We’re Hiring!

Join a mission hellbent on freedom, transformation, and fulfillment!

Tara Wagner is a Breakthrough coach who helps small business owners crush their goals, not their soul. Ultimately we want to see more GOOD people making GOOD money so they can do more GOOD with it. We do this by helping small biz owners upgrade themselves, their business, and their Success Habits through courses and coaching.

If you believe in the potential of small business to impact the world, and want to know you’re touching the lives of people who touch more lives, then I’d love to chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Applicants should be passionate about small business, personal development, mindset, health, and more, share similar values of freedom, integrity, and growth, and want an opportunity to challenge themselves with new skills, while honing their own Zone of Genius. If you’re prepared to bring your Best Self to the table each and every day – not for yourself, but for the people we serve in this company – keep reading!

No Current Positions

We are not currently hiring, but are happy to accept applications via email for future positions or from really rad people.

POSITION: Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

I am currently looking for an experienced virtual assistant who has a deep knowledge of online businesses, specifically in the coaching and course creation realm. I’m open to working with you as a contractor (if you have an EIN or are outside the US), or as an employee. My budget/your hourly rate depends on your skill and experience, which I hope you have a lot of.

HOURS: The position is for 10 hours to start, with potential for more as the business continues to grow

LOCATION: Virtual/remote (although its a SERIOUS bonus if you live in the Las Vegas area and are able to do some in-office hours, especially in the beginning)

PRIMARY GOAL: To help me keep my sh*zz together while the company experiences a lot of growth, with a focus on admin tasks, client support, organization and optimization of systems, and some back-end implementation of strategies.. 

Basically, you will be responsible for helping the business run smoothly in order to free up time and energy for me to work on the ultimate and long-term vision of the company, income producing projects, content creation, and the more detailed client support, and I need someone who can do the job better than I can.

WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: You should be a person of high integrity, who gets a little high off of organization, has a knack for zeroing in on things like typos and grammar mistakes, believes in showing up to serve (but with healthy boundaries in place), loves to find more efficient ways of getting things done without sacrificing quality, and can confidently manage client/customer support needs, problems, or the occasional complaint with grace and ease. You should dig working independently as much as you like work collaboratively. And you should most definitely have a slight addiction to personal development and helping small biz owners succeed, since that’s why we exist.

You absolutely must be proficient at staying on top of your tasks, managing your schedule effectively, and finding room for improvements in SOPs and automations. (Type A/Integrator personalities that like collaborating with big vision people are highly encouraged to apply.)

(Although the position is part-time right now, the role can/will likely expand in the near future, so ideally you’d want to grow with us, but that’s not a hard requirement.)

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Miscellaneous adminstrative tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Email inbox management: Answering emails from clients or prospects, filtering emails, flagging what I need to attend to, etc
  • Billing Support: using our SOPs to handle billing changes, refund requests, duplicate charges, early cancellations of payment plans, etc and improving or updating those SOPs as needed
  • Client Support: some scheduling, sending/uploading call recordings, managing FB groups (approving and messaging new members, tagging new members, scheduling posts Tara creates, replying to some comments or notifying Tara daily of things she needs to attend to), answering basic questions using our SOPs, helping to develop those answers to FAQs, assisting in tech issue troubleshooting, etc
  • Data Entry: Pulling in data from various software systems into our analytics spreadsheet for me to examine and make decisions off
  • Marketing Assistance: Proofing content for spelling, grammar, etc, uploading and optimizing YouTube videos (in the future; currently on hiatus), scheduling newsletters, setting up email automations, coordinating with video editors, managing and uploading testimonials to the right places, etc
  • General Admin: Task management within ClickUp, research and presenting findings and recommendations, and other odds and ends I’m probably forgetting

These things take me (and my automations) no more than 10 hours a week. I’m looking for someone with the skill level to do them just as efficiently.

  • Google Drive/Docs/etc.
  • Canva
  • Zoom
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Stripe
  • ThriveCart
  • Zapier
  • AnyTrack
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • WordPress
  • Social media (primarily Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest)
  • ClickUp
  • LastPass
  • Xperiencify
  • I’m prob forgetting a few lol


  • You must have reliable internet and computer access
  • You must be aligned with the mission and purpose of the company.
  • You must have 3+ years experience working (and getting results) for online coaches/course creators
  • You must have extensive experience in at least 50% of the tools listed above, definitely including ActiveCampaign and Stripe

Please submit via email (with your name and position title in the subject) to [email protected] the following:

  • An informal 1-5 min (max) video introduction explaining why you’re interested in this position
  • An up-to-date resume, including at least 3 relevant references and a cover letter that includes the following:
    • Your skill level and experience in the type of tasks and tools listed above (it’s ok if the answer is “none” to some of them)
    • How confident you feel in learning how to do/use the above listed tasks and tools
    • What you consider your real Zone of Genius (where you shine! don’t be overly humble!)
    • How you heard about this position
    • Your salary requirements
    • Your weekly availability
    • Your country/state and time zone
    • The intentional typos and grammar mistakes you found on this page 😉
    • Anything else you’d like us to know when considering you!

Your submission will be reviewed and if I feel your a good fit, you’ll be contacted to schedule an interview from there.

I can’t wait to hear from you!