Diffuser recipe called Yuletide depicting the recipe: 4 drops coriander and 2 drops each of clove, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils

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Yuletide Blend #DailyDiffuser

4 drops Coriander • 2 drops Clove • 2 drops Ginger • 2 drops Cinnamon

Spicy blends wake us up to life. They sharpen our senses, stir up our passions, and set us on fire. The Coriander is really about your sense of self and integrity, honoring who and what you are, trusting your intuition, releasing the influences of others that don’t serve you, and moving from your gut. And you’re doing it with boundaries (Clove), empowerment (Ginger), and a truer connection to your physical presence (Cinnamon).