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What if you could work softer, not harder, on your goals this year?

There comes a time when S.M.A.R.T. goals become really stupid moves, and we get to find a whole new approach.

How much of this hits pretty close to home?

  • You’re coming off one of those years (or seasons of life) you’d like to never repeat, pleaseandthankyou

  • You’ve been the classic overachiever, but you’re tired of burning yourself out, and you know you need to learn how to work SOFTER, not harder (but not so soft you don’t make any progress)

  • You love setting goals, but you’d also love those little things called “ease” and “relaxation”, or maybe even “weekends off

  • You love setting intentions too, but if you have to choose you still prefer getting sh*t done #lawofACTION

  • What you’d REALLY love to find is that sweet-spot-of-a-middle ground between S.M.A.R.T. goals and “trusting the mother-loving process

  • And you’re totally into the whole “Guiding Word” thing, but want more than just a pretty phrase to tuck into your back pocket – you still need to feel like you’re actually doing something to bring about an outcome

This was all me...

Dec 26th would roll around and I’d settle into 2 quiet days of “let’s list all the things I could possibly squeeze into the next 12 months.” I was pretty dang good at the whole “hard work” thing too. (And had the bags under my eyes to prove it.)

See: control freak. See: burnout. See: desperately seeking a different approach.

Enter: Guiding Words

The idea of having “one word” to guide my year? Oh, that spoke to me like whoa.

It spoke of “ease”, and “grace”, and “chill the F out, lady, and just let me do my thing.” (That last one was from Life itself.)

But actually having “one word” to guide my year? Hellz to the no. 

Don’t get me wrong. I tried it. I truly thought it would blow my mind. It didn’t. Instead it just sat there, plastered over the cover of my journal, staring me in the face, asking me what the hell I wanted from it anyway?

Here’s the thing I learned:

There’s a big difference between simply CREATING a Guiding Word, and actually ACTIVATING it.

A Practical Process to Closing Out Your Past, Setting "Softer" Goals for Your Future, and Making Your Next Year Easier and Better Than Your Last

This simple course won't show you how to pluck a sexy word out of thin air.

Instead, it'll walk you through a 5 step process to setting intentions that go to work for you:

STEP 1: A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

I’ll show you how to set the mood for the work you’re about to do, so you can settle in without distractions and wring all the goodness you can from it. You’ll find your own ways to set intentions for the work itself, as well as ideas to make the process as juicy as possible.

STEP 2: It's All About Effective Reflection

Whether you’re closing the book on your last 6 months of rollercoaster ups and downs, the last calendar year, or the last 2 years, 7 months, 13 days, and 5 hours of your life, I’ll walk you through how to reflect in productive ways. No navel-gazing for days. No artificially pumping yourself up. We’ll look at the wins, the flops, and everything in between.

STEP 3: Closure, Baby!

No one wants the last year to be dragging its dirty little butt across the carpet of our next one. I’ll coach you through the most effective ways to bring closure to this book, whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. 

STEP 4: Discovering Your Guiding Word

This is the one most people skip right to. But now that you’ve completed Steps 1-3, this step is now gonna show you the lightning-bolt-of-clarity and have that Guiding Word of yours jumping out at you! 

STEP 5: Activate the Snot Out of It!

Just because you’ve found it doesn’t mean you’re done! This is the step that matters most! This is the part that changed my life from the hamster wheel of striving to mindfully making progress, sans burnout. I’ll show you how to ACTIVATE your Guiding Word in a way that gives you practical, actionable steps to take WITHOUT driving you into the wall this time!

"Who's this really right for?"

Glad you asked. If you fall into these two camps, Your Guiding Word will be your jam.


“I NEED TO SLOW DOWN …LIKE, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.” It’s time to slow your roll and invite a little more trust into your life. You’ve gotten good at setting and achieving all the things, but at the expense of your sanity. You don’t want to do “nothing”, but need to find a better way of doing the RIGHT things.


“I’M GOOD AT SETTING INTENTIONS; NOT SO MUCH ON FOLLOW THROUGH.” You’re used to dreaming and scheming, but never really see them go anywhere. You want to learn how to step it up a notch, and get inspired to make some moves, but overachiever has never been your forte and you don’t wanna start now.

