REPLAY: Why Biz Is Slow & What To Do About It

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09:59:30 From robert summa To Tara Wagner(privately) : Thank you for responding to me email earlier! economic slow down vs Jluy/aug slump months 🙂
09:59:40 From Tara Wagner To robert summa(privately) : Reacted to “Thank you for respon…” with ❤️
10:00:04 From Mark Jacobs : yes
10:00:07 From Joann : Yes
10:00:16 From James Williams : Yes
10:00:45 From Bill Mosby : yes
10:02:58 From robert summa To Tara Wagner(privately) : Replying to “Thank you for respon…”

Happy to share if you need me to! not afraid to talk! 😉
10:08:42 From Amy Wilsey : stress
10:08:43 From Gillian Perkins : stress!
10:08:45 From robert summa : best
10:08:53 From Melissa : stress!
10:14:41 From Carolina Greno : Cats
10:14:42 From Melissa : watercolor painting
10:14:54 From Mark Jacobs : Writing my Book
10:14:57 From robert summa : exercise at gym is my happy place
10:14:59 From Katie To Tara Wagner(privately) : Being curious and trying out new techniques
10:15:06 From Candace Mungo : Journaling
10:15:10 From All Yours English : sleep
10:15:16 From Joyce : The Word!
10:15:18 From Bill Mosby : bicycling, doing chores that have been put off
10:15:21 From Carolina Greno : Reacted to “sleep” with 👍
10:15:26 From Angelica : Go for a walk on a bike trail in the woods
10:15:42 From Daniel Wheeler’s iPad : More time spent with the dogs
10:16:30 From Administrator : Spending time with God and reading the bible
10:22:20 From Carolina Greno : 7
10:22:21 From robert summa : 80%
10:25:43 From robert summa : Like… Gillian 😁
10:26:31 From Gillian Perkins : Reacted to “Like… Gillian 😁” with 😁
10:44:22 From Bill Mosby : YNAB is great, I’ve been using it for years personally.
10:49:52 From Katie : 😆
10:50:19 From Carolina Greno : Feels like different stages need different things, if you are doing one of your first launches there is only so much optimising you can do. Whats would you recommend then?
10:50:32 From Candace Mungo : Makes sense
10:50:58 From All Yours English : How to budget time, energy, and marketing focus when you also have a full-time job?
10:51:15 From Melissa : Reacted to “How to budget time, …” with ❤️
10:51:25 From Mark Jacobs : Reacted to “How to budget time, …” with ❤️
10:51:57 From robert summa : super helpful! front end funnel doing “mostly” still solid – sales copy on post webinar to sales need to audit – thank you!
10:52:17 From Daniel Wheeler’s iPad : The opportunities in the area almost unlimited but how can I get them to see the need for my services to promote the area. The area needs people to move and work here how can we promote the area to fill this need
10:52:39 From Carolina Greno : Awesome, thanks!
10:56:30 From Daniel Wheeler’s iPad : Video production
10:56:59 From Joyce : I have this knack—almost instinctively—for seeing the big picture. I love spotting breakdowns in messages and recognizing when they just don’t make sense. On top of that, perfect strangers always share their stories with me in places like the grocery store and restaurants, unsolicited inviting me to take their number. Who’d be best to collaborate with?
10:57:50 From Joyce : copywriting, content writing, teaching, a lot
11:00:51 From Carolina Greno : Kind of a birds eye question, where does this webinar fit in your strategy? What do you use the webinars for? (If you are comfortable answering of course!)
11:00:56 From Joyce : Thanks
11:03:13 From robert summa : you are rocking it!
11:03:18 From Carolina Greno : Thanks for the openness!
11:03:26 From Melissa : That was really great of you to share, thank you Tara
11:03:28 From Mark Jacobs : Thank you!
11:03:33 From Angelica : Thanks so much! This has been great!
11:03:34 From James Williams : Thank you!
11:03:43 From Bill Mosby : thanks, I learned a lot.
11:03:59 From Daniel Wheeler’s iPad : Excellent group
11:03:59 From Gautam Pardhy : Thank you Tara and Gillian! Great learning.
11:04:03 From Katie : 👍
11:04:16 From Carolina Greno : Thank you!
11:04:20 From Melissa : Thank you for bringing this valuable training to us Gillian
11:04:24 From Joyce : Thanks, again.
11:04:25 From Caroline McCaskey : Thank you so much Gillian and Tara! I learned a lot