Revenue vs Profit...vs Gross Profit vs Net Profit vs Operating Profit?!?! - XO, Tara Wagner

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Revenue vs Profit…vs Gross Profit vs Net Profit vs Operating Profit?!?!

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Revenue vs Profit – what does it mean? What about gross profit vs operating profit vs net profit? If you keep getting these mixed up, watch this for a simple trick to keep it straight.

Watch here:

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Have you ever felt embarrassed that you don’t know super simple biz bookkeeping concepts? Like how to keep straight “revenue” vs “profit” (vs operating profit vs gross profit)?

You’re not alone. And it doesn’t make you a bad entrepreneur. 😉 

But this month’s money mindset video is gonna be a good one for you.

Here’s what’s in this short and sweet vid:

  • Some mindset shifts around the “I’m not good at bookkeeping” shame game we can all play
  • A fun hand model + visual way to learn the definitions
  • Which ones you actually need to remember
  • And the weird/fishy way I keep it straight (welcome to my brain)

Scroll up to watch it here or head on over to YouTube to check it out and more of my money mindset videos.


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What about you, boss lady?

Do you have another easy way to remember the difference between revenue vs profit?

Scroll to leave your comments below.


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