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Breakthrough Boss®

…will make you good at business.

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Joining Breakthrough Boss® has been a life changer! 

I used to get so frustrated with people saying “work smarter, not harder” without any real how to’s or tips to back it up. THIS IS THE HOW TO! 

Kessie H., Vintage-Inspired Clothing Brand

“If my business is thriving … guaranteed something else is failing.”

-Your Inner Voice

Odds are you’re here because you find yourself struggling — struggling to slice through the overwhelm, the constant juggling of endless to-dos, and let’s not forget all those ideas for doing “more” in your business that are living rent-free in your head. 

You wanted to start a business because you were promised freedom and flexibility, peace of mind, and profitability.

The reality though? 

To Do’s and tasks hurtling at you. 

A family that thinks you love your laptop more than them. 

A body that’s quickly burnout.

Way less money than you need to thrive.

And way too little time to make more.

And it’s NOT your fault. 

The incomplete, unrealistic, conflicting, or just plain BAD advice abounds!

Truth is my coaching industry is full of “fake gurus” who have a bit of success and think that makes them a business coach. 

Most don’t know what they don’t know.

And the rest don’t know how to teach it.

And you’re stuck in the middle, wasting time and money on courses and coaches who might as well be Steve Miller for how fast they “take the money and run”.

You want a business that crushes your goals, not your soul!

And I can help with that.


(pronounced ‘tar-uh’). 

I’m an Accredited Small Business Consultant® and successful multi-7 figure business owner with decades of experience.

But between the years 2000-2008 … 

I was exactly where you are right now.

Scratch that! I was probably more miserable and burned out than you could ever imagine.

I was clocking 16-hour days, 7 days a week, my son was suffering, my health was abysmal and my relationship with my husband was … well, rocky, to say the least!

This was my first business and I was chasing that “freedom” like my life depended on it.

Except my life was passing me by and I wasn’t looking up from my laptop to pay any attention.

I knew what I wanted and more importantly, what I didn’t.

I didn’t want burnout to be my ride-or-die.

I didn’t want to miss out on family time while chasing shiny objects across my screen.

I didn’t want my already precarious health to fall apart like Moira Rose’s wigs (gotta sneak in a Schitt’s Creek reference!) because I was too busy to take a break.

I wanted to build a business that crushed my goals. Not my soul!

And honestly, it took me a ton of trial and error to arrive at an approach that is now single-handedly responsible for my 20-hour workweeks and a 7 figure business.

“I found Tara through her YouTube channel and resonated with her approach and the way she teaches things, so when I came across the Breakthrough Boss course, I immediately signed up even though it was a stretch financially.

I always feel uncoachable, but with Tara I feel heard and supported in my plans AND challenged to rethink some of my ideas. She really challenged me on where to put my energy in my business and almost immediately after I implemented what she gave me, I signed two new clients!

I feel like I had some momentum and was getting my mindset on track before the program, but it really propelled me forward much quicker than I had been able to do on my own. Because of this work, I feel so set and ready for the next steps and I don’t want to stop.”

Jill R., Overwhelm Coach

Shiloh joined the course having recently launched her coaching business, but unsure what to do, and spinning her wheels on strategies that were getting her nowhere with zero clients.

 Using what she learned in Breakthrough Boss®, she started booking out her practice within WEEKS, all while working part-time and prioritizing her favorite job as a mom and wife.

Within 12 months she had to raise her prices twice to keep up with demand, and was already starting to scale into group programs!

Shiloh M., Marriage Coach

Meet Your New North Star

The Breakthrough Boss® Healthy Hustle Roadmap

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You lean on this Roadmap inside my signature program —

Breakthrough Boss®

where real people learn how to build real businesses.

Before the Breakthrough Boss®, I had already invested heavily in my personal development and mindset, but I was still struggling. 

All I can say is that throughout the course I kept saying “Wow I’m so glad I bought this”.

I now have more confidence, productivity, and entrepreneurial skills, plus a clear vision, an intentional plan, and know what to focus on for my stage of business as opposed to having a complex, elaborate plan that will overwhelm me further.

Cecilia M., Transformation Coach for Female Executives

Three months ago I was feeling stuck, scared, and overwhelmed. I now have a flexible plan for my business, and I’ve started to actually take action and implement it.

