How To Create A Profitable Business Without Burning Yourself Out

Words By Tara Wagner

The SIMPLEST Business Budget Template – No More Excuses!


If you’ve been avoiding getting a business budget setup because it’s all too complicated and overwhelming, this business budget template will get you started in the simplest way possible and covering the 2 most important things first: your own profit and your ability to pay your taxes!

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In this video, I’m breaking down a simple business budget that fits any variable income/irregular income up to $250k based on the Profit First method but made easier so you have no excuse to avoid it anymore. 😉

I’ve heard from many of you that the whole concept of a business budget is so overwhelming that you’re just avoiding it completely. 

This business budget example will show you how to create a business budget that’s not overwhelming and can be maintained in 5 min a week.

  • It still models Profit First method but makes it way faster and easier
  • It only requires 5 min a week
  • It naturally keeps your expenses low
  • And it ensures you always have enough money set aside for taxes 

Scroll up to watch or head on over to YouTube to check it out with other supporting videos.


Download my free checklist to learn the 7 business + personal habits successful entrepreneurs have in place to break past the 5 figure plateau and scale their business (without scaling their time or stress). 

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