What Others Are Saying About Breakthrough Boss Inner Circle

Kim Feeney

Kim filled her therapy practice and 2x her revenue and 3x her PROFIT with the Inner Circle...

“Before starting the Breakthrough Boss, I was struggling to ask for referrals and build my family counseling practice due to a lack of confidence and fear of putting myself out there.

Within just a few weeks of starting the course, everything started changing. I started feeling comfortable talking to parents and teachers, and asking for referrals, thanks to the work I was learning in the course. And now within just a couple months, and for the first time ever, my practice is fully booked and SOLD OUT! I feel more confident and empowered than ever before, and finally feel like the expert I am when I talk about what I can do.

If you’re on the fence, I’d tell you to DO IT!! It is life changing.”

Kim Feeney, LISW, RPT-S
Butterfly Beginnings Counseling

UPDATE: One year later, Kim’s revenue has nearly doubled, her profit tripled, and her growing practice now employees 4 new therapists! But the coolest part is seeing her confidence and joyfulness as she continues to grow!

Despite wildfires shutting her down for months, Brittney still increased her revenue by 150%!

I own a sustainability focused outdoor clothing brand, in a rural area of Northern California’s, Sierra Nevada mountain range. I’d been following Tara for YEARS, and already trusted her, but had no idea just how much knowledge and experience she had to bring to the table.
I was excitedly learning from her deep well of knowledge, changing my perspective on making money and shedding unhelpful beliefs, and was seeing massive results…
When the biggest wildfire in California’s recorded history broke out a few miles from my house.
Being evacuated, and helping support a displaced and heartbroken community was obviously not in the plans (neither were the new covid variants, or the whole manufacturing machine completely breaking down at the same time). I actually completely stopped everything business related for a second (months) there, and just focused on helping, and that was absolutely the right decision for myself, my family, and my community, because sometimes things happen and you have to deprioritize your business.  
BUT even though it wasn’t realistic to reach all my goals that year, because of the mindset shifts and learning how to prioritize profit from the Breakthrough Boss® Inner Circle…. at the end of the year, I realized that despite the almost three months of completely dead sales during the wildfires I was still up 50% OVER last year’s profits!

What I learned inside BBIC paid my bills while I took an unplanned break to help my community; it doesn’t get much better than that!

Britt Harmon
Owner, The Lost Sierra Company

Kessie rocked out her goals so that she can kick her business Bottlenecks to the curb!

Joining Breakthrough Boss has been a life changer!
Being apart of a group of people who are treading a similar journey keeps me going, I know I’m not alone any more.  Having people who understand the learning curve and how big the wins are is massive!
Tara’s support & guidance with marketing had me look at my ads traffic & spend in a whole new way, so now I KNOW where my traffic that converts comes from! Suddenly I can drop that marketing channel which tires me the fuck out guilt free, or at least, not worry about what I’m putting there making it 100% more fun! Meanwhile, I’m over here in the ‘highly converting traffic’ lane, doubling down on efforts to max my rev here.

Kessie May
Founder, Lady K Loves

And Shiloh's results are best summed up through screenshots alone...

Shiloh first came to BBIC with a good handle on her client but nervous about sales. 

Through both mindset work and guidance on her sales skills, she went from wide open to booked solid!

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Ana was able to get past the blocks that kept her playing small...

“…BBIC has really affected the clarity that I have around the things that I need to do. I have much more clear ideas of what I need to do to market, who my target audience is, and I have started making more money month over month in the short time I’ve been working with her…”

Watch the video to hear her describe her experience and what you can expect in the Breakthrough Boss Inner Circle.

Ana Natkins

Candida Stamp, Bookkeeper, Mindset Course Graduate

Candida created the momentum she was needing and the courage to leave her 9-5...

“I came into the Breakthrough Boss mindset course struggling with the confidence to leave my regular job and focus 100% on my own business. I was afraid to leave that security for something I wasn’t sure would work out. I was afraid to reach out to people and tell them who I am and what I do. I didn’t feel like a real bookkeeper.