This is really huge for me because this is the third time I’ve started my business, and I’ve never taken action like this before. I’ve finally completed my first e-course, after years of just dreaming about it, and run my first beta group!

Janel T., Artist

I came into the Breakthrough Boss® course struggling with the confidence to leave my regular job and focus 100% on my own business. I was afraid to leave that security for something I wasn’t sure would work out. I was afraid to reach out to people and tell them who I am and what I do. I didn’t feel like a real bookkeeper.

That’s not the case anymore! I feel like a whole new person after going through it. I notice myself standing taller and speaking with more confidence. I’m no longer timid telling people what I do and marketing myself. It’s given me more momentum too.

I’ve been able to do more in my business in the last 90 days than I have the previous two years! And best of all, I finally quit my job!

You should know though, this isn’t some quick fix method. It’s a lifetime investment in yourself. It’s for someone who’s really ready for change and ready to put in the work on themselves. Make the time for it. It’s totally worth it.

Candida S., Bookkeeper

I came to the course feeling really uninspired and headed toward hopeless about ever being able to make a consistent income in my business. I struggled with being stuck with making sales, offering what I want to clients and consistently putting myself out there.

There are so many things this course helped me do: stop focusing on my stressors and worries, feel worthy of my prices and confident in the value of the work I do, release my fear of “failing”, put together a coaching offer that I LOVE, and start SELLING.

Honestly, this is the only place to go if you want to overcome mindset blocks. Do whatever you can to give yourself the ability to truly deep dive into it. You won’t regret it.

Nicole M., Emotional Wellness Coach

Take The Breakthrough Boss® Campus Tour

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Success = 3 Things

Building a business isn’t just about having a great idea and going after it with all your heart and hustle. (That’s a hobby.)

A profitable, burnout-proof business involves mastering THREE ELEMENTS:

👉 Mindset

👉 Business Skills

👉 Success Habits

It’s about knowing exactly WHAT to do – and WHEN to do it – so you can enjoy both financial and time freedom!

And That's What Breakthrough Boss® Teaches:

(Minus the Stress, Overwhelm, and Frustration)


You DON’T need to spend hours and hours to develop the mindset of a CEO.

But you do need to upgrade yours.

And the tools I teach take minutes (not years) .

Over 2-4 modules, you’ll learn:


This is where you bring all your industry expertise and learn how to turn it into a business that pays the bills. 


Depending on your Season of business, you'll learn things like:

But you WON’T need to know or do it all at once.

I’ll help you understand the “Seasons” of business and show you what to focus on for your own season. 

This means more progress, less wasted time.

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P.S. Curious about the “6 top hats” and what you’ll master with each?

Tap “play” to watch the video where I spill the beans on ALL 6 of these so you know exactly what you’ll walk away with.


We – and our businesses – are the result of our habits. And your habits – both personal and professional ones – need some alignment with your goals.

I’ll show you the Success Habits you MUST master inside and outside your business – and show you how to master them.

By the time you’re done with these modules, you’ll know how to:

Curated Bonuses Designed to Give You
Additional Support At Every Step

Burnout Recovery Plan w/Kristi Lees, FHP, CHC

Struggling with burnout? Wondering if you’ll ever have the energy to crawl out of bed and work on your business? Or do you want a proactive plan of action should burnout rear its ugly head?

Either way, this 3-part holistic, Functional Health Practitioner-designed plan gives you everything you need to address your mental and physical needs and restore your body naturally, gently, and effectively.

(VALUE: $500)

The Stick with It Strategy

Fast-track your progress with this one! Break the habit of falling off the “focused” rails and instead get those ducks in a row and have a plan in place for when motivation takes a nosedive with this bonus masterclass.

(VALUE: $97)

Emotional Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a research-backed tool that impacts your mindset and psychology. Not just that, but it boosts clarity, focus, and motivation.

Learn exactly how to use essential oils for improving cognition and brain function, increasing energy, and staying motivated as you build your breakthrough business.

(VALUE: $97)

NNL Planning Method to Eliminate Biz Overwhelm

Master my proprietary NNL planning method so you can organize tasks, projects, and even problems you’re facing, and take action where it’s needed the most instead of scattering your energy and feeling utterly overwhelmed and overworked all.the.time.

Best part? You can easily integrate this method at every season of business, for every size of team, and with any system you currently love – including no system at all!

