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Words By Tara Wagner

4 Strategies to Upgrade Your Money Mindset + Remove Money Blocks

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I’m gonna be sharing four powerful but practical strategies to help you upgrade your money mindset. So, if you’ve been feeling “funny about money”, this one’s for you.

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I’m so excited for this blog post today because this is actually a collaboration with the lovely Gillian Perkins of Gillian is a marketing strategist and an entrepreneur that I seriously admire.

I found her last year on YouTube, and I’m so impressed with her success, her self-discipline, the strategies that she shares, the way she gets things done, which you guys know I’m all about.

I reached out to her a few months ago saying “we need to collaborate”, and after we chatted about it, we really saw that money mindset would be a perfect topic for both of our audiences.

So, she just did a video on the top money mindsets or money blocks that she had that had really impacted her success over the years and things that she had to overcome in order to create a very successful business.

I’m gonna be picking up where she left off and sharing my work as a Belief Breakthrough coach over these past 10 years to walk you through some really powerful strategies to help you overcome limiting beliefs about money and upgrade your money mindset in ways that are proven to work.

These four strategies will apply to all money blocks or money mindset upgrades that you’re working on, and they include both personal and practical work.

This means the deep inner work that we get to do on our money mindset specifically, coupled with the right, practical actions to make that new money mindset real and tangible.

So, let’s dive in with number one.


Step number one is to examine our thoughts and our experiences around money, and our current experiences around money, so that we can understand where our beliefs have come from and maybe what has created those beliefs.

Now, I explained this is the free Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs training, but what I want you to understand is that our experiences get created from our beliefs and, likewise, our beliefs get created from our experiences.

When we were younger and experiencing money, maybe our parents were saying, “Don’t touch that“, or we didn’t have enough of it, those experiences created our understanding of money. Our understanding of money then creates a framework that our little minds start to use to understand and navigate the world.

When we’re little and we’re learning that “there’s not enough money for that”, that actually creates a belief that we go throughout our life feeling.

This means that as you start to have more money in your life, you might still have that belief that “there’s not enough” or “I need to very careful with it”.

Now, these beliefs can be very helpful in some cases, but they can also become limiting when they’re stopping you from taking the actions that you need to take out of fear, or worry, or concern over something that maybe you don’t need to be as concerned about.

Understanding where our beliefs came from and our earlier experiences can be helpful in overcoming or changing those beliefs, but we can also look at our current experiences to understand those beliefs.

If we’re constantly being triggered about money, we can look at the thoughts, the emotions that we have around money to understand where we’re struggling with it.

This is a helpful thing for you to do so that you can move on to number two.


Step number two is to then reprogram those thoughts and beliefs.

I’m talking both about your conscious thoughts about money and your unconscious thoughts about money, those underlying beliefs such as “money is hard”, “money doesn’t come easy”, and so on.

I want you to think of all of your thoughts and beliefs as habits.

You’ve been thinking it over and over again consciously or unconsciously to the point where it’s just second nature and you don’t question it anymore. When you want to train your thoughts in a new direction, the best way to do that, or one of the best ways to do that, is to simply start practicing the new belief, out-practicing the old one.

Now, there are a lot of ways that I teach my clients how to overcome these beliefs but one simple thing that you can start doing right now is the use of affirmations.

I know that they can feel silly or hokey or stupid, but it’s just about practicing a new thought until it becomes a habit.

The more you can practice it – and I don’t just mean five minutes every morning while you’re thinking the rest of the 24 hours of the day all these negative thoughts about money; I mean like really practice it throughout the day. Practice it morning, noon, and night. Practice it in conversations with other people.

Use these affirmations as a way to start outweighing or out-practicing those old beliefs.

So, step number two is both very personal because you’re working on that inner work, that money mindset, but it’s also very practical because you are practicing every single day the new thought habits that you want to have around money.

Now, we’re gonna get into two more very practical strategies to help you shift your money mindset.


Step number three is to educate yourself around your knowledge gaps around money.

Because let’s face it, most of us were not taught anything about money:

  • We aren’t taught how to handle money
  • We aren’t taught how to build wealth
  • We aren’t taught how to save
  • We aren’t taught how to bookkeep
  • We aren’t taught how to balance our checkbooks

These are very important skills that most of us aren’t taught, and when you’re not taught something, it can lead to a lack of confidence especially as you’re an adult and you feel like I should know these things.

Let me just tell you right now, most adults still don’t know these things, so if you feel awkward or uncomfortable, the best thing that you can do to upgrade your money mindset is to build your very practical confidence by building knowledge in this area.

Now, step number three kind of bleeds into step number four which is….

Diffuser recipe called Happy Days depicting the recipe: 3 drops each of motivate and cheer essential oils

Diffuser recipe called You’ve Got This depicting the recipe: 2 drops each of balance, and wild orange and 3 drops of lime essential oils

…to immerse yourself in money conversations.

The reason that this is so important ties back into step number 3 which is, we don’t have these conversations and, therefore, they feel awkward, and it feeds the awkwardness or the limiting beliefs that we have about money.

We need to take these things out of the shadows and start having normal conversations about them.

Think of this a little bit like brainwashing yourself into a healthier money mindset.

When we can flip on the light and get rid of the dark shadows around our money topics or our money fears, we can start to feel more confident and comfortable because we’re no longer looking at the scary thing in the corner that we can’t identify. We can really start to see and talk about what’s right in front of us.

The more you can immerse yourself in money conversations, the more you’re gonna normalize the idea of money.

And here’s the thing: money’s normal. It’s a thing that we’re all going to have to get comfortable with if we want to feel secure, if we want to pay our bills, if we want to feel comfortable later in life. These are skills that we need to have.

In order to build those skills, we have to demystify this topic of money.

We have to get comfortable talking about this resource because this resource isn’t “bad”, this resource isn’t “good”. It’s just a resource, and what comes of it comes down to how we use it and how we feel about what we’re doing with it.

So, some simple ways that you can immerse yourself in money conversations would be things like this video/blog post. It would be things like listening to Gillian’s video where she’s talking about money beliefs, so that we can all stop feeling funny about our money mindsets and admit that we all have these problems. (That’s why I love Gillian because she’s so honest and open and authentic about her experiences, and it helps other people to identify those same things in themselves and not feel so weird or awkward that they have these money blocks.)

You can also:

  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read different books, such as
  • Go to meet-up groups that are based around financial success
  • Have in-person conversations
  • Take classes or courses

And one of the best things that I recommend is to find somebody that you know whose money mindset you admire. And I don’t just mean like they’re throwing money around. I mean, you can really see that they are smart with their money, that maybe they know how to invest, they know how to save, they know how to budget. Sit down and talk with them and pick their brain and ask questions.

Find a money mentor that you really look up to and you respect the way they handle and approach money – you feel like it’s a very healthy way – so that you can really learn from somebody that you know and that you trust.


And if you’re a female entrepreneur, especially if you’ve gotten to that level of your business where you know that to really scale your business means upgrading your mindset, I want to remind you about that Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs training that I mentioned earlier.

I’ve put close to a decade of experience as a Belief Breakthrough Coach into this free training to really outline my exact Belief Breakthrough process.

It’s gonna teach you the only five things that you need to examine and address in order to up-level your mindset and up-level your business.

Again, it is called Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs. It is 100% free and you can grab it with the button below or click here to learn more.


After you’ve grabbed that, be sure to leave me a comment letting me know about an old money mindset that you’ve upgraded, or maybe one that you’re working on right now, along with any questions that you have.

And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more inspiration to #crushyourgoalsnotyoursoul!


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