How I’m Getting Back on Track After the First Half of 2020 | My Reset Routine

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How to Work On Yourself When Your Spouse ISN’T

Let’s talk about how to work on yourself while in a relationship where the other person ISN’T growing. What do you do when your spouse isn’t growing, what do you NOT do, and is it doomed to fall apart?

If I Could Only Give You ONE Mindset Book, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE

If I could only give you ONE book to read this year – or any year – it would be this book. Whether you’re addressing business, health, wealth/finances, relationships, parenting, or happiness, you absolutely won’t get anywhere (or stay there) without understanding the concept it teaches.
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3 Sloppy Habits That Destroy Your Confidence Building Efforts

Confidence boosters matter, but not if your bad habits are constantly eroding your confidence building efforts. Let’s talk about 3 sloppy habits that destroy your confidence, slow your goals, and leave you overwhelmed and underpaid.

7 Highly Effective MONEY HABITS of Successful Women in Business (i.e How to Make More Money)

Let’s talk about how to make more money with 7 ACTUAL money-making habits. I’m not talking about making your bed. I’m talking about real MONEY habits – things you do with or about your money that helps you earn and save more.

4 Morning Mindset Strategies To Feel Pumped in ZERO Extra Time

No one likes waking up in a bad mood, but I also know you don’t have time for elaborate morning mindset routines. So i’m sharing 4 morning mindset strategies that take ZERO extra time in your morning routine!
Crush your goals - How to build confidence in yourself

What is a Mindset Coach? Plus What to Expect, What to Look For, What to Avoid, etc

What exactly IS a mindset coach? What does a mindset coach DO (or NOT do)? What’s it like working with one? What should you look for in mindset coaching? What should you avoid?
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What Is “Mindset”? (A Mindset Definition That Makes Sense)

What is mindset? Let’s go over a plain speak definition of mindset, some mindset examples, why your mindset matters and in what areas of life, and the importance of mindset work, including clearing up some myths and misunderstandings (that are frequently misused).
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30 Self-Care Ideas To Do in 30 Seconds or Less

I have a list of 30 self-care ideas that are simple and can take as little as 30 seconds, including some self-care tips and coaching to help you get the most out of them.
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Advice I’d Give to New Entrepreneurs After 20 Years Self-Employed

Someone asked me recently what advice I’d give to new entrepreneurs, having been one myself for 20 years now. It all boils down to consistently focusing on these 2 things.