HOW HE DID IT: $87k in 12 Months PART-TIME (How to Start a Business During a Recession)

How did my husband earn $87k in his first 12 months of business working part-time, with only $1000 in ads, AND launching in the middle of a pandemic? This is how.

Watch here:

HOW HE DID IT: $87k in 12 Months PART-TIME (How to Start a Business During a Recession) Click To Tweet

We wanted to do this step-by-step of how to start a business, even during a global crisis, with the business tips that worked for my husband and others.

More specifically, this is how to start a contractor business, but truly, the principles apply to ANY small business owner and in any niche, whether it’s a product-based or a service-based business. 

What we’re talking about in the video:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Your Skills vs Business Skills Needed
2:09 – Ideal Client Work
7:20 – Narrowing Down Offers For Now
9:55 – Networking Over Advertising
13:40 – Systems as a Strategy
19:48 – Getting Mentoring and Training

But this comes with a caveat. It’s really easy to go into comparison mode with vids like these. 

I want to encourage you to use this as inspiration, but be fair to yourself. 

We are upfront in the beginning of this vid as to the things that were already in place for Justin that allowed him to create this success story. Pay close attention to those. Because it’s unfair to compare apples to oranges. But it’s ALSO unfair to disregard an apple biz that could apply to your orange biz! 

His biz and circumstances might be different than yours, but the principles of a successful service-based biz (and product-based for that matter) are still the same. And we both hope you’ll find inspiration and clarity in his case study!

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What about you boss, lady?

Did you start a business during the pandemic? Or did you find this perspective useful?

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