Reality Check: Your Business is Not Life or Death (How to Manage Stress as an Entrepreneur)

How do you handle business stress and emergencies that threaten your work-life balance and make you wonder why you started a business in the first place?

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Reality Check: Your Business is Not Life or Death (How to Manage Stress as an Entrepreneur) Click To Tweet

Ever feel like you’re constantly putting out fires in your business? Then watch this one on repeat.

In this video, I’m answering a question sent to me by a small business owner wanting to know how to manage stress as a small business owner when it seems like there is always an emergency to handle.

I’m not just talking about how to manage stress and anxiety, but how to stop reacting as though it’s life or death.

Because unless you’re a brain surgeon, it’s not. 

You’re just overwhelmed because you’re not prioritizing, not setting healthy boundaries, doing too much, and letting others (or your own worry and fear) convince you that their immediate needs are more important than your life and sanity.

Small business owners, listen up: You got into business for time and financial freedom. Don’t let it be the worst boss you ever had. You make the rules. You set the expectations. Which means – as hard as this is to see right now – business stress is a choice.

Scroll up to watch the video or head on over to YouTube to join me as I talk about why and how to be running your business not running IN it.

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What about you, boss lady?

What helps you manage the stress in your business?

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