(VALUE: $97)

Plus, Built-In Support and Accountability...

The Breakthrough Boss® program is housed inside an accountability-based platform called Xperiencify. 

This unique platform ensures you get real-time accountability and cheerleading as you complete the lessons.

AND, you have a lifetime of the support via our online community as well.

Ask any question, get my eyeballs on your work, find a work session buddy, and more.

For life.

Prefer browsing through the curriculum with a cuppa chai?


Breakthrough Boss®

Ideal for you if you’re at the early stages of building your business and you want to lay the foundations right so you don’t burn out.

You want the flexibility of following a custom path at your own pace without the pressure of racing through the steps!


6 payments of $247 or pay in full for $1247

Inner Circle

Ideal for you if you’re ready for more advanced support and UNLIMITED 1-on-1 coaching.

This gives you a FULL 12 months of guided support along with every resource you could possibly need to grow your business without adding more to your plate.




Enroll now and get instant access to:

Total Value: $10,000

Just 6 payments of $247 or pay in full for $1247!

Worried you won’t find the content helpful?

I got you covered! Your enrollment is protected by my 7-Day “Give it a Spin” Guarantee.

If within 7 days of enrolling you feel this isn’t perfect for you … email my team and we’ll give you your money back.

The problem isn’t you or your business.

The problem is that no one taught you how to create a REAL business.

Until NOW!

And Breakthrough Boss® is where I pull it ALL together for YOU.

No wasted time Googling and piece-mealing (and hoping you’ve got the right info).

No more giant gaps in your foundations that make the whole business shaky.

This course will give you your ENTIRE foundations in one place.

And it’s the course that will make every other course more effective!

Customized Healthy Hustle Roadmap so you only focus on what you need for your season of business (and life!)
Lifetime access so you can dip in and out and revisit lessons as and when needed. Especially helpful as you advance to newer seasons of business (like hiring!) and don’t have to buy another course to learn HOW.
Community and support that cheers you on, keeps you accountable, and motivates you when you can’t do it for yourself!

These Breakthrough Bosses Want You To Know This...

Peti Morgan

My biggest issue [when I started BB] was not finishing anything. I was trying to perfect the crap out of everything and never getting anywhere because of it. I called it procrasti-perfecting!

That’s all changed now.

Within 6 weeks of starting the course, I launched an idea I had been putting off into a finished product and started promoting!

I trust myself more, I don’t fuss over imperfections now, and I’m able to make things simple, fun, and creative because of it.

Peti M., Course Creator

Renee Shupe

When I started working with Tara, my business was doing okay, but I was wondering where my revenue was going and always running with very little profit.

Since working with Tara, I’ve seen my business grow year over year by 25% each year, and the profit has improved substantially.

Now my business is highly profitable all without increasing how much I work each week.

Renee S., WordPress Specialist

When I found Tara I was at a breaking point in my life and I felt like I was never going to get anywhere. Dealing with my chronic illness, which at the time felt like a slow death, having no support in the job I was in at the time and dealing with a relationship that was becoming more toxic day-by-day and being in denial; I was drowning in my emotions and physical pain. God sent me Tara.

Since being in Breakthrough Boss I began to learn the importance of me, my health, wellbeing and how those have an impact in all areas of my life. I released relationships, my old job and began to love myself. I learned how to connect to my inner self, and God. I can hear my inner guidance and everything I need to do comes at the moment it is needed. Right now, I haven’t felt this good in so many years.

I also learned who my potential clients are, where they are, how they want to feel, and why they would buy my product. (Tara, your beta test is genius. It gave me permission to just do and not worry about the outcome, the potential client, or if they will like it.) Two weeks ago I was part of an exhibition. The reactions to my work were unimaginable and I received my first client (a content creator) who would like for me to create a suit for an industry gala, with the theme ‘fairy tales and folklore’. The best part is he came to me because of what I can offer, not because I can sew, and because of that I haven’t had to fear giving him a price, he was happy to pay. I also have a reggae artist who potentially would like for me to create for his tour.

I have trusted this process throughout the past year and it has given me true joy.

Overall your course is amazing and I will continue to use the tools I learned. Feel free to show people as I feel it is important for people to understand building your life is not about killing yourself. If your mind is not good everything else is f***kd.

