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While you wait, can we talk about that fear of playing bigger?

If you’ve had enough of feeling like a fraud (cuz you know it’s BS), or hustling to hide your imperfections, or feeling exhausted by the tailspin of thoughts and emotions telling you you’re never.freaking.good.enough…

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While you wait, can we talk about that fear of playing bigger?

If you’ve had enough of feeling like a fraud (cuz you know it’s BS), or hustling to hide your imperfections, and feeling exhausted by the tailspin of thoughts and emotions telling you you’re never.freaking.good.enough…

Keep Reading.

My name is Tara Wagner. And I’ve been right where you are now…

I started my first business in 2000 just like a country girl heads to Hollywood: full of big dreams of overnight success and gushing fans.

Until I was confronted with just how little I knew…

And just how little I felt…

And while I was busy moving through the molasses of never feeling good enough…

(Cuz it’s hard to hit your stride when you’re carrying that baggage around – and I had the full, deluxe Samsonite set….)

My competitors were out there slaying the day. 

*Cue funeral march*

It was cuz of my own Impostor Syndrome that I...

  • Worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week…and had nothing to show for it except chronic joint pain and thyroid problems
  • Avoided big contracts & opportunities because I thought I “wasn’t ready” while the “big dogs” in my industry had a waiting list for their work
  • Tried 17492586 new things every year, but only succeeded in dropping the ball on all of them
  • Wasted time and money on piddly marketing attempts because “I’m not ready for the real deal”
  • Wound up never getting past the mid-5-figure revenue ceiling (and let’s not even talk about “profits” 🤦‍♀️)
  • And finally burned out after 8 years, with my tail between my legs, and gave my biz away to the lowest bidder

Sound familiar?

What about this?

  • “Once I have one more certification and some letters behind my name, THEN I’ll be taken seriously…”
  • “I’m just not ready for that…and anyway, do I really need to make $100k+? I think I’m happier right where I am.”
  • “Oh no, I could never [be a speaker/make a million dollars/write a book/go on tour/attempt PR/raise my prices]…that’s just not who I am. That’s way too much for me.”

Or maybe this rings your bells?

  • “I WANT to do all those things…but who the hell am I? I’m certainly no expert. Why should anyone listen to/buy from me?”
  • “I’m such a phony. What a joke. If people found out who I really am, they’d…”
  • “Yeah, I’m decent at what I do…but THEY are so much better. I’d be crazy to compete with that.”
  • “The market is so saturated though. It’s just too late for me.”

Yeah, boss lady. I’ve been there too.

But the good news?

All those thoughts are bullshit.

And yes, the fear CAN go away.

I'd love to show ya how...

After my soul-crushing experience with Impostor Syndrome, it took me 2 years of “mastering my mindset” before I could get back into the Entrepreneur Game full-time.

And because I overcame my Impostor Syndrome, I was finally able to…

  • Launch a new biz and become the sole breadwinner within one year all while traveling full-time, and without the fear of what others would think
  • Launch and run a million-hits-per-month website without worrying I wasn’t “expert enough” to help others
  • Appear as the “guest expert” on an award-winning talk show with absolute confidence in my own abilities (despite being TERRIFIED of public speaking just 3 weeks prior to the show) 
  • Earn multiple 6 figures each year while making a freaking difference, all because I’m no longer slowed down by bullsh*t beliefs that I can’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t…

And I want you to experience those same things…

But in way less time than it took me (i.e. hours, not years).

In fact, I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanna see good money in the hands of good people (like you!), so you can do more good with it...

But I know for that to happen, we need more confident, well-rounded women in the boss game.

And with 70% of women dealing with Impostor Syndrome that holds them back from speaking up or putting themselves out there…

We must tackle this first.

Because boss lady…

The more women who fall victim to the lies of inadequacy, the more room there is for the WRONG people – i.e. the shysters – to lay their claim to success at the expense of others.

YOU are here to fulfill a very important purpose in this wild, crazy world…

Step One is overcoming the B.S. that you’re not good enough for it.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome:

8 Steps to Go From “Con” to Unstoppable Confidence
So You Can Finally Hit Your 6 Figure Goal

This is not your run-of-the-mill masterclass. 

I won’t pump you full of false confidence and motivational rah-rah, then tell you to “go get ‘em tiger”.

Here’s what I wanna do instead:

  • Expose Impostor Syndrome for what it really is, so you can see why it’s actually a REALLY GOOD SIGN that you’re going to be successful in your 6 figure goals
  • Help you understand what created your Impostor Syndrome, so that you can stop feeling like a crazy person and learn how to shut it up instead
  • Show you how to stop chasing approval from the haters and start making real strut-style strides, so you can finally make $100k+/year (and feel good about it)
  • Teach you 8 steps to go from feeling like a “con” to feeling like a true boss (without needing to be perfect), so you can #crushyourgoalsnotyoursoul

And the best part?

