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Words By Tara Wagner

Essential Oils for Grief, Despair, etc // How to Use doTERRA Console (Blend)

doTERRA bottle of Console Essential Oil on wood table

I want to introduce you to a blend of essential oils from doTERRA called Console, a blend that will help you if you have ever felt that overwhelming sense of stress or despair or grief, whether it is from a loss or just life. Console will help you to find comfort and peace and maybe even help you to feel strong enough to get the support that you need.

This is a blend that helps you with that overwhelming sense of stress, the kind that can be so debilitating. I’m talking about grief, despair, discouragement, dark night of the soul type stuff.

I’m also going to introduce you to some different ways that you can use it as well as some precautions and things you need to know to get the most from it.

And, as always, make sure you watch (or read) to the very end because I’m going to be sharing some unique recipes using Console as well as some affirmations to help you manage these emotions better.

Watch here or read below.

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If you’re new to essential oils and emotions or you want to understand how these oils work with your limbic system and with your thoughts, be sure to check out my this post on essential oils and emotions.


Console is a blend of:

Some really good, really rare, really pricey oils in this little blend.

I’ve said this before but I actually really prefer to use blends especially when we’re talking about emotions. I find that you just cover more bases, especially because our emotions tend to be more complex. Sometimes we do need to work with one particular oil, but when you’re working with a blend, you’re just covering everything all at once.

Console has got kind of a sweet, somewhat heady aroma. It’s a little bit difficult to describe, as they all are – how do you describe what something smells like? – but I do find that this is kind of perfumey and it smells a little bit different on everybody.

It also comes in two different options.

You have the 5ml which is undiluted. This means that you can put it into your diffuser or you can make your own roller bottles with your own dilution rate.

Or you’ve got the 10ml which is pre-diluted, it’s convenient, and ready to go. You don’t have to mess with it.

Console can also be used either topically or aromatically.

When you’re using it aromatically, such as in a diffuser, I would actually recommend that you start off with three or four drops. Like a lot of these oils, the emotional blends are stronger. You don’t need the full seven to eight drops like a lot of the diffusers recommend. Try starting with three or four, you can add more if you want to.

For topical use, you either want to use the Touch or dilute it for yourself. The ideal dilution rate that I find, because this such a strong aroma, is about 1-5% in a 10ml roller.

That’s going to be about 2-8 drops of Console and then the rest of it, you fill up with fractionated coconut oil.


Although this oil is primarily used for emotional uses, you have some amazing essential oils in this blend that do some really great things on a physical level.

So let’s go through some of those really quickly before we get into the emotional uses.

Tara holding Console Essential Oils in each hand one bottle and one rollerball.

In terms of physical uses, you can use this:

  • To support the inflammatory response.
  • For all kinds of irritation but specifically skin irritation.
  • For fine lines. You’ve got oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood and Rose in here, which are amazing for fine lines and wrinkles, ladies.This would be a great one to use as your moisturizer because of that.
  • As a perfume.
  • To sleep. It’s especially good for restlessness at night. I like to put it on my lower back and my legs to help them calm down so that I can sleep better.
  • To support healthy blood pressure.
  • And it’s good for the libido. #bonus!

Console is often times described as a hug in a bottle and this is because it brings an intense feeling of comfort and warmth like somebody is just wrapping their arms around you.

This makes it a really great oil to use during times of grief, intense sadness, or despair.

I also find that my clients really appreciate it in times of overwhelming stress.

So when you have so much going on that you cannot see your way out of it, you are just kind of in the depths of everything, dark night of the soul type stuff, this is an oil that’s going to allow you to feel a little bit more comforted.

It’s going to allow you to release some of that stress so that you can start to think clearly or maybe ask for support as you’re needing it.

I also find this is a great oil to use with fear, with emotional pain, with anxiousness, restlessness, when you’re feeling really panicked.

This is a great oil that will allow you to calm everything down so that, again, you can think clearly.

And because it’s so great at calming you down, this helps you when your mind is racing and it can be really helpful when you are trying to meditate as well.

