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Words By Tara Wagner

Top 5 Essential Oils for Negative Energy

Lemongrass Essential oil bottle on wooden table

Just a head’s up that we are going to get a little woo-woo in this video. I’m going to be introducing you to five essential oils for negative energy, or energetic boundaries, the theories on how they work, and how to use them in different scenarios.

Make sure you read to the very end, because I have a cool oils and mindset guide that I think you’ll like.

Watch here or read below.

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One of the ways that I help my clients is by teaching them how to use aromatherapy to change the way they think, feel, or act.

Basically, hack their psychology.

In this post, I want to talk to you about five essential oils that you can use for negative energy, or energetic boundaries. I wrote a blog several weeks back on business boundaries that was much more practical. But this is going to be a little bit woo-woo.

We’re going to talk about the mindset and emotions, we’re going to talk about how to use oils to protect your boundaries, more from the inside out versus the outside in.

  • The theory goes that certain oils have certain vibrations that help to repel other negative vibrations.
  • Another theory is that this helps to just strengthen your own mindset, your own emotions, the way that you’re approaching things by interacting with your limbic system.
  • The third theory is that some of these do not smell that great, and therefore maybe that’s just happens to just repel some people.

Really, though, I find that it is about strengthening our own mindset and our own emotions, and our own habits. It’s giving us an intentional practice around boundaries, and around handling negative energy in our life.

This also combined with our sense of smell, bringing in that association of the new beliefs and reactions that we’re instilling with the aroma that we’re using at the time. This helps to impact our emotional state, because when we go back to smell that aroma, it’s going to bring up that association of how we want to feel as we were working with this aroma.


They are:


This is really more about your energy going out to the wrong places. This is going to help you to kind of protect yourself from feeling drained, giving too much.

Melaleuca bottle and rollerball laid flat on table
Lemongrass essential oil laid flat


It’s going to be really cleansing to the mind and the spirit if you’re around a lot of toxic people, or if you’re in a toxic situation it’s going to help you to release the toxicity that might be showing up.

Maybe you’re feeling really irritable, cranky, or negative because of what you’re around. This will help you to release and cleanse along with restore, or reset, renew your own energy.


I think of Spikenard as both a shield and a sword, and I use it more when I’m feeling under spiritual warfare. If it feels like everything is coming at you as an attack, and it’s really attacking your sense of self, spikenard is the oil that you’re going to want to use.

You’re going to feel this sense of protection come up in that feeling of a shield, and then a sword coming through and just swiping it all away.


This is a blend of:

This blend is really good about protecting yourself from dominating personalities. It’s really about being able to stand up for yourself, to care for yourself, to say no to someone that maybe you struggle to say no to, and just feel self contained.

Even when there are those dominating energies around you that may be putting demands on you or pushing you to do things you don’t want to do.


Terrashield is a blend of:

It’s usually used as an insect repellent, and it’s actually really good for that.

Also think about that in terms of those energy vampires, right? We have little mosquitoes that this will help to repel, think about the people that come in and they latch onto you, and they’re just trying to suck you dry.

Tara with group in coffee shop sharing oils


What exactly are you actually doing with them? You’re going to be using them topically or aromatically, and I’ll give you some examples with each one.

I also want you to use them with some sort of practice, whether that’s meditation, journaling, affirmations, even going through therapy.

Do something so that you’re working on your mindset, patterns, thoughts, and emotions that are happening around the situation.

At the same time that you’re using the oils to both strengthen that pattern, create that association between how you want to be thinking and feeling and the aroma that you’re smelling at the same time.

All of this will help you to navigate these negative energies in a very conscious, mindful way with a very intentional practice.

  • With both Melaleuca and Lemongrass, you can diffuse these or run them down the spine. This is a great way to cleanse and get rid of negative energy that might be holding onto you.
  • With Spikenard, I would recommend going over the crown of the head, the forehead, the back of the neck, or down the spine. You can also use this over your solar plexus or your root chakra (your feet) if you need more of a grounding effect as well.
  • OnGuard, I would diffuse like crazy. I would also use this down the spine or on the feet. But make sure that you’re diluting this.
  • Then lastly you have Terrashield. You can diffuse this one, you can run it down the spine, again, also diluting it. This does come pre-diluted, but you can dilute it even more. You can use it on the bottoms of the feet.

Dilute all of them.

If you don’t know how to dilute, make sure you check out my video on diluting. You want to make sure you’re diluting all your oils when you’re using them topically. I would also just diffuse this one all the time. It’s great for your immune system, as well.

It does smell more like an outdoor-type blend, so if you don’t love it, then definitely use it on the bottoms of the feet, or put it on a cotton ball to smell it while you’re going through some of those intentional mindset practices that you’re working on.

This way you’re using the aroma without having to smell the aroma all day long if it’s not your jam.

I’ll say the same thing about Spikenard.

It’s not everybody’s jam. This is the one that might repel some negative energy just because people don’t always like the way it smells. Some people say it smells like a foot. I don’t think it does but… it’s interesting.


…but if you are also a female entrepreneur, I want to encourage you to grab my free Sniff, Sniff, Affirm guide.

It talks about the top ten essential oils to use for mindset and emotions to help you rock the ever loving face off of your business. And it includes some juicy, powerful affirmations to help you to crush your goals, not your soul. It’s absolutely free.

You can grab it by clicking here or below!


What are your favorite tips and techniques or your favorite essential oils for negative energy or energetic boundaries?

Scroll down to leave your comments!


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