It doesn’t take years of digging up your childhood to have your confidence breakthrough.

It just takes one afternoon.

After all, the Overcoming Impostor Syndrome masterclass was designed to help you stop wasting time and get to work.

That means getting you right to the heart of the matter. 

A 50 min class. 

8 steps.

One fierce result…

An unstoppable YOU.

“I have to let you know that [Overcoming Impostor Syndrome] “rescued” me. I was attempting to complete some other business trainings like” Small business legal 101” and the thought of making up contracts and writing the legal pages for my nonexistent website and getting business insurance was getting to be too much for me. 

I almost quit the whole coaching program I am in but then I saw your Overcoming Impostor Syndrome class, and just knew that would get me back on track. It helped me so much and I will be hiring out as much of the tech stuff as possible to stay on top of the wave instead of under it. 

Melissa Wanner

Take a hot sec and imagine where you’d be without this backpack full of rocks?

How light would you feel if you ditched the self-doubt?

What would you do then?

What would you finally rock the face clean off of?

How much moolah would you finally start earning?

And who would never again get in your way?

(Spoiler alert: you.)

Which Is Why I Wanna Make This Easier For You...

You’ll get:

  • The 50 min Overcoming Impostor Syndrome masterclass
  • A downloadable Action Guide with all 8 steps laid out and ready for ya
  • Plus priority access to me for any followup questions you have

To get started, click the button to finalize your purchase and get immediate access today.

Total Value = Flippin Endless
Special Price = $97

But this ain't for everybody...

In fact, the Overcoming Impostor Syndrome class is NOT for you if…

  • You’re only looking for a motivational boost. This masterclass is for people who want more than short-term mojo. They want real and lasting change to help them own their shizz, hit their biz goals, and earn real money.
  • You think “mindset work” should always feel good. Truth is, it doesn’t always feel good (at least until it’s done). I’m gonna ask you to answer some really tough questions, take a really hard look at things you’ve likely been avoiding, and then take some real action on it. The process won’t always feel great, but the results WILL.
  • You believe it’s always “mindset first”. This masterclass will ask you to embrace the philosophy that it’s actually “mindset while”…and will teach you how to take the right steps in the right ways, and right away.
  • You’re not a female entrepreneur. While you’re welcome to take a crack at it, the material was designed specifically for women in biz who’ve been holding themselves back and under-earning as a result.

“Tara helps me so much. She points out unhelpful thoughts that I didn’t notice and unhelpful beliefs that are holding me back. And then she helps me show more compassion towards myself and change my thoughts to stop putting myself down. When I think about how I used to think 9 months ago (when I first started working with her) and now, I’m amazed by the differences in how I solve problems and prioritize things in business and and personal life.

Sara Binde
Plant-Based Nutritionist, YouTuber


Plus, I'll Guarantee​ Ya

I want you to go into this without worrying about the money. I’m also confident in the power and potential of this process, because I’ve seen it work so many times.

So if you show me you did the work, and implemented ALL the steps and strategies within 30 days, and you’re not completely satisfied with the results you’re getting, I’ll give you 100% of your investment back. Pinky swear.

It’s *Your* Turn, Boss Lady...

Your turn to OWN your Zone of Genius…

To say “hellz yes” to the big opportunities (without wanting to vomit)…

To get EXCITED for your Next Big Step (instead of overwhelmed)…

To get out of your own way and finally start earning REAL money…

It’s your turn to not just feel like a boss…

But to truly know how to BE one.

It’s your turn to make a bigger difference…

AND earn a bigger living.

Total Value = Ridiculously Endless
Special Price = $97

“For the longest time, I was struggling with my business not giving it all 100% of myself. I didn’t know exactly what was holding me back.  

Luckily, I came across Tara’s Overcoming Impostor Syndrome masterclass. 

OMG!! This was a life-changer for me!  This is what I needed but didn’t know that it was even a thing. I even rewinded the video and saw it again. Right away I filled the [workbook] that came with it. 

Then I was on fire!! I spent 12 hours non-stop finally working on myself and planning my goals and the things that I needed to do for my business. 

Most importantly I’ve been taking action and became more organized.  Also, on top of that, it inspired me to create my own product that I’m getting ready to launch this week. 

Fellow entrepreneurs, you need to get this. You won’t regret it! I highly recommend it.

