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Words By Tara Wagner

5 Essential Oils for Focus, Concentration, and Energy to Get Shizzy Done

The word"focus" out of focus

Yo, the juggle is real, and sometimes I have so much on my list that I cannot even think straight. So, I thought I would share with you five of my favorite diffuser blends of essential oils for focus.

Two of these are proprietary blends. Three of them are DIYs, and all of them have helped me to think clearly, gain clarity, concentrate, even help with memory and recall. So if that sounds like your jam, continue reading, and let’s get oily.

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The juggle is real, and we live in an unnaturally noisy world, which means our brains are not going to naturally always be able to keep up with all of it. So here are the oils that I love to use or diffuse to help me focus and get things done.

Oh, and make sure to read til’ the very end of this video so you can grab my free guide on using essential oils for your mindset and emotions.


Okey dokey. Let’s jump in with blend number one which is called InTune.

This is a proprietary blend from doTERRA. It contains:

And this is literally called The Focus Blend; it’s specifically for that.

It’s actually used a lot with moms and kids who struggle with focus and attention. It’s really popular for that one, however,it’s not diluted, and I wish that it was, and hopefully they will start to dilute it… but everybody likes to use them undiluted because they be cray-cray!

Sometimes there’s a time and place for it, but in most you’re not gonna need to use it undiluted. So I what I would actually tell you to do is open up the bottle, put a few drops in a diffuser, or dilute it down to your needs, whatever your needs might be.

If you are diluting and using topically, I would tell you to use it on the back of your neck, over your brain stem. This is going to help settle your nervous system, settle your mind and emotions. It supports brain function and brain health.

If you don’t like the smell of it, because it is kind of a stronger perfume-y type smell, you can also put it on the bottoms of your feet, or maybe use it at night, so you’re not smelling it all throughout the day.

It’s a good one to also help you to relax and sleep because of that Sandalwood in there. But that’s basically how I would tell you to use it.

If you do love the smell of it, you can use it on your pulse points as well. Just remember that not everybody likes Patchouli, and they might think you smell like a dirty hippy.


Blend number two is also a proprietary blend from doTERRA, and it’s called Motivate. I’ve done a whole video/blog post on this oil because it is one of the top 10 oils that I recommend, especially for female entrepreneurs because it’s so good at helping your overcome procrastination, helping you to focus, helping you to get the energy you needed to just take action on things.

The oils in this blend are:

I will let you read that post to learn more about Motivate, but to use it for focus, same thing, pop it in the diffuser.

Start with 4-5 drops (it’s stronger). You don’t usually need 8-9 drops with it, you can use this topically as well, but keep in mind that there are some citrus oils in here that could be photosensitive. So if you’re using this, and then going out into the sun, that’s probably not a good idea.

Diffuser recipe called Turn Up The Focus depicting the recipe: 3 drops InTune blend, 3 drops balance, and 2 drops wild orange essential oils

Diffuser recipe called Git-R-Done depicting the recipe: 2 drops each of lime, motivate, and elevation essential oils

The next blend is a DIY, and it is going to be:

Lemon emotionally is called the oil of focus. Peppermint also just helps you to have that energy and clarity. Rosemary is really good for concentration and for memory.

So with these ones, what you’re going to do is pop them in the diffuser (usually). You could turn this into a roller blend if you really love the smell of it. I think it’s more of a diffuse blend, personally.

What I tend to do with it is 2 drops of each in the diffuser, so you’re doing 6 drops total, but you could play around with the ratios with that. Maybe do less Peppermint, more Lemon, more Rosemary, depending on what you love.

It’s all open for experimentation. You can’t really mess it up when you’re doing the diffuser, because if you don’t like it, you just turn it off. It’s not a big deal.

This is a really popular blend for lots of energy, concentration, and focus, and to be able to maybe work on something along the lines of studying, research, or content creation. Something that’s going to use a lot of brain power, or a lot of brain cells. This is a really popular one for that.


Blend number four also uses Peppermint, but instead of Lemon or Rosemary, you use Wild Orange with it.

These two together are going to be SUPER uplifting. So if you need to focus, but you also need a lot of energy, like you are totally dragging booty and just can’t stay awake, or maybe you’re feeling kind of discouraged, and you need to pick your mood up at the same time, that’s where I would really pop this one in the diffuser.

And same thing as the other one, I would start off with equal amounts, maybe 3-4 drops of each, but you can play with those ratios, depending on what you want to smell more of.

Usually the Peppermint is the one that people will decrease, because it’s a strong smell. It can be a little overwhelming. It starts to smell a little bit like Christmas, and that’s not everybody’s favorite. But it is really good to help you focus.

In fact, Rosemary and Peppermint are the two that have been studied the most for focus and concentration.

Diffuser recipe called Waking Up depicting the recipe: 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops wild orange essential oils

Diffuser recipe called Back to School depicting the recipe: 2 drops each of rosemary, peppermint, and lemon essential oils

Now blend number five is really unique, because it’s actually a combination of a diffuser blend and topical use at the same time; you’re gonna use it together.

  • In the diffuser, you’re gong to do 3 drops of Douglas Fir, and 3 drops of Lemon
  • And then over your heart, you’re going to do 1 drop of Lime diluted to your preference.

So with the Lemon and the Lime, you have those essential oils for focus. The Lime is really about encouragement as well. And then Douglas fir comes in focusing on wisdom and focusing on establishing new habits.

And you know I’m always talking about establishing new habits in our mindset and in our emotions, backing that up with our routines, and the habits with our day-to-day practices. This is going to be a really great blend to help you create habits or patterns around focus.


Now if you love affirmations, and you want to help yourself focus with some of that mindset practice, I actually have affirmations for each one of these oils.

So if you click on each oil mentioned you will see affirmations to go with each oil.

Pay close attention to the affirmations for InTune, for Rosemary, and for Lemon.

Those affirmations will actually work across the board with any of the blends that you decide to use, but you can use any of the affirmations that you like there, or play around and make your own. Customize them, personalize them, and really make them work for you.


Remember earlier in this post where I mentioned Motivatebeing one of my top 10 essential oils for female entrepreneurs? Well, this guide goes into all 10 of them, as well as tips on how to use them to help you up-level your mindset.

So if you’re interested in learning more about that, you can click the button below or click here to learn more!


Be sure to leave a comment with your best tips or practices around focus or concentration, especially things that will go really well with essential oils for focus.

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