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80+ Pivotal (or random) Things About Me – What do we have in common?

Well hello there…ready to get to know about me on a whole new level?

Here I am, in a series of bullet points.

The early years:
  • I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV
  • I didn’t have the happiest childhood, but it was punctuated by deeply unconditional love
  • I also almost died at the age of 18 months from meningitis
  • I made up for being the smallest and youngest by being the weirdest and most curious
  • I wanted to be the first female president until the age of 11
  • I rocked the mix-match socks until the 7th grade
  • I was an avid reader, writer, and poet
  • I was also a tomboy and still feel awkward in dresses
The tween and teen years – these were the progressively dark years:
  • I developed scoliosis at age 10 and wore a brace for 3.5 years
  • They fused half my spine at age 14
  • I lost all sense of myself in middle school
  • I went from bright, colorful, and happy to hiding within myself, wearing dark clothes, and obsessively worrying what others thought.
  • I left high school after a 9th grade teacher jaded my love of learning and decided to homeschool myself
  • But then I fell down a rabbit hole of self- and drug-abuse
  • I was also sexually and physically abused but sadly, thought it meant I was loved
  • I became pregnant just shy of 17 years old
  • I gave birth to an 8 lb son (Zeb) after 24 hours of natural labor
  • His dad was incarcerated at the time
  • I lived through intense depression, PPD, and multiple suicide attempts
  • But then I had one of those Aha moments where everything shifted; I left my abusive relationship, and swore I would never go backward
  • Shortly after I met, married, and was heartbroken by my first husband all within the span of 4 months – we’ll call that the practice run
  • Because I then met my sweet hubby, Justin, just 2 months later
  • Yeah, it was a whirlwind year. 🙈
The tides started to turn:
  • I made a sudden but also obvious decision to attend massage school
  • I also found my entrepreneurial roots and the wheels started turning
  • I began working for myself within a few months of graduating
  • Justin proposed somewhere in all that and we were married after 2 years together
  • (It took me another 10 yrs to fully heal my old wounds and trust him implicitly)
  • I was quickly falling down a rabbit hole of natural wellness
  • I learned how to heal my depression through nutrition, natural wellness, and inner work
  • I expanded my practice to a mobile massage company
  • It was atrocious
  • I was working way too much (16 hours days, anyone?)
  • Our marriage was hitting the rough years
  • I didn’t understand how my mindset and bad habits were limiting my growth and causing all my problems
  • I burned out after 8 years and sold my company
The grounding years:
  • I decided to be a stay-at-home mom for awhile
  • Our son was miserable in school, so we homeschooled/unschooled him from the time he was 7-14 years old
  • Examining our parenting led me to examine my upbringing
  • I delved deep into my own personal growth and healing
  • It was during this time that I really began to discover myself and the tools that would allow me to grow
  • At the same time we were going uber-green
  • We converted our front and back yard into edible landscaping
  • We reduced our energy consumption by 70%
  • We raised chickens
  • I was even trying to learn to knit and sew
  • I started a green living website to teach others what we were learning, which started my love for online entrepreneurship
  • Justin legally adopted Zeb around this time too
  • Then he was laid off and everything changed again
The growth years:
  • Faced with the layoff, we sold or gave away 95% of our stuff
  • We bought an old 1982, 22ft Winnebago
  • And we packed up our life to travel the country together
  • I spent the next 4 years delving even deeper into personal development, mindset, emotions, and lifestyle design
  • I began working from the road as a lifestyle blogger
  • Then I began teaching others my belief breakthrough process and how to overcome their fears and live their dreams
  • It was definitely my calling
  • I was introduced to doTERRA in 2012
  • That led to an obsession with the neuroscience of essential oils
  • I began learning and experimenting with essential oils for mindset hacking
  • Then the oils biz basically took over my life for a few years
  • I now run a community of thousands, and a doTERRA organization of 10’s of thousands
  • Around this time our son decided to try out high school
  • We settled down just outside Destin, FL after traveling for 4 years
  • My husband opened a carpentry business here
  • And we’ve spent the time growing our businesses and naturally, ourselves
  • Our son graduated HS in 2018 (😱)
  • Our goal now is to start traveling (part-time) again in the next few years
  • But first, I have a purpose to fulfill
And now how about some random and weird facts?

Wowza. Did you really just read all that? We must be soul sisters!



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