Carmen Alfaro
Meditation Space Blogger


True confidence doesn’t say, “I’m the best” or even “I’m better than you”. True confidence says, “This is my Zone of Genius. This is what I’m good at. And this is where I’m still learning. And despite the fact I’m not perfect, I still know I’m good enough to make a difference.” True confidence isn’t about making promises and under-delivering (then blaming the dissatisfaction on others). True confidence is humble and says, “I’m going to do my best without apology…and I’m going to keep expanding on that best.”

If that sounds like what you’re after, you’re in the right place.

Yes, absolutely, 100%. Overcoming Impostor Syndrome is about mastering the mindset AND the skills together, versus just tackling this from one or the other.

Yup, totes, I got you boo. I’m going to teach you how to tackle the mindset you need to master the RIGHT skills, and help you figure out what the right skills are so you don’t fall into the WAY too common trap that says “I just need more skills, certificates, experience, letters behind my name…and THEN I’ll be successful.” Truth is, there are people out there with less talent than you making a difference AND a living, because they decided they needed need to be perfect for either.

You’ll get the MOST from this when you’ve been in business long enough to know what you need to do but find yourself not doing it (or not doing it well) because of Impostor Syndrome. If you’re just starting a business, this masterclass can still help, but you’ll likely need to come back to it multiple times as your biz approach and strategy becomes clearer, so you can add that clarity to the strategy you’ll be learning here.

The masterclass itself is just under 50 min long. The 8 Action Steps in the workbook will vary, but most can complete them in approx. 2 hours. After that it’s all about putting it into action in your day to day life in order to see results.

OIS was designed to tackle one thing: that nagging voice that says you’re never enough and therefore leaves you holding yourself back. It teaches you 8 steps to overcome it and overlaps with the tools taught in the Breakthrough Boss. Breakthrough Boss covers the gamut of entrepreneurial mindsets and limiting beliefs, including Impostor Syndrome, but also any other block, belief, fear, or trigger you might have around business, self, money, time, relationships, etc.

If you’re pretty sure Impostor Syndrome is just one of many mindsets you need to tackle, I’d recommend you get the Breakthrough Boss course, since Overcoming Impostor Syndrome is included in the course as a free bonus

My OIS peeps get priority access to me via email. Simply shoot me an email with the questions you have, and I’ll answer generally within 1 business day (barring any issues, leave, etc).

You can pay via Paypal or Stripe. Between the two, that means you can pay by credit, debit, Paypal balance, checking account, etc. Some forms of payment may delay your accessibility to the material until it clears.

Yup. If there comes a time when the masterclass is going to be retired, you’ll have the ability to download all materials first to keep forever. Until then you get it and ALL updates made to it!

One Afternoon + 8 Steps = Bossin' Up

If you’re really ready to drop the Impostor Baggage you’ve been lugging around and finally…

  • Take on bigger opportunities – like big-league contracts, speaking gigs, podcast collabs, or marketing and PR opps that lead to bigger $
  • Show up on camera and behind the mic as your BEST self, not your stressed self
  • Stop watching the other guys have all the fun (or make all the moolah) and start poppin bottles of your own
  • Stop shrinking and hiding, confidently OWN your Zone of Genius, and never again apologize for taking up space or having goals
  • Make more money AND more of a difference, all while upleveling your belief in who you are, what you’re capable of, and what you’re here to do

Then this is your first step. 👇👇👇 

P.S. I know this first step might be the hardest part of the process. 

By getting started, you’re asking yourself to do something scary…

Something that’ll have you doing all the things you’re terrified of right now.

And it’s a vicious Catch 22 that will keep you trapped if you let it.

But I also know you’re bigger than this…

You’re bigger than the fear telling you to keep playing small…

You’re bigger than the comparisons telling you to sit down…

You’re capable of making magic…

You’re capable of making more money too.

You just need the right APPROACH.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome will give you that approach. 

It will teach you the proven, no-hype, mature, and practical AF approach to ending the things that’ve been trying to end you.

In one afternoon and 8 down-to-earth, but meaningful steps…

You can finally lay to rest the exhausting debate of whether you’re good enough…

And start feeling the flow of true confidence in your ability to make a real difference…

AND have real $$$ to show for it.

For a limited time, you can get all this for 50% off.

But this offer won’t be up forever.

Give yourself the gift of one afternoon…

And one unstoppable mindset that finally says (and knows)…

“Hellz yes, I’m enough. And I’ve got this.”

Results & Earnings Disclaimer: Although all effort has been made to accurately portray potential results of our classes and programs, including Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, we can offer no guarantees that you, your mindset, or your business will be successful or that your results will match those of others. That’s 100% up to you, and as with all opportunities, your results will vary based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, and desire. Be sure you read the full disclaimer below.