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Image of 5 Day Challenge content PDFs, training videos,and FB group

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The free 5 Day 'Get Out of Your Own Way' Challenge includes:

Day 1 starts Monday, March 8th!

Hi, I’m Tara Wagner.

I started my first business 20 years ago and found myself exactly where you are – wanting to do it all, but overwhelmed, stuck on the spin cycle, and not clear on how to get out of my own way.

It took me years of trial and error, frustrations, and flops to develop realistic but powerful strategies that worked for me, addressing both mindset AND approach in effective but meaningful ways.

And I’d like to save you from all that by teaching you what I’ve been teaching my clients for years.

The 5 Day “Get Out of Your Own Way” Challenge have helped hundreds of women get unstuck and take powerful action in their businesses and lives.

Without it, you’ll spend time, energy, and money trying to solve things on your own.

With it, you’ll finally have the time, motivation, and clarity to reach your freedom, impact and revenue goals in 2021. 

And 1 hour a day for 5 days is all it takes.

Join me in the free 5 day “GOYOW” Challenge for effective goal setting, strategizing, planning, and ACTION-TAKING, coupled with my unique and practical approach to upleveling the mindset needed to see it through…

And let’s make some magic happen.

Make this YOUR year to crush your goals...not your soul.

Join other female entrepreneurs in the FREE 5 Day "Get Out of Your Own Way" Challenge to learn how to...

Here’s what you’ll get when you register:

frequently asked questions:

I hate fluff just as much as you do. There’s nothing worse than signing up for something that promises big results, then teaches you nothing while just talking hype. 

While you WILL get a massive mindset infusion, you’ll also be implementing practical steps. And if you have unique challenges, questions, or needs, you can get personalized coaching by asking your questions in the group.

Once you sign up, you’ll get instructions on how to join the challenge Facebook group right away. This is where you’ll get access to the group coaching, be able to ask questions of me and other coaches in the group, and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

Your daily lessons will come via email starting on Day 1, Monday at 6am Eastern. 

Since the challenge is ultimately helping you master YOUR own goals, the amount of time you’ll spend is actually up to you.

However, you can plan to get a daily lesson each morning that takes about 5 min to watch and 20-30 min to complete, plus a 20-30 min live group coaching session each day to help you.

The lessons + coaching sessions are designed to help you bust through the bottlenecks and take action on your goal, so I’d carve out as much other time as possible that week to work on your plans!

The group calls are held within the FB group via Livestream.

You’ll be able to participate in live demos of the exercises, ask any questions you have, and get recharged and energized.

The group coaching sessions are at 2pm Eastern, Monday-Saturday within the FB group. If you can’t join them live, you’ll be able to access the replay throughout the challenge.

Your daily lessons will come via email each morning. But if you want coaching and support through the lessons, as well as massive infusions of motivation, inspiration, and momentum, you’ll need to join the Facebook group.

If you don’t currently use FB, consider what other participants have done: Create a dummy account just for the group!

Yes, you will have a minimum of 7 days (starting on Monday) to go through the challenge material. The Action Guides are all downloadable so that you can keep and work with them forever. The lessons and coaching sessions can be purchased after if you so choose. 

Of course! The tools you’ll learn are universal to both business and personal goals, and sometimes to reach our professional goals, we MUST focus on the personal aspects first. 

Ultimately that’s up to you, but here’s my recommendation based on 10 years of coaching: focus on one goal at a time. Although it’s not impossible to do more than one (and we often will in life), we tend to get further when we force ourselves to slow down and focus on first things first. So ask yourself: of all the goals you want to work on, which one are you most likely to avoid or put off? Start with that one. 😉

Absolutely! We often have people come back again for the fun. energy, and momentum they receive. And each time you do it, you’re likely to take away more than before. 

Yes, if you love the 5 Day ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way” Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to join a program that offers this kind of support and even deeper training for a LIFETIME.

Image of 5 Day Challenge content PDFs, training videos,and FB group

P.S. In case you scrolled to the bottom to see what this was all about, here are the nuts and bolts…

This is a 100% free 5 day challenge to help female entrepreneurs master get unstuck on their goals.

Each morning of the challenge (Monday-Friday) you’ll get an email with a 5 min video training (+ transcript) and pdf Action Guide.

Each day you’ll join a live coaching call in our private FB group to help you tackle both your mindset and your goal.

These are the same exercises Charlotte and Erika used to sign new clients in a week.

And that Uma, Lisa, and Janel used to complete massive projects and new launches in their business.

All in just 30 min, twice a day.

And yes, it’s 100% free. So there’s literally no risk.



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