4 Signs You’re Undercharging & Need to Raise Your Prices

How to Stop Caring What Others Think & Overcome The Crushing Fear of Criticism

It’s time to stop caring what others think with some real actionable steps to overcome the fear of criticism and gain more confidence in yourself. Because here’s the truth: people pleasing is just an unchecked need for love and approval from all the wrong places. If you don’t have SELF-LOVE and SELF-APPROVAL you will forever be seeking approval from others (while simultaneously not believing you deserve it, which just leads to more approval-seeking behavior like the vicious spin cycle it is).
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15 Symptoms of Approval Addiction & People Pleasing That Will Destroy You

Wondering if you’re addicted to approval from others? Ya ain’t alone. Approval addiction is a killer of many dreams and crusher of many spirits. And the first step to overcoming your need for approval (or people pleasing, cuz they’re often one in the same) is spotting approval seeking behavior AS or BEFORE it’s happening. So let’s start some mindset coaching on how to stop caring what other people think, shall we?
Marie Forelo's book Everything is Figureoutable sitting on desk beside plants and laptop

Who Should Read Everything Is Figureoutable? (Marie Forleo Book Review)

I just finished Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything is Figureoutable. Here’s my review of what it’s about, what I loved and what I missed, and who I think this book is really ideal for – cuz it ain’t for everyone.
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How I Handled Working Mom Guilt (My 20 Year Old Chimes In)

In this video I’m not just sharing how I handled working mom guilt over the past 20 years, but I’m also sharing HIS perspective as a grown child having a mom that worked (sometimes a LOT)
Tara talking to a group of women around a table in a coffee shop

How to Stop Feeling “SALESY” | 3 POWERFUL Sales Mindset Shifts

I use to be TERRIFIED of being “salesy” (and had a “close rate” of about 5% to show for it). But these 3 sales mindset shifts and practices radically changed all that. Now? My close rates varies between 80-95% and my clients and customers regularly thank me for my “sales”.
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7 Mindset Habits That Changed My Life 🌻 | Growth Mindset Examples

I’m sharing 7 mindset habits that have radically changed my life. I’m talking real life growth mindset examples, and how they’ve impacted my business and my relationships. And I’m NOT talking generic things that you already know, like meditation, self-care habits, and so on. I’m talking about creating new ways of thinking that changed my experiences.
how i motivate myself

How I Motivate Myself on a BAD DAY | Boost Motivation in 30 Minutes Even When You’re Tired

It’s hard to feel motivated when you feel like crap. This is my foolproof way I motivate myself when both life and my health aren’t working in my favor.
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How to Make a BIG DECISION When You’re TORN

Learn the 5 steps I take to make hard decisions more clear by first figuring out my values, goals, and needs around the choice.
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7 Words to STOP Using to UPLEVEL Your Mindset | Change Your Words, Change Your World

Change Your Words Change Your World. 7 things to stop saying, so that you can uplevel your mindset and stop blocking your growth, abundance, and happiness.
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Change Is Hard ‘til You Understand One Thing..Your MINDSET Is Nothing More Than HABITS

Personal growth and change is hard until you understand that your mindset is nothing more than a habit, or as I call it the Oregon Trial Effect.