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Words By Tara Wagner

5 Clever Self-Care Tips to Help You Stick to It (Even If You Never Do)

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It’s hard to prioritize (or remember) your self-care these days. But there are 5 self-care tips that have helped me make it STICK. 

Watch here:

5 Clever Self-Care Tips to Help You Stick to It (Even If You Never Do) Click To Tweet

Learning how to practice self-care is really learning how to form a habit.

If you’re used to not taking care of yourself or prioritizing other things ahead of your well-being, it will NOT be easy. It takes practice to break a habit of self-neglect, create a self-care plan, instill healthy habits, and learn how to stick to a routine that works for you.

But this is crucial to help in avoiding or recovering from burnout.

Want to re-visit a specific tip? Find the tips at these time stamps:

1:50​ – Self-Care Tip #1 – Gamify
3:52​ – Self-Care Tip #2 – Reward
6:00​ – Self-Care Tip #3 – Check
7:04​ – Self-Care Tip #4 – Schedule
9:05​ – Self-Care Tip #5 – Tie

Scroll up to watch the full vid or head on over to YouTube to watch it there and find more support around self-care, mindset, and productivity.


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What about you, boss lady?

Your turn! What’s one of your self-care tips that helps you prioritize self-care when it’s difficult?

Scroll down to leave your comments below.


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