Diffuser recipe entitled Sweet Slumber depicting 3 drops Bergamot essential oil, 3 drops Vetiver essential oil, and 2 drops Lavender essential oil

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Sweet Slumber #DailyDiffuser

3 drops Bergamot • 3 drops Vetiver • 2 drops Lavender

Yes, Bergamot is considered a “stimulating” citrus oil, but many citrus oils actually have a calming effect on stress or worry (especially the kind that keeps us up at night). Vetiver is a deep sleep oil, and we all know Lavender for calming, which is what makes this a favorite for sleep. Blends like these aren’t JUST for sleep though. It’s good for those edgy, anxious days where you feel over-stimulated, stressed the F out, or need to find a sense of balance to carry throughout your busy day.