Are You Losing Motivation? This Is The Real Trick To Staying Motivated Through Hard Goals

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Are You Losing Motivation? This Is The Real Trick To Staying Motivated Through Hard Goals

Feel like you’re constantly losing motivation? Let’s talk about the real trick to staying motivated especially through hard goals and slow progress – your FOCUS.

You’re Actually NOT Ready To Grow Your Business (Business Growth Stages)

Of course, you WANT to grow your business, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually READY. There are 6 types of readiness that will keep your business growth stagnant (and 3 business growth STAGES you can NOT skip).
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Create a Year of Content in Less Than 8 Hours – Content Calendar Template {Google Sheets}

Does PLANNING your content drain you as much as it does me? Creating it isn’t as hard, but planning what to create can wear me out fast. But you know me – the queen of finding better ways to do things. So I developed a system to map out 1 YEAR’S worth of content in about half a day.
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How to Create an Editorial Calendar Using ClickUp (YouTube Workflow Example!)

I’m walking you through how I create and organize my entire content calendar/editorial calendar within a free program called ClickUp, including scheduling, assigning tasks, and more

5 Steps to Find Perfect Content Ideas That Lead to More Sales in Your Business

The perfect content strategy needs perfect content ideas – ones that fit YOUR business and financial goals. Instead of a lame content idea generator, learn how to come up with content ideas for business that are unique to your audience and will lead to more sales.

The Jar Of Life Strategy: How To Manage Your Time Effectively In Life And Business (With Examples)

Learning how to manage time effectively doesn’t come down to a bunch of time management tips. It comes down to how to prioritize and approach time to begin with. And the Jar of Life/Big Rocks Theory is the #1 approach that WORKS.
crush your goals not your soul

Goal Crazy Podcast Interview: How to Crush Your Goals Not Your Soul

The Goal Crazy Planner INVENTOR, Jason VanDevere had me on his new podcast and we geeked out together on quite a few topics that might interest you. Jason VanDevere is an entrepreneur, coach, and real estate investor. And he’s just as much into a “healthy hustle” as you and I.
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How to Find 100s of Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Tired of writer’s block, staring at a blank screen, and scrambling to figure out what content ideas to focus on in your content marketing strategy? Here’s how to find HUNDREDS of ideas – some of them on autopilot – so you’re never stuck on this again.
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Top 3 Books for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs (Maaaaybe 4?)

If you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur…welcome to the club. Now go read these top 3-4 books for entrepreneurs ready to ditch the overwhelm, and create more time freedom and peace of mind.
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4 Self-Care Ideas & Habits That Increase Productivity as an Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we usually fail to take care of ourselves because we’re too busy getting things done. But what if you could sneak in some self-care ideas that actually made you MORE productive so that you could get more done in less time?