Basically if you've been on either end of the goal setting spectrum, Your Guiding Word will help you find your middle ground.


5 Short-and-Sweet Video Lessons (plus transcripts): I got your learning styles covered, and I promise not to over-explain and take up all your time. The magic is in the Action Guides, not my explanation, so I’ll give you only what you need to know to set you on your way

5 Spelled-Out-For-You Action Guides: This is where that magic happens. Through a tested and proven process, you’ll be guided through engaging prompts that have a funny little way of leading you to the Aha moments you didn’t know you had, and ultimately one thing: results

Early Access to my Belief Breakthrough course: My current clients and students get early access to the course (and there might even be a special offer for it hidden inside).

Your Investment

The entire course includes video, worksheets, audio, and transcripts.
And it’s only $47.
The best part? It’s not designed to be used once and repurchased every year. It’s designed to be reused as often as you need.
  • Closing the chapter on the last season of life? It’s got your back.
  • Setting New Years intentions? Here for it.
  • Making a big life transition? Intentions set here.
And you’ll get access to all the updates I ever make to the course.
One purchase. Lifetime guidance. $47.


It varies based mostly on how crappy your last year has been (and therefore just how much reflection and closure you’ll want to do), but most people can finish the whole thing in a long afternoon, or maybe two if you really wanna take your time.

YGW will help you reflect and bring closure on the last season/year of your life, and use that to help you make sure the Guiding Word you’ve chosen is juuuuust right for what’s next. From there, it’ll help you ACTIVATE your chosen word and get it put into place in your life right away (the most important part!).

Yes, absolutely. The process is so seamless that you’ll likely stumble across your Guiding Word before you even get to Step 4!

Yes, but differently. First, you’ll go through the first 4 steps to bring awareness and closure to the past year/season of your life and through that process find the Guiding Word you need for the next. In Step 5, where you activate it, you’ll look at HOW to put it into place in your life to get it working for you, which requires some action on your part. You’ll even outline some sustainable steps you can take. But as much as it encourages you to have fun and dream things up, it’ll show you how to not go overboard with controlling the outcome, or overdoing it on the effort. 

Yes, it def can. It’ll show you a more sustainable way to approach your life, using your Guiding Word, and how to create changes that last. It won’t dump you into the deep end of Doing All The Things or massive achievement. It’ll show you how to wade in casually like you own the place.

Yes, as long as you ARE into the law of trusting the process, and know that a certain amount of serendipity happens as long as we’re still doing our due diligence. This course doesn’t teach LOA, though, if that’s what you’re wondering. 

Yes, as long as you’re also into the Law of Action. (If you’re just looking for a sexy afternoon of dreaming things up without doing ANYTHING tangible to move yourself forward, you’ll likely appreciate all but Step 5.)

Both, because I’m not a fan of separating out the two. It’s all part of a good life, and you can’t set sustainable goals without taking it all into account.

Always. You have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If it’s just not your jam, shoot me an email and let me know. Your investment will be returned within 5-7 business days (usually much less, unless I’m on vacay). 

I use Kajabi to host this course, which allows access from most devices through an internet browser, as well as offers a handy-dandy iPhone app to make life that much easier. That said, be sure to read the next FAQ. 

I recommend you either print them out, or grab a journal to write the prompts in and give yourself more space to spill your soul. I explain more of the reasoning behind this in the course, but if that’s not possible for you, a blank document is your best bet.

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ABOUT Tara Wagner

With 20 years experience as a female entrepreneur, I get the unique challenges we face in growing successful businesses. As if skill and strategy weren’t enough, it’s usually the much less technical things that trip us up: work-life “balance”, worrying what others think, Impostor Syndrome like whoa, overwhelm, a whole lot of that buzzword called “mindset”, and all our bad habits.

But with 10 years experience as a Belief Breakthrough coach, I can tell you there is a better way.

I help women overcome their limiting beliefs and bad habits so they can crush their goals, not their soul. Through my actionable Breakthrough Formula, old school common sense, and a loving dose of kick-in-the-pants, I’ve helped women just like you finally execute on all those ideas and plans, and move their goals forward WITHOUT sacrificing their health, sanity, or relationships. (Yes, it’s possible.)

I’m excited to share a piece of that work with Your Guiding Word. If you have any questions, hit me up. I’m here for you.