How To Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out:

(3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

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How to Upgrade Your Business So It Doesn't Burn You Out (3 Mistakes to Correct Right Now)

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Testimonial for Healthy Hustle Webinar
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Testimonial for Healthy Hustle Webinar

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Spittin' Straight FAQs

No! I’m known as a tough coach, NOT a fluff coach. 

This class IS NOT a 20 min intro, 5 minutes of teaching, and an hour of sales like you’re probably used to. I hate those too.

There may be some things you’ve heard before (but likely need to hear again), and there will definitely be some stuff you’ve never heard (and really, really need to know).

By the end of the class, you’ll have notes and takeaways you can implement on your own, OR if you decide you want my help to make your process easier – or are just curious about how I can help – I’ll show you how we can work together. (But even if you choose not to work with me, you’ll have some takeaways from that last section too.) 

✅ Solopreneurs, working online or offline, and burning out on their way to their goals. 

✅ Micro biz owners (with teams of 1-9) who are overwhelmed with all the things

✅ Coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers, etc

✅ Other service-based businesses, such as bookkeepers, contractors, massage therapists, and more

✅ Product-based biz owners who have a handle on the product side of things, but don’t have a handle on the rest of their biz

Absolutely! The top 3 mistakes can be found during all seasons of business, and the 3 areas to upgrade apply to all businesses as well. No matter what, you’re going to walk away from this class with insight into what to fix or upgrade to create a full-time profit working just part-time.

This class is for two types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Established biz owners who’ve been around the block a few times and are starting to burn out
  2. Newer-to-biz entrepreneurs who want to get started on the right foot and AVOID the mistakes that lead to burnout – so welcome!

Nope! You’ll see ME on video but I won’t see or hear you.  So you can show up in your PJs (or rocking a Winnie the Pooh getup? – no judgment!) from the comfort of anywhere you please, and not worry about a thing. You’ll also be able to engage in the chat, but those are private too, so you don’t need to worry about anyone but me seeing your comments or questions, not getting distracted by others.

You’ll need:

  • A business you want to operate in less time and with less stress
  • A pen and paper for Aha moments
  • (Ideally) a distraction-free zone to really zero in on the convo
  • An open mind ready to confront some myths and mistakes that lead to burnout
  • Oh and a decent wifi connection always help so you don’t miss anything due to buffering 🙂

That’s it!

YES! I go through as many questions as I can at the end, and if I don’t answer yours (or yours deserves more time and attention) I’ll reach out via email to answer it. Your questions will be private. No one else will see them and you won’t be distracted by others. But please put your questions in the Q&A box and not the chat box!

Click any of the big orange buttons and enter your best email (access and replay info will come via email). You’ll get instant access but for 48 hours only.

Hi, 👋 I’m Tara Wagner.

I’m the Breakthrough Coach and Accredited Small Business Consultant® for solopreneurs and micro-businesses ready to crush their goals, NOT their soul.

As a small business owner myself since 2000, a mindset and Belief Breakthrough coach since 2010, an experienced business coach and fully trained Accredited Small Business Consultant®…

You could say I’ve learned what it takes to crush your goals (not your soul)…

Imagine where you could be with the same insights...

With the approach I teach in this free training, I’ll put you on the path to earning more, working less, and having the time (and bandwidth) for what really matters.

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A Legit Earnings Disclaimer: Although all effort has been made to accurately portray potential results of our classes and programs, we can offer no guarantees that your results will match those of others. That’s 100% up to you, and as with all opportunities, your results will vary based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, effort, and desire. Signing up for this class denotes that you have read and agree to my full policies below.

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