Cherelle R., Clothing Designer

Photo of Jennifer Depew, Registered Dietitian

I have found the Breakthrough Boss course to be very helpful motivation and guidance for me to get better organized. That helps me be less overwhelmed and get more done on both work goals and the self-care that is critical for someone with autoimmune issues.

Changing my mindset about asking for payment was a need. With public health career experience, asking for money is not that comfortable for me. Tara’s Sales module was helpful for seeing that people want their needs filled. Not offering help in an acceptable form is not helping them, and payment really does seem to help motivate people to stick with something. I feel more confident now about offering both free open access information and paid services.

The systems/processes guidance is also helpful and needed. I am not that good with apps and file management and now see that leaving it a mess just adds to my stress and makes it really hard to use my files. Because of Breakthrough Boss I am more systemized in my daily and weekly health care and am making progress on organizing my online work.

Jennifer D., Registered Dietitian

Breakthrough Boss® is for you when you're ready to...

Picture This and Tell Me if You Like What You See…

You have more time on your hands — hobbies, hanging out with the family, heading out for impromptu date nights … they’re all a reality.

You’re sleeping well at night, you don’t snap at the kids (or grown-ups!) anymore, and you’re discovering how much you enjoy going for walks. Without getting separation anxiety at being detached from your phone!

Vacations to Maui, Tulum or Disneyland are on the calendar and happen without you worrying about losing out on business.

Your business runs the way you want it to — no more feeling like you should be ahead, marketing in a way that doesn’t feel right to you, or morphing into someone you’re not!

You wake up and look in the mirror and are proud of what you see — you’re kinder to yourself, are way more confident, and are in perfect alignment with your values. No dark circles and red eyes, either!

I see this for you, friend!

Because I’ve seen it over and over and over again with everyone who goes through Breakthrough Boss®.

This isn’t another program on how to do business my way.

This is a program that gives you the roadmap and tools you need to build a profitable business, your way.

Hand Hovering Over the Sign-Up Button
But Have Questions Dancing Around?

Q. Is this more of a mindset course or a business course? I need to know how to make money. Will this help me?

GREAT question! Breakthrough Boss ® includes the mindset component (with non-woo-woo practices that are grounded in science and actually work) because until we’re confident about the value we bring and the work we do, we’ll struggle to share our work, ask for referrals, and even make sales.

And even if you’re like, “Hey Tara! I’m pretty confident!” chances are you may find mindset issues showing up as beliefs that slow you down — from worrying about what others may think to struggling to take money from people to letting perfectionism create roadblocks or dealing with … whoa! shiny object syndrome.

Mindset is most often at the root of what leads entrepreneurs to show up as their stressed selves and NOT their BEST selves!

But it isn’t chanting “I am” statements, rubbing crystals, or holding hands and singing Kumbaya!

Mindset is stepping into a stronger, more confident version of ourselves so we can take on challenges and sticky situations as they arise without questioning our self-worth or the process.

I’ll be honest … I’m a healthy skeptic too, and while I like the idea of manifestation, I’m a bigger advocate for the Law of Action. Meaning, who we are and what we do creates our outcomes, not just our thoughts and emotions. I teach methods that are practical and down-to-earth, and while they might take you outside of your comfort zone, they don’t include dancing nekked under a full moon or anything of the sort. Nor do they require you to change your beliefs. I’ve had Christians, atheists, and everyone in between find success with my practices, and I feel confident you will too.

Q. I have so much going on in my life already. I worry that I won’t be able to finish the course.

That is exactly why this is a self-paced program complete with a customizable path for you to take.


You don’t have to go through ALL the lessons and modules to increase cashflow and decrease the number of hours you work!


You only learn what you NEED so you can get what you want.


And if you need to pop out to deal with life, that roadmap will show you exactly where you left off, so you’re not lost or starting from scratch when you pop back in

PLUS, don’t forget the program comes with lifetime access to the content so you can dip in and out as and when you want!

Q. What kind of business owners benefit from Breakthrough Boss ®?

Great question! Breakthrough Boss® is for 2 types of business owners:

  1. You have a business idea and need a plan of action
  2. You have a business but need it to be better

As far as niches go, we’ve had Breakthrough Bosses from diverse niches, including solopreneurs and tiny businesses (under 10 workers, including yourself), Coaches and Therapists, Bookkeepers, Photographers, Contractors, Designers, Trainers, Boutique e-comm, products, and even SaaS! 

