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The Un-Awkward
Elevator Pitch Template

How to stop sounding like a robot and start winning over perfect clients & customers who are pee-their-pants excited to pay you!

In this free download, you’ll discover:

2 Elevator Pitch Templates + 10 examples that don't suck

The Elevator Pitch checklist to ensure you come across confident and not weird

How to create multiple Elevator Pitches for any situation, online and off - even ones you don't want to be in

The dead-simple way to create your Elevator Pitch faster (and make sure it makes you money)

Hi, I’m Tara Wagner.

I’ve been a Belief Breakthrough coach since 2010, helping countless women crush their goals, not their soul. I teach female entrepreneurs how to uplevel the mindset and habits that will allow them to create that thing you got into business for: freedom.

The Un-Awkward Elevator Pitch template I teach, as well as my  mindset trainings, have helped female entrepreneurs to own their zone of genius, confidently speak up in any situation, and start being seen as an expert in their niche.

Without it, you’ll likely keep swallowing your own tongue.

With it, you’ll finally be able to tell people what you do, who you do it for, and how you differ from the competition – in ANY setting, with ANY audience, and with total ease.

You’ve got this, boss lady. 👊🏻

What ACTUAL Clients Have to Say About Tara

Tara is the go-to coach for clarity, strategy and a customized, actionable plan to make things not only feel good but doable. I recommend her to any business owners who feel stuck and don’t understand why – and to those who are ready for the incredible clarity and applicable strategy to move forward and grow. 


Be ready to do the work to get the full benefit from Tara’s skills, because if you’re stuck in your business and your mindset and aren’t sure how to get past it, she’ll show you. Before working with her I really struggled with feeling overwhelmed with everything in my life and business, with beliefs around scarcity, and with feeling like I couldn’t get through it all. I recommend her to anyone who knows they need help to do the same.


Working with Tara has been nothing short of amazing. I went into it honestly afraid it would be a waste of time, feeling overwhelmed, and like I had no business doing what I was doing anyway. Through the work we did, I have confidence in myself, clarity on both short and long-term goals and priorities, and I’m able to take better care of myself, focus more on my family, and love my work again!


No more umming and ahhing next time someone asks you what you do.

Your Un-Awkward Elevator Pitch Template is right here…


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How to stop sounding like an awkward robot and start attracting more business with confidence

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