It’s going to help slow your brain down so that you can sit quietly and just fall deep into that meditation.

This is going to promote a feeling of stability and ability to rest, to release, to surrender.

It’s going to increase trust, faith, love.

Overall this is going to give you a feeling of being held and a sense of not being alone in all of the stress, the worry, the overwhelm, the fear, the sadness, the grief that you might be feeling.

Physical Uses of Console Essential Oil
Emotional Uses of Console Essential Oil


If you’re feeling all of this at the end of the day, you might want to diffuse this at night just to help you to release everything and be able to fall asleep easier.

If you are feeling a lot of this going on, and especially if you feel a tightness in your chest, go ahead and actually use this over your heart center or even over your upper back.

That’s going to help you to release everything from your heart center and be able to breathe a little bit easier and feel that sense of support.

You can also put this over the back of the neck which is the brain stem. This is going to help settle your body. I also like to take it down the spine as well.


This first one is about the spiritual connection through stress.

So when we’re feeling that sense of disconnected and that’s just kind of leaving us feeling a little unstable, unsure or definitely alone, this is an oil or a blend that you’re going to want you to use.

This is a diffuser blend so you’re going to use:

Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance so this allows you to let go of the stories that you might be telling about yourself.

A lot of times when we’re lacking that spiritual connection, there’s also some stories or some shame that we might be feeling along with that.

If the emotions you are feeling are bringing up a lot of guilt, then definitely add that bergamot, again, but also look at adding some copaiba.

You can play around with the ratios in a 10ml roller bottle. I would start with about 3-5 drops of each and then play around from there. You can also diffuse these in a diffuser. Again, start with maybe two drops of each and play around with the ratios.

And for some added “calm the f down” go ahead and use Console with something like Peace.

Peace is another very calming, relaxing oil that’s going to help you just let it all go.

And same as before, you can use them in a diffuser together, you can use them in a roller bottle together, starting off small with equal drops and then slowly adding a little bit more until you get the aroma affect that you’re looking for.

Diffuser recipe called Solace blend depicting the recipe: 3 drops frankincense, 3 drops console, and 1 drop bergamot essential oils

Here are some of my favorite affirmations to use with Console:

  • Even though I feel despair, I choose to love and accept myself.
  • Even though I’m overwhelmed, I choose to remember I am safe.
  • Why is it so easy to allow myself the rest and self-care I need right now?
  • I choose to release all guilt, shame, blame, or trauma I’m holding onto.
  • It is safe to sit with and feel these emotions.
  • It’s safe to give myself time and patience.
  • In my sadness, I lean into love and support.
  • It is safe to ask for help with these emotions.
  • I’m surrounded by love and support, and I choose to welcome it into my life.
  • Even though it’s hard for me to ask for help, I choose to remember I am loved and others want to be here for me.
  • Even though it’s hard to ask for help, I’m opening my heart to receive.

Now, this is where I have to do a little PSA announcement because I know that when we’re in these times of stress, it can be really dark and really scary and we can feel very disconnected from solutions or from people and I want to encourage you, if you’re in this place, please reach out and ask for help.

There are so many people, there are so many crisis centers, there are so many strangers on the street that if you tell them you need support, you’d be surprised the support that will show up for you.

So please, please, please … I’m getting teary just saying it.

If you’re in a position where you need help, please ask for it. Everybody is here to love and support you.


All right, now you know how to use Console essential oil for things like grief, or sadness or discouragement but you might be wondering what other oils are there that I would recommend.

This is why I created my guide called, Sniff, Sniff, Affirm.

It actually goes through the top 10 oils that I recommend specifically for Boss Ladies and it also goes through all of the emotions that they address as well as affirmations that you can use with them.

And Console is mentioned in there again and there are some extra affirmations in there as well.

It’s a free guide, you can get the link to it down in the description below or learn more here.


Leave me a comment below with any tips or suggestions that you have on using Console, also with any questions that you might have that I could answer for you.


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