the podium receiving a gold medal. He visualized himself, and the movements that his body was taking as he was going through the water. That’s what he attributes his success to, not picturing success at the finish line, but picturing the motions, the actions necessary to be able to get there.


Reason number two your vision board isn’t working is that it elicits the wrong emotions.

A lot of times we sit there and try to picture the way that we’re gonna feel once we get there, and sometimes that can be helpful, but what I find is even more helpful is to picture the emotions you want to feel on your way there.

Your vision board shouldn’t just make you feel good in this moment while you’re picturing yourself succeeding.

It should make you feel inspired, encouraged, motivated, capable of doing the things necessary to move your vision forward. It should also make you feel strongly aligned with your WHY, not the what, not the how, not what it’s going to be like when you get there, but WHY.

Why are you really doing this?

Because those are the things that are going to encourage you and keep you moving forward when, maybe the challenges arise, or you hit on a dead spot, or you just can’t seem to get unstuck and you’re asking yourself, “Why am I doing this?

Your vision board should help you to realign with that “WHY“. It should get you inspired, encouraged, and moving.

open book that says wish for it, hope for it, dream for it, but by all means do it"


Finally, the number one, reason why your vision board isn’t working…

It’s because you’re not working.

You’re letting your vision board be a means of distraction or procrastination to actually putting in the blood, sweat, tears, hours, and hard work, necessary to move this bad boy forward.

Like I said before, vision boards serve the purpose of aligning you to your why. They help you keep your momentum up, your motivation up, but it’s NOT going to take the place of ACTION.

The Universe is not just going to give it to you because you put a picture on your vision board. Even to the Universe actions speak louder than words.

Even to the Universe actions speak louder than words. Share on X

It’s not uncommon to create the dream and avoid the actions. In fact, if you find yourself really getting stuck and avoiding your goals, no amount of vision boards is going to move you forward.

When that happens we need to understand why: What is actually keeping us stuck, and what can we do to move forward?


It teaches you the only five things you need to address to understand why you’re not achieving them, and helps you understand the path to overcome your obstacles and build a stronger mindset.

It’s called Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs. You can learn more by clicking here or grabbing it with the button below!


Leave me a comment and let me know what it is you love about vision boards, how you make them work for you, and any other tips you have for others who might be reading.

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