That’s not the case anymore! I feel like a whole new person after going through it. I notice myself standing taller and speaking with more confidence. I’m no longer timid telling people what I do and marketing myself. It’s given me more momentum too. I’ve been able to do more in my business in the last 90 days than I have the previous two years! And best of all, I finally quit my job!

You should know though, this isn’t some “quick fix” method. It’s a lifetime investment in yourself. It’s for someone who’s really ready for change and ready to put in the work on themselves. Make the time for it. It’s totally worth it.”

Candida Stamp

Cecilia Makinde, Transformation Coach, Mindset Course Graduate

Cecilia found confidence and clarity, as well as increased productivity and progress...

“Before the Breakthrough Boss, I’d already invested heavily in my personal development and mindset, but I was still struggling in a lot of areas. I felt lost and overwhelmed in my business and life and doubted I had what it takes to make my dreams a reality, especially given my caregiver responsibilities and a healthy dose of limiting beliefs.
All I can say is that throughout the course I kept saying to myself ‘Wow I’m so glad I bought this course‘. 
Because of the Inner Circle, I now have…
  • Tailored and powerful tools to keep me focused and in alignment with my goals and best self
  • A better understanding of what my emotions are communicating to me, why this holds me back and how to move forward towards the next best step
  • A greater understanding on what to focus on in my business when it comes to the larger projects eg: offer definition, sales page etc and at what strategies to prioritise for my stage of business as opposed to having a complex and elaborate plan that will overwhelm me further 
  • The confidence to give myself permission to prioritise my life and self care when things are a little crazy and drop (most of the) guilt that sometimes comes alongside that 
  • More confidence in expressing my thoughts, opinions and needs in challenging conversations and remain assertive with my decisions 
  • I’ve been able to gain confidence, productivity and entrepreneurial skills, to shift challenges I’ve had probably for a lifetime, I have a clear vision, an intentional plan, and most of all, belief in myself.
  • And a great support system where I meet with my accountability buddy on a weekly basis as well as have access to Tara and the wider group for personalised support

Overall, it’s a true blessing to have such an honest, real as it gets woman and coach on your side who’s also putting in the work and therefore can give you real and relevant guidance 

I know I have what it takes to be successful and I’m working toward my vision consistently now.
Cecilia Makinde
Transformational Coach for Female Executives
Sara Binde, Mindset Course

Sara changed her mindset and tripled her revenue...

“Before I started this, I was struggling with getting myself out of my lows, creating goals and sticking to them, confidence, and negative self-talk. I wasn’t following through on my plans the way I wanted to. I wasn’t talking to myself the way I wanted to. I wasn’t confident in myself, and I didn’t know exactly how to build it.
Not anymore. Because of BB, I am more confident, mentally strong, optimistic, thankful and happy. I’m more compassionate toward myself and others.  

When I think about how I used to think 9 months ago (when I first started the course) and now, I’m amazed by the differences in how I solve problems and prioritize things in business and and personal life. I thought I was a problem-solver before, but this course has taken it up a notch (or five!). And I’m proud of the way I handle overwhelm or frustrations now.
I also now have a 5 year plan that’s broken down into quarterly, monthly, even daily action steps. And I have seen huge biz growth percentages from before; my revenue has nearly tripled over the last months, due to the course.
This course is a 10/10. I’ve had issues with my mindset for years and now I finally have the tools I need to move forward and grow. Tara has set me on the path to thinking in a totally different way that’s helped me not just to overcome mental hurdles, but also relationship hurdles, career hurdles, and decision hurdles.”

Sara Binde
Plant-Based Nutritionist, YouTuber

Janine made peace with her health to make more progress on her biz...

As a business owner who also lives with a chronic illness, I was struggling with overwhelm, being disorganised but trying to make too many changes at once and not sticking to them, trying to figure out how to move forward in my life but feeling huge resistance and overwhelm of not being able to start. Feeling out of control and unable to stick to the beneficial habits I wanted and remove the not so great ones. I felt like I didn’t know where to start, what change to implement first, how to do it without putting too much on myself. 