My speciality is service-based but I’ve had many product-based or hybrid companies THRIVE inside Breakthrough Boss® too, as long as they knew what they were doing in their niche.

Basically your expertise + my expertise = one awesome business for you.

Q. I don’t have a business yet. Only an idea for a business. Will this help me?

Yes! And I want you in this program FIRST to get you the strong foundations before anyone tries to teach you bad habits or encourages you to follow silly advice.

BB will help you do is create a business and marketing plan that honors your values and goals, and avoids fundamental mistakes that lead to burnout.

Then it’ll help you know what to focus on NOW (versus what can wait for later), all while building the right mindset, Success Habits, and systems to see it through.

Q. Will I get 1-on-1 time with you?

Yes and no. 

The program is designed to help you move at a pace that’s perfect for you and in an independent manner, which means all the training is taught by me but accessed via a course.

However, you DO get lifetime access to our Breakthrough Boss® community, where I show up 5x a week to answer questions and personally put my eyes on your work to help you nail it.

If you want 1-on-1 time with me, I recommend the Inner Circle which comes with extended levels of support and accountability, including unlimited 1:1 access to me.

Q. I’ve been in business for a few years now. I’m worried this will be too beginner-level for me.

Let me ask you a question instead: Do you feel that your business exhausts you instead of exciting you? Are you working non-stop to make the money you need? Or do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, “always behind,” and struggling to pay the bills?

If the answer to these questions is “yes!” then even if you’ve been in business for a couple of years, you’ll benefit from being in Breakthrough Boss®.

Because this program is not just “how to start a business”. It’s also “how to upgrade your business”. You might have a solid business now. Let’s help you create a healthy one.

Q. I’ve been burned in the past with coaching and courses. How do I know this will be any different?

I’m sorry to hear that! For starters, this program is different from most because we focus on the tangible, tactical, simplified steps you need to take so you can set up the right foundations for a flexible, freedom-focused business.

At the same time, this isn’t Business 101 or even Systems 101.

The focus is Healthy Hustle and you do it in a way that aligns with who you are and where you are right now.

But I want you to feel confident so you have a full WEEK to dig into the content and see whether or not it’ll give you the results you need.

Let me be perfectly honest and clear with you though …

This is NOT a magic bullet. This is NOT one of those get-rich-overnight things. This is most definitely NOT a cookie-cutter, my-way-or-the-highway course.

This is decdes of experience distilled into a simple format so you can
a) avoid the mistakes MANY entrepreneurs (yours truly included) make, and
b) FINALLY have the business you thought you would have when you started!

Q. I’m worried about the self-paced element. How will I keep myself accountable?

Good question!! First up, you will get reminders to continue your progress via the Xperincify platform. In addition, you’ll have our Facebook community to lean on for public accountability, support, and cheerleading. And we even reach out if we see you’ve gone missing!

Having said that, Breakthrough Boss® is designed to help motivated entrepreneurs to develop the skills, systems, and habits they need AT a pace that’s perfect for them.

You should join us if you know you need the help but you also need the flexibility to dip in and out of the material without crowding your calendar with more commitments, calls, etc.

IF you feel you’ll need personalized coaching and more support, I’d recommend joining the Inner Circle.

Q. I have more questions. Can I chat with someone?

Absolutely, you’re welcome to reach out to me! If you’re on our email list, just reply to any email I’ve sent you. Or shoot me a fresh one here: [email protected].


Let me know your business, what stage you’re in, and what your questions are. I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether Breakthrough Boss® is right for you


Q. What kind of businesses are NOT a good fit for Breakthrough Boss®?

Here are some examples of who’s probably NOT a good fit:

  • Restaurants 
  • Franchises
  • Influencers
  • Businesses with 10+ employees
  • Ecomm with production/inventory problems
  • Affiliate or network marketers (UNLESS the product is part of a bigger business model)

Still not sure? Just ask!

Photo of Tara looking fly on a leather coach

The fact that you’re here reading this page (right at the pointy-end, by the way!) means you know there is a problem in your business — you’re either working way too hard or being pulled in way too many directions.

Either way, your business isn’t where it should be and your peace-of-mind is pretty much nonexistent.

