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Words By Tara Wagner

How to Improve Your Affirmations (3 Easy Tips to Make Them Work Faster/Better)

Your affirmations should not feel silly, stupid, slow, or ineffective, so stick around, and I’m going to give you three tips to change all of that.

I hear a lot of people struggling with affirmations, or I hear a lot of people touting information about affirmations that doesn’t make any sense or isn’t very helpful.

So we’re going to talk about affirmations that actually work. I have three different tips that will help and I have a little bonus tip for you at the end, so be sure to read till the end for that.

Watch here or read below.

How to Improve Your Affirmations (3 Easy Tips to Make Them Work Faster/Better) Click To Tweet

Tip number one is the most important tip. And it’s that your emotions matter more than your words. Language is a construct. It’s something that we use to express emotions and needs. Your very first language was emotions, and therefore, a lot of the beliefs that you’re trying to change with affirmations are actually more emotional than they are practical or tangible, or even describable.

This is the first place that I see people really messing up.

They get hung up on some juicy or spiritual sentence that they feel like is going to solve all their problems, but if they’re not connecting to it on an emotional basis, if it’s not connecting to their emotional core or the origin of the belief that they’re trying to change, that juicy sentence is going to have no impact on them whatsoever.

Along those same lines, if you’re saying something in a very flat, unemotional way, it’s also not going to have an impact.

You really need to feel the things that you are saying in your bones.

If you don’t feel it, it will not speak to your subconscious mind in the same way. It will be slow. It will be a little painful. It’ll probably be frustrating. You’re not going to see the results that you want to see.

So, emotions over words.


Tip number two is about the words. This is where I want you to focus on powerful versus positive.

Everybody thinks that they have to have a positive statement, right? An “I Am” statement. But again, because words are triggering emotions, it’s more important that you’re using a statement that is powerful, and sometimes the most powerful statement that you can possibly use is a negative statement.

“No” is a powerful affirmation.

“I am not” is a powerful affirmation.

And it is okay to use what some people will call “negative affirmations” if it has a powerful, emotional, meaningful connotation for you.

It's okay to use what some people will call 'negative affirmations' if it has a powerful, emotional, meaningful connotation for you. Click To Tweet

Sometimes we need to state what we will no longer allow in order to move towards what we actually want to embrace.

Sometimes we’ve got to put up boundaries before we can start building something new.

So when you’re thinking about powerful versus positive, don’t ask yourself, “Is this a negative statement?”

Ask yourself, “Is this a limiting statement? Is it a discouragingstatement? Is it telling me that I can’t, or is it enabling me, empowering me in something that I can do?”

Letterboard that says you've got this" on pink carpet beside blue headphones


Tip number three is to baby step your affirmations. Everybody wants to start off with an affirmation like I am a millionaire, but if you are flat broke right now and you tell yourself “I’m a millionaire”, there’s too much resistance between where you are and where you’re trying to be.

So I want you to think of this like a rubber band, okay?

[See the video for a visual of this!]

This is you. These are your beliefs right now. And this is where you want to be. You want to have that millionaire mindset. If you sit there and you try to stretch and stretch and stretch, there’s so much tension on this that eventually it’s just going to …….. snap. #ouch

It’s going to snap back. It’s going to be a little painful, right? That’s exactly what we’re NOT wanting to do.

There’s a natural limitation to the mindset that you have right now, and what you need to do is learn to just stretch it just a little bit.

Instead of “I am a millionaire“, it’s “I am ready to learn how to make money. I am ready to overcome my debt. I am ready to change my habits. I am open to the idea of abundance. I am starting to see abundance all around me“.

So on and so forth until you are finally slowly starting to stretch your new limiting beliefs to something much bigger.

Pretty soon your comfort zone around money is going to be much bigger than this little tiny thing that was keeping you trapped and stuck and in a lot of pain.

This is what we need to do with our beliefs.

I want you to look at your affirmations as “Successive Affirmations”, starting with something that’s just slightly pressing up against your comfort zone, something that still feels good, right? Because we still want that emotional state to be a positive one or an exciting one, not resistance to the belief that we are trying to instill.

This could take days, weeks, months, or even years.

That’s okay.

Allow yourself the time to baby step forward. This is a really important process. If you create too much resistance you’re not going to want to do it. You’re going to stop in your tracks, and then your behaviors are going to match that limiting belief, the limiting belief of “I can’t do this” or “that’s silly” or “that’s crazy”.

You want to slowly step forward a little bit at a time in your beliefs, in the words and the affirmations that you’re using, as well as in your actions.

So again, tip number 3 is Successive Affirmations, affirmations that build on each other over time.

Tara holding 2 bottles of essential oils


Bonus tip number 4 is to combine your affirmations with aromatherapy.

Essential oils trigger your olfactory system and your olfactory neurons to carry messages associated with the aroma directly into your limbic system.

If you want to read more about how essential oils affect your emotions, you can find that here.

Your limbic system is where all of your thoughts, your memories, your emotions, your triggers, and your beliefs are being stored. So it’s going to smell the aroma, and it’s going to take the affirmation associated with that aroma, the one that you’re using, directly into your limbic system.

This is what makes the process faster and smoother and more enjoyable.

It’s sort of like a secret back-door entrance because of how quickly it can help you to write new thoughts over old thoughts.

It’s one of my favorite tools that I use in my Belief Breakthrough coaching because, honestly, it just makes my job a lot easier. 


It includes 10 of my favorite essential oils, affirmations to use with each one because different oils are going to trigger different things in the brain, so you want to make sure you’re using the right oil with the right affirmations and the right beliefs or emotions that you are trying to address, and you can get it for free.

It’s called Sniff, Sniff, Affirm. It covers:

  • My top 10 essential oils for female entrepreneurs ready to grow
  • Dozens of affirmations to help you change your own patterns
  • And tips on how to use these oils to get the swiftest mindset changes possible

It’s 100% free. Click below to download or learn more here.


I would love to have you weigh in and share your experiences and expertise. Leave a comment below letting us all know what tips or recommendations you have for improving your affirmations.

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