Because of what I learned in this mindset course, I’ve let go of the guilt and shame I felt around my illness and health. Instead of getting frustrated that things weren’t happening fast enough,  I’m now building things up sustainably, have clarity of the things I want, need, feel, and not only the changes I want to make, but HOW to make them. I’ve learnt to stop being so hard on myself, to focus on my needs and actions and why I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or resistant and how to break that down and make small changes, and I have a clear path forward.

The Breakthrough Boss mindset course is perfect for any female entrepreneur that’s feeling stuck, overwhelmed and having a hard time moving forward but can’t figure out why. For anyone that knows they have the skills to be successful in their business but struggle to implement them. For anyone that feels they can’t balance life, work and their own self care. Anyone that’s ready to up their mindset game, uplevel their best self and actually accomplish their goals. 

If you’re considering this mindset course I would tell you to not hesitate to try it. It’s been the most important thing I’ve done for my development this year, probably any year! The work is not easy but it’s worth every moment put into it. There were so many ‘ah ha’ moments, so many realisations and it felt like the key to everything I’ve been struggling over and trying to piece together the last couple of years.

Janine Wilkenson
Bar Owner

Zoe went from "stuck" to "launched" in under 3 months...

“Three months ago I was feeling stuck, scared, and overwhelmed. I now have a flexible plan for my business, and I’ve started to actually take action and implement it.

This is really huge for me because this is the third time I’ve started my business, and I’ve never taken action like this before. I’ve finally completed my first e-course, after years of just dreaming about it, and run my first beta-test group.

I feel like the world is opening up to me. And best of all – I now have tools to bring my mindset up back up to positive and focused when I revert back to stuck and scared. I feel WAY more confident and clear than I ever have before, especially with Tara’s mindset tools and this amazing group of entrepreneurs backing me up.

And the Voxer support is priceless. It’s like having an (extremely wise, experienced, and down-to-earth) coach in my pocket. Tara’s an extremely supportive, knowledgable, no B.S. mindset/business coach, but also feels like a best friend that you can just talk to. Whenever I have questions, am feeling scared or overwhelmed, or don’t know what to do next, she’s always ready with advice, tools, some real talk, and encouragement.

I am SO glad I bought Breakthrough Boss and recommend it for anyone who is ready to break out of their rut and start taking big, focused action in their business!

Zoe Rae
Habits Coach

Every time Kristi worked on her mindset, she got more business...

“I’ve been “doing” business for a little over 2 years, but I really struggled to trust myself in making my own income consistently.

I knew cognitively that when I was focused and my energy was good and mindset on point, that business was good. However, during the first few weeks in the BBIC I saw that happen in action at lightening speed: Every time I showed up, there was an enquiry, every time I worked on a mindset and took action, things became easier. Every time I stepped away to look after myself (also something I was neglecting) I came back to random messages in my inbox.

Having Voxer support when I needed help (vs the usual waiting 1-2 weeks till a call with my coach) was priceless. It made things real, right now, in this moment. Boom! Go get it!

Tara was always there with tough love, bang on insights, so much compassion, but also her “no-fluff” approach you’ve possible heard her mention. I’ve worked with MANY people over the years, and this is genuinely the first time I’ve felt a coach has been able to see, hear and support #allofthethings that get in my way, make me doubt myself, and hold me back.

I had no idea exactly what I was investing in when I signed up, but there was a twitch in my gut that said, “Tara is your girl, just do it”. And holy mother am I glad I did. Tara is AMAZING on video… but the support I’ve gotten via Voxer and in the Facebook group was above and beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. Her belief in me, her relatability and her unwavering support… I actually don’t have words for (sounds cheesy but it’s true). 

If you are at all on the fence, for whatever reason, I’d encourage you to jump in. Every day of the course in 2020 I was grateful to myself that, even though I wasn’t in a great place, I made that call to enroll. It’s been so supportive for me that I’m doing another round.”
Kristi Lees
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

What Malorie, Lisa, June, Jill and Cheryl Experienced After Joining The Breakthrough Boss® Inner Circle

Peti overcame her perfectionism and launched her product within 6 weeks...

“My biggest issue [when I started BB] was not finishing anything. I was trying to perfect the crap out of everything and never getting anywhere because of it. I called it procrasti-perfecting!