You can sense your family’s quiet resentment.

You can feel your health starting to struggle.

You can notice your own overwhelm.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried.

Chances are you’ve worked with a coach in the past or maybe even signed up for a few programs.

Only to be left feeling more frustrated and disappointed.

I know exactly how that feels.

I’m not just saying that.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over TWO decades now.

You can be 100% sure I’ve made all the mistakes in the book.

But you don’t have to.

You don’t have to let the sunk costs of the past continue to strangle your success and growth.

You don’t have to make the mistakes I (or others!) have made.

You don’t have to sacrifice your sanity for the sake of building your business.

You don’t.

Because you have the opportunity to join your fellow Breakthrough Bosses inside the program and learn exactly WHAT to do (and what NOT to do) to build a business (AND the mindset and motivation!) that brings in those full-time profits on a part-time schedule.

Click the button below and let’s get you started.

sara binde

Before I started this, I was struggling with getting myself out of my lows, creating goals and sticking to them, confidence, and negative self-talk. I wasn’t following through on my plans the way I wanted to.

Not anymore. Because of Breakthrough Boss, I am more confident, mentally strong, optimistic, thankful and happy. I’m more compassionate toward myself and others.

When I think about how I used to think 9 months ago (when I first started the course) and now, I’m amazed by the differences in how I solve problems and prioritize things in business and and personal life. I thought I was a problem-solver before, but this course has taken it up a notch (or five!).

I also now have a 5 year plan that’s broken down into quarterly, monthly, even daily action steps. And I have seen huge biz growth percentages from before; my revenue has nearly tripled over the last months, due to the course.

Sara B., Plant-Based Nutritionist, YouTuber

I launched my business in March 2020…right before the pandemic shut everything down. But I’m lucky enough to be married to a great coach. 🙂

I just followed Tara’s steps and was making MULTI-5 figure months within 12 months working an average of 20 hours a week…and have continued to grow from there!

Justin W., Contractor

Before starting the Breakthrough Boss®, I was struggling to ask for referrals and build my family counseling practice due to a lack of confidence and fear of putting myself out there.

Now I feel more confident and empowered than ever before, and finally feel like the expert I am when I talk about what I can do! And within just a couple months, and for the first time ever, my practice is fully booked and SOLD OUT!

If you’re on the fence about joining, I’d tell you to DO IT!! It is life changing.”


About a week after I joined the Breakthrough Boss course I experienced a significant shift in how I was showing up in my business.

Learning about the Breakthrough Formula was a total game changer for me. It allowed me to understand and have some major epiphanies around some of my unhelpful behaviors, reframe my thoughts, and recover more quickly from situations that would usually send me down a spiral of self-doubt. Within a week of all of this I was able to sign 3 new clients!

I can’t thank you enough, Tara – your teachings are so incredibly valuable and I’m so grateful for this course!

Lisa R., Tech expert

When I joined the program I was reluctant thinking that this might not be the place for a product based business. I was wrong. 

I just finished “The Offers” module, expecting to skip much of it for the service businesses. I was pleasantly surprised to find it for everyone. With mindset, targeted planning and useful plans that are important for all business owners. This work has filled me with the confidence to make hard choices and narrow my focus.

I also love that it doesn’t have to flow from chapter 1 to the end. The pieces are there when you need them. When I started to feel burnt out, I accessed The Burnout Recovery bonus to get ahead of it. To prevent it from happening again I can revisit the System Success module to make sure that the plans are in place to work smarter not harder. 

The information is clearly presented without extra fluff. The lessons get down to the point and have actionable tasks to move forward with. 

But perhaps the best part is the community of others that I can reach out to for feedback or support.

This is more than a course – it is a place to turn to; information and tangible next steps, a community and hands on help.

Stacey K., Hops Farmer & Soap Maker

A Legit Earnings Disclaimer: This small business + mindset course will help you with the psychology and skills needed to make money in your biz. But it won’t fill the gaps of a poorly constructed business, a lack of deliberate and correct action, the need for mental health care, or other potential needs. Although all effort has been made to accurately portray potential results of this program, we can offer no guarantees that you, your mindset, or your business will be successful or that your results will match those of others. That’s 100% up to you, and as with all opportunities, your results will vary based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, and desire. Be sure you read the full disclaimer below.

This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is not endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.


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