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6 Ways to Overcome Workaholism as an Entrepreneur

Need help overcoming workaholism as an entrepreneur? 

Entrepreneurs are most likely to be workaholics because you probably love what you do. But before it destroys you, watch this video for 6 ways to overcome workaholism as an entrepreneur (or learn how to stop being a workaholic, if you’re already there).

Before you amplify your workaholic tendencies watch here or scroll down to read the show notes.

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Show notes

If you Google “advice for workaholics”, you’re going to find tips for people with jobs, not small business owners whose workload is probably 10 times higher, whose risk is a hundred times greater, and who are wearing every damn hat in the company.

So let’s talk about entrepreneurs who are either struggling with workaholism now or who are headed that way.

Are you a workaholic or a hard working entrepreneur?

Workaholism is a compulsion to work. It’s not just loving what you do so much, that you always want to do it. However, that can lead to workaholism as well as lead to serious burnout.

Creating a successful business shouldn’t require you to become a workaholic.

In the video above we talk about 6 ways to overcome workaholism as an entrepreneur. 
Here is what we coverA graphic with an orange background. Small triangle in the top left corner. In white the words read,
  • (3:05) Think about it this way
  • (3:46) Outline these things
  • (5:32) Create these ahead of time
  • (7:31) Now, Next, Later
  • (8:35) Make a Joy List
  • (9:13) Practice the O’Hara Approach
  • (10:08) BONUS: If you already have a work addiction

Scroll up to watch the video and learn more.

Still unsure if you are a workaholic? Check out this list of 39 burnout symptoms for entrepreneurs.

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Need help finding work and life balance?

Your health and business both matter. Check out my Healthy Hustle Roadmap. Leave the workaholic tendencies behind and join my free class, How to Use a Holistic Approach to Create a Profitable Business Without Burning Yourself Out. 

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What helps you most when you’re becoming a workaholic?

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