That’s all changed now. Within 6 weeks of starting the course, I launched an idea I had been putting off into a finished product AND started promoting! I trust myself more, I don’t fuss over imperfections now, and I’m able to make things simple, fun, and creative because of it.”

Peti Morgan, Founder
Leveraged Mama

Jill was signing clients and feeling unstoppable by month 3...

“I found Tara through her YouTube channel and resonated with her approach and the way she teaches things, so when I came across the Breakthrough Boss course, I immediately signed up even though it was a stretch financially.

I went into my garage and sold enough to make the first payment, then did the same thing for the second payment…and by the third payment, I didn’t need to – I had the income as a result of what I was doing in the Inner Circle!

I always feel uncoachable, but with Tara I feel heard and supported in my plans AND challenged to rethink some of my ideas. In fact, in just one tough love convo, Tara really challenged me on where to put my energy in my business and almost immediately after I implemented what she gave me, I signed two clients!

I feel like I had some momentum and was getting my mindset on track before the Inner Circle. But the Inner Circle propelled me forward much quicker than I had been able to do on my own.

Because of this work, I feel so set and ready for the next steps and I don’t want to stop.”

Jill Riley
Overwhelm Coach

Janel went from a marketing plan that was burning her out to one that she LOVED!

When I came into Breakthrough Boss I was dealing with Impostor Syndrome and struggling with a marketing plan that I hated implementing. The clarity I found led me to realize I was on the wrong platforms, spending time on the wrong things, and making the wrong people happy. Now I’ve got a marketing plan that is working for me, a growing business, and I’m loving what I do again.


Janel Tracy

Nicole overcame the fears and started SELLING...

I came to the Breakthrough Boss mindset course feeling really uninspired and headed toward hopeless about ever being able to make a consistent income in my business. I struggled with being stuck with making sales, offering what I want to clients and consistently putting myself out there. 

There are so many things this course helped me do: stop focusing on my stressors and worries, feel worthy of my prices and confident in the value of the work I do, release my fear of “failing”, put together a coaching offer that I LOVE, and start SELLING.

Honestly, this is the only place to go if you want to overcome mindset blocks. Do whatever you can to give yourself the ability to truly deep dive into it. You won’t regret it. 

Nicole Moorey
Emotional Wellness Coach

Kezia's breakthroughs showed her what she really wanted...

“Before the course I was on a path doing work that, while it had meaning to me, I realise now I wasn’t fully aligned with. On the surface I was doing something I felt passionate about, but I was frequently having to recommit and redecide and ultimately it was draining my energy and leaving me feeling unfulfilled. 

Through the work I’ve done in this mindset course, I’ve uncovered exactly what it is that I’ve felt has been missing. I’ve made some huge life decisions – and literally in the last month and a half, things have gone NUTS in areas of my life I never dreamed would have been so significantly impacted: career, relationships, finances and plans for the future are all looking so much brighter. 

I’ve had the confidence to let go of what isn’t serving me and give myself permission to pivot onto a path that feels totally aligned with me and what I want. 

I’m no longer holding myself back and trying to do something because I “think it’s the right thing”. I’m feeling empowered to “do the crazy thing” and it’s already paying off.” 

Kezia Thomas
Health and Wellness Coach

Courtney L.

Courtney has experienced great change after this course...

“Thanks to BBIC I’ve been able to go from a partnership to a solopreneur with confidence, including knowing how to let go of my worries and have the sweaty conversation needed between us. I could calmly talk to them, see what they wanted, and make the transition. [BBIC] definitely made the whole process so much smoother.

I also went through the System Success [module] just to help me be a bit more organised. Wow, I had so many Aha moments as to why my energy was being sucked out before and how I can avoid it with changes to my systems.

Now my stress levels are down, and my productivity has improved, and it feels amazing and exciting. 

This course has really changed everything in my business.”

Courtney L.
Owner, Digital Gem, South Africa

And only BBIC get to see behind the scenes of my business and here's what they have to say about that.

Hear more from clients that are excited for growth